Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surprises and Food and Food Sorting

Well, we did it. We surprised my mom for her 50th Birthday! It was great! We had a private room at PF chang's reserved and everyone got there EARLY- she didn't suspect a thing! Afterwards we had cake and ice cream at our house. It was nice to do something for our mom who has sacrificed everything for us.

Today the company president is taking all of us employees out to lunch at the Lansing Country Club- yum! Bring on the preggo weight! Tonight were food sorting at the Red Cross so maybe I can burn off some of these calories. Isn't it crazy that a big percentage of the world is struggling right now because of lack of food- and here we are worrying because we eat TOO much. What a dichotomy.

On the pregnancy front- I'm still seeing the chiropractor a few times a week. The sciatic nerve issue is basically GONE, but the rib still hurts. He tells me it may be a while for that to get truly healed. I found out last weekend that there's a chirorpactor in lansing that gives free service to all Trinity staff and families- wish I would have known that BEFORE I started paying my $20.00 co-pay everytime I see my chiropractor! ahh well.

Jon is still crazy busy. He woke up at 5:00 this morning to get a video in by a noon deadline (he's putting together a commercial spot for Trinity's Christmas eve services). He's sinus infection is pretty much gone, so Praise the Lord for that!

So, I'm going to get off this thing and attempt to motivate myself to work. I have a feeling this week may drag on. . . . .


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well, Jon was at Trinity tonight and I was bored, so I decided to snap some updated photos of the belly and the baby's room for ya'll to see.  Here is an updated belly photo- almost 29 weeks:

Normally my belly hangs out underneath this t-shirt but I pulled it tightly over so I'd be a modest pregnant woman :)

Our crib came in on Saturday- here it is in the totally unfinished nursery:

And if you have some time on your hands, check out this video Meg sent our family this weekend. I love that Jon's lenses are dark and Meaghan's cheesy grin. So classic.
OK, hubs is home, have a good one!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Jon officially has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics as of this morning. It's so bad he actually has tooth and mouth pain from the sinus pressure. Pray he starts feeling better soon- this is one of the busiest seasons for him at Trinity.

I have a chiropractor appointment today, woohoo! Pray that goes well and they dont' paralyze me :) It's my first time going to one, I'm a little nervous. Working for orthopaedic docs in college made me pretty weary of chiropractors, but I'm at the point where I will try anything!

Were hoping to go on a date tonight since Jon is working the Christmas Journey most of the weekend. . . but if he can't breathe and I can't walk, it might not happen. But other than that. . . were hanging in there. Hey, the sun is out today, that's HUGE!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, we done buy ourselves a crib this weekend

Since were three months away and have yet to purchase one baby item or come remotely close to having a nursery, we decided it was finally time to purchase the nursery furniture. We both feel like this "isn't really happening" so maybe the arrival of the crib will cement it more in? Were also hoping the arrival of the crib will "encourage" Jon to finish up the hallway and nursery a little bit sooner :). A co-worker gave me a changing table and we already have a white dresser, so the only thing left for us to purchase is the glider. I really can't wait to see the nursery come together- to sit in the room and dream of our little boy.

We've been listening to a teaching from Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois about "The Blessing". It's a teaching based off of the book by Gary Smalley and John Trent- about speaking towards of blessing into your children, the power of physical touch towards your children, giving and receiving the blessing, etc. We've enjoyed it a lot- I really recomend either the book or the audio podcast/cd.

I was a little pre-emptive in my last post about "not really feeling pregnant". As soon as those words left my keyboard, the crap hit the fan, I'm telling you. My rib is just killing me, and my family physician's office couldn't get ahold of my insurance to get a referral for the chiropractor last week- so I am hoping I can go in early this week. If I sit or stand, I'm fine- it's only sitting that hurts. Too bad I sit all day at my job!! Plus, something majorrrrr is going on with my glutteous maximus muscle on my left side- either I pulled it while bowling (pregnancy is such a humbling experience), or I have the sciatic nerve pain all those books speak of. But let me tell you, when I walk or twist a certain way- a shooting pain occurs! I went grocery shopping yesterday and made it down the first aisle and just rested on my cart, thinking I was NOT going to make it the rest of the trip. If it is the sciatic nerve thing, I don't think there's much the doctors can do about it. I am NEVER doing this again- I tell you what. ;) Ask Jon, I'm not kidding. . .

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Randomness and what we've been up to. . .

Oh whine whine- the blog posting is back! What do you expect from a girl that's been gone for a week?? :)

We spent Thanksgiving at the Ackerman's house and had such a great relaxing time. Ate lots, went bowling, put up the massive Christmas tree, decorated, went to the mall, walked around St. Joe, made bread and truffles, it was great. Then I went to Chicago for RSNA for three days. I was a little worried about being on my feet for three days straight and 7 months pregnant, but thankfully I felt really good. My feet suck anyways, so they didn't hurt any more than usual. It's nice because we stay at the Hyatt Regency in the McCormick Place- so we simply had to walk across the grand concourse to the show- so much better than catching a cab every morning. The show went well and hopefully I'll close some deals from it. For a few days, it's kind of fun to dress up, meet clients, have nice dinners, pretend like I'm a business woman :)

I came home to a super sick hubby so between forcing tea and oranges down his throat and unpacking from the show- it's been a crazy week. I umm, still haven't completely unpacked, but don't tell anyone. I finally went grocery shopping at 9:30 last night, so now we have food! Besides being sick, poor Jon is SWAMPED at work (his hard drive crashed a few weeks back and he lost most of his work he did during the last five years at Trinity). Don't ask if he backed up his computer, just. . . dont' because I dont' quite understand what happened there. But he did do a video promo for Trinity's Christmas Journey which is airing these next two weeks on TV which is pretty sweet. He's doing a good job keeping his spirits up despite losing all that work and being sick. He worked til almost 9 last night and went in at 6:00 this morning, crazy man.

Well, this Friday were watching my favorite little girl of all time while John and Kym get a little romantic night away before their 2nd one is born. Were pumped to baby-sit her- and FINALLY get our Christmas decorations up this weekend.

On the preggo front- all is well. I have my 28th week check up tomorrow and I think I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors. Unfortunately, I pulled a rib (in my back) out of place and it KILLS, but other than that I hardly feel pregnant. I'm sure that will change in the next few weeks. We still don't have the hallway painted, so we haven't really started putting the nursery together. . . one of these days we'll get to it. . . hopefully. . .

Ok, that's a wrap! Hope all your ribs stay in place and you're staying healthy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's get the THANKSgiving started

Edit- ohhhh, I forgot, I'm also thankful for friends that comment on my blog!! tehehe. . . .

What are you thankful for today?

I'm thankful for:
Food Network Thanksgiving specials- so fun to watch!
The bella band that allows me to stay in my regular jeans for just a little while longer
Friends that love me for who I am
The supportive family that God has blessed us with
The baby growing inside of me
The best husband in the world
My stupid hang up and failures that make me realize my dependence on Him
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Remote car starter
Prayer that realigns my attitude
My ipod that keeps me motivated throughout the day
A painted nursery WITH a closet


Monday, November 17, 2008

Dear Baby,

We are praying you have don't have my skin or Jon's nose. If you do, we'll still love you like no other- but maybe God will grant us this wish? :)
I'm hoping you are a cuddly, gentle soul, like your dad. But maybe you'll be rambuncous and a non-touchy person like your mom. Whatever your personality is, I'm sure it'll be so amazing to watch it develop. By the way you kick me when I wake up, I have a feeling your like your mama and you like your sleep (dear Lord please!)
Also, if possible, please don't have a massive head. We you-tubed some live birth videos and it kind of scared us.
We love you,
Mom and Dad

Friday, November 14, 2008

So I am really into stroller shopping lately. I know, it's ridiculous!!! Like I said before, I really love the Bugaboo strollers- especially the Bee, but they are just insane in price. If we lived in a city where we walked everywhere (NYC), I'd justify it. But not in Lansing. . . booo

So then I found the uppababy vista stroller and I loved it! It's a cheaper than the bugaboo and so adorable. Isn't it awesome? But again, just too much moolah for us to justify. But if anyone has the desire to surprise us with one. . . I wouldn't be opposed. . . :)

Because we attempt to be good stewards of our money- we finally found one we love and it wont make us live off of ramen for a year- check out the babyjogger city mini- it's awesome! Were getting black because I'm all about strollers that are easy to match a car seat with and are gender neutral.

So there ya have it- if you happen to be in the market for some sweet strollers- these are my picks.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shake it like a polaroid picture. . .

Well, Baby Ack has begun to move, and I mean move!! Last night Jon's hand was on my belly feeling him move and he said to me, "is it normal for them to move this much?" Too cute. It's fun to feel him kick and wiggle and somersault. I didn't feel him for the longest time- way later than they say you can feel them- so I don't mind at all. Except when I'm trying to sleep, but, that's okay :) The funniest was last Saturday- I was in a deep sleep when Jon came in to wake me up and turned on the lights- la bebe totally freaked out and started kicking away and moving- it was awesome.

Can you believe it's like 6/7 weeks until Christmas? holy cow!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I'm going to try to get back into posting regularly. . . .

Ohhhh, Sunday night at 9:00 and we havent sat down yet this weekend, crazy! I think it's safe to say we've been kind of busy lately. . . 
Last weekend Friday we were at Trunk or Treat at Trinity and saw all the adorable kids in their outfits.  Wasn't it the nicest Halloween weather ever?  Saturday we went to GR for the day- I was able to see Josh and Michele and their new baby boy Lorens (such a cute little guy) and see Wendy.  I met Andy, Dave, Sarah and Catherine for dinner later that night and that was cool to catch up. Jon was filming a (ahem) very hi end wedding (were not allowed to say whose wedding it was, yup). You can see photos on the photographers blog:  Sunday we had church, grocery shopping, a going away party for our friend Adam and a Kenya team meeting.  

This weekend was super fast but fun.  We met Katie and Cliff at the Howell Outlets so I could do some preggo shopping.  I love those guys.  Saturday we went back to GR to help John and Kym  move. Today Jon's parents came up to hang out for the day and now Jon's off shooting a video for Trinity.

On a completely different note, a couple that was in our small group for two years  faced a tragedy earlier this week- his brother fell from 10 stories while working construction and passed away.  It was shocking. Tomorrow is the funeral- please pray for the Lowe family as they are just coming to grips with all of this.  Sam was 24 years old and on the verge of proposing to his girlfriend.   Crazy how life can change with one phone call.  

Well, there's a quick wrap up of our life.  Sorry I STILL have yet to post NYC and DC photos!!!!


Friday, October 31, 2008

Meet my new friend

This is my new friend, Alisha. Our small group volunteered last night at the Boys and Girls Club Halloween party. They had enough volunteers, so Jon and I were told to "mingle and hang out with the kids". I was immediately annoyed- what the heck am I going to do for two hours? Two minutes later, I was walking past the line for the haunted house and this cute, tiny little girl grabbed my hand and said, "I'm here by myself, will you hang out with me?". Absolutely.
So Alisha and I played the games, ate candy and chilled all night. She was in love with my baby belly and kept hugging it. She told me I should name the baby "john". When I explained that's what my husbands name was she responded with, "ewwwwww, NEVER MIND". hhahaha. We did go through the haunted house together and she FREAKED. I mean, seriously. She was crying so hard she couldn't breathe. I think it was a little much for a 1st grader. I tried to comfort her the best I could. But when we were waiting for her mom to come pick her up, she walked right up to one of the monsters for the haunted house and punched the guy right in the arm.

A woman after my own heart.
Hopefully I'll get to see her again soon and on a regular basis.
Welp, gotta run- HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sheesh, so sorry it's been so long since an update! We got back from our vacation and that Monday I left for a company retreat up north. After the retreat I had a girls night with our marketing director whose up from Texas (and preggo, yeah!!), started our registry with Jon, met the lovely Erin, Westin and Mom A in GR for dinner, saw my friend Jonelle and her baby Kailee and went to our favorite Uncle John's Cider Mill with our neighbors. I've been holding off blogging until I could post photos, but it's now 10:00 on Tuesday morning and I'm at work, so no photos today, sorry!

Nothing crazy new or exciting to post. The biggest thing going on in my life today- I'm frustrated with my clothes. See, there ya have, we are an exciting crowd here. Though honestly, I'm at this weird stage where I still fit into my regular jeans, but they're getting tight and slightly uncomfortable. But my maternity jeans do not fit- they wont stay up! So, I feel kind of uncomfortable and nothing seems to fit right. Well, I'm done complaining about that. Halloween costume this year: Bristol Palin.

I'm outtie- I need to get some work done.

Maybe next time I'll have photos!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Were packing up to leave our NYC upper east side apartment. . . Tomorrow we fly out of DC and back home- so sad. It was really nice to be able to have one last trip just the two of us before la bebe.  I know we wont regret taking the time to make memories like this.  
Things I've learned this trip:
-Robert E. Lee was first asked to lead the Union army.  He was torn, holed himself up in his room for a night, and finally decided that he couldn't fight against his home state or family members and went on to lead the Confederate army. After the war, he help lead the restoration effort.
-I think that in our darkest times, we see the best in people.  The heroic stories that were told during our tour of the world trade center were so touching. Here's one of the stories we heard- a fireman heard about the attacks and was in Manhattan. He couldn't drive his truck to the site since every road/bridge was closed down. So he took 50 lbs of oxygen tanks and equipment and ran through the brooklyn bridge 3 miles to the site carrying this equipment on his back.  He died that day trying to save others.
-Make sure you truly know where your going in NYC (instead of listening to the hotel concierge). You may end up walking 15,000 extra blocks. 
-Jamba Juice is AWESOME.  
-The three story Motherhood Maternity store in NYC is amazing!  We hit up the sales rack!
-Jon does indeed have self control went confronted with Apple frenzy. :)
-Meg and Seth are hilarious on tandem bikes.
- I really want a bugaboo stroller!!!!  They are everywhere here and so cute! Too bad you have to mortgage your house to buy one!  Hmmmm. . .

Ok, I have much more to write, but we need to check out.  Jon is still daily adding photos to facebook, so check there.  

Monday, October 13, 2008

Were in DC right now- visiting my sister and brother in law and seeing the sights. It's been a blast so far- lots of walking and lots of fun. We've rented tandem bikes and saw the monuments, saw Arlington Cemetary, lunched in Georgetown, went to McLean Bible Church, visited the National History Smithsonian, and saw the National Archives. Tomorrow morning we leave for NYC for four days. Check out Facebook to see some photos Jon posted.

Be back soon with some pictures!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We got tickets!!!

To the Letterman show!!!! Since were going to be in NYC next week, Jon applied online to see if we could get tickets- we just got the call, were in!! Look for us next Wednesday night on CBS!!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So, I got a haircut yesterday

I personally feel like I look like an 80's rock star. . . but I really needed a change so I'm learning to embrace the look. I took these photos with my cell phone at my desk- they are so crappy, but I think you get the idea of the cut. . .
Oh, I hope nobody is looking right now- I am so stealth-like. . .

See- 80's rock star, rocking out at my desk. . .

We have our ultrasound this Friday! I'm curious what you think were having- let me know!! Everyone who guesses right will recieve one free
slobbery kiss from baby Ack.
P.S. Anyone had a chance to check out Mark Driscoll's videos yet?
God bless your day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy week! Jon got a call last Friday regarding a project that would need to be finished before we leave for our vacation. It's great, because it's side business work, but it means he will be working like a crazy man until we leave!! Luckily, we were able to celebrate his birthday before the craziness began! On Saturday, we headed to Portage to see my brother Steve's cross country meet. It was such a flash back of the past because I ran at the same invitational when I was in cross country. Steve kicked butt, I was so proud of him. Cross Country is a sport of pure guts. It doesn't take a lot of eye/hand coordination or a lot of strategy, it's pure guts. In a strange way, I don't miss it at all, but the adrenaline of it all I love! Kind of like when I watch the marathon during the Olympics, it always makes me cry. These runners are DYING and their courage to continue always moves me.

Then the family (including Jon's parents) headed to a Cider Mill and then out to Red Robin's for lunch. It is always such a blessing to Jon and I to see BOTH sides of our families get together- we are truly thakful for them. We also went putt putting (I got THREEEEEE hole in ones, can you just believe it?) and out to coffee with the Ackermans. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABES!

Well, I need to get to work. I'll wrap this up by saying a) Mark Driscoll is awesome and b) check out his blog at
Jon clued me into Mark and his ministry and I love it!! He did a series called, "Ask Anything" in which members of his congregation could text message questions into Mark during a sermon, and Mark would answer the questions on the spot. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend watching his answers on You Tube- search Mark Driscoll- Ask Anything. He is one of the few pastors willing to talk about the questions people struggle with- real people, real questions, real struggles and real answers. You may not agree with everything, but that's okay. Do it- go now.

Chaeli :)

P.S. We'll begin our series today called, "what not to say to a pregnant woman" that my friend Laine began.
Last night- Jon and I were watching TV and the man said to me, "you look like you have a beer belly!". Yes, honey, that would be one of the things NOT to say to me right now. OK?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little updatey date date date

Jon has been busy this weekend building a closet for the nursery (see above photo). The closet will open from the nursery, but it extends into our hallway/loft area.

I've been busy growing la bebe. I feel like this week I have considerably popped out, kind of crazy!
I've had crazy weight gain the past four-six weeks, were talking two plus pounds a week. I'm trying to watch what I eat more, and walk everyday, but I feel my self control has gone out the window!!! Ahh well.

Lastly, a huge congratulations to my friend Laine who just had her third baby, Kane on Saturday!! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

God bless-

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Recap

Well, the hubby is finally home from a conference in Oklahoma City. I am SO glad to have him back!  Whenever he's gone on a business trip, I jam pack my days full of stuff so it goes by faster.  This time was no exception, including  a friend spending the night, dinner and shopping with Mariam, grocery shopping, etc.  Yesterday, I spent tailgating and going to the MSU vs. ND game.  My boss gave tickets out to all full-time employees, and we had sweeet seats.  They were on the 50 yard line, in the SHADE (yeahh!), and our seats actually had backs.  I waited the whole game for a darn sno cone and when the guy finally came past our row and I got one, it ended up being a BLOCK of ice that was impossible to eat. So disappointing :) But overall, great game.

Gosh, there's so much more going on but my head hurts and I think it's time for a Sunday afternoon nap.  Have a relaxing Sabbath!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for their caffeine advice.  I am one of those women that was addicted to  coffee every morning- so I think I'm going to take the "everything in moderation" approach.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

To caffeine or not to caffeine?

OK, question for all the ladies out there who are currently preggo or have been:

Did you drink caffeine while pregnant/breast feeding? If so, how much? What about diet pop?

I gave caffeine up completely during the first trimester, but I hear it is okay in moderate amounts.

I seriously want your input!

-Crazy Pregnant Lady

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Due to popular demand. . . here are a few photos of my baby belly!!  

6 Week-ish

8 week ish

Starting to notice a change. . . 9 weeks-ish

Skipped some weeks here. . . around 14 weeks ish 

wait for it. . . the totally noticeable pregnant belly (at least to Jon and I!). . . 

16 Weeks!! (Taken tonight)

So, there ya have it.  Jon just went and picked up a Hungry Howie's pizza so I'm going to go and fill my pregnant belly.  Adios!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Welp, lots going on. Had our 16th week doctor's appt- everything looks good with me and baby. Jon was a little upset because he has to get his blood drawn to determine his blood type (if it's O+ could be a potential blood disease for the baby). He was complaining away until I asked him if he wanted to compare that with what I have to look forward to. The man passes out every single time, so were hoping our family doctor has this information already.

We also got into a car accident on the way to the doctor's appt. We were at a red light and some dumb kid literally puts his car in reverse, steps on the gas, and backs into us! I jumped out of the car, went up to him and was like, "dude, did you not even look or see us?" I was seriously mad. Anyways, not a big deal, we need to get our bumper replaced, but thankfully a guy in our small group can help us out with that.

Saturday we slept in, Jon re-caulked our old crappy tub, he headed to work and I headed to a co-workers wedding (which was so fun and so absolutely nice). We spent the rest of the weekend watching Baby Mama with David and Erin, planning our baby-moon, and running errands.

Speaking of running, I need to get to work. See ya later!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I caved, I caved. No more au natural' pregnancy for me. I am now on dramamine til I can kick this nauseous. I spent all day on the couch yesterday super sick- and decided- NO MORE!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Update from the Ackermans:
-We are going to be having another NIECE!!! John and Kym had their ultrasound yesterday- yay!!!!
-We spent an awesome labor day weekend at the Ackermans beach bungalow Friday-Monday. We went to Hestons, ate at Rememak's (YUM), watched a concert on the beach, hung out with family, played lawn games, walked the pier in St. Joe with my family and swam in Lake Michigan. It was relaxing and great! My family was able to come up on Monday and it was cool to see everyone all together!
-We've been watching both the DNC and RNC speeches- Jon has his mind made up and I am still deciding. Always good to be informed though.
-For the first time ever (Truly), I am really looking forward to the fall. Being hot makes me feel pukey, and I just can't wait for the crisper weather. Not to mention, the leaves, Uncle John's Cider Mill, donuts, and fall decorations!
-On the preggo front- things are looking up (hip hip hooray!). I still am getting nauseous (puked up the breakfast the other day), but it is much more do-able for me. I came home from work after my puking episode the other day and had TWO packages in the mail. I mean, one, one is awesome, but two!! My sister had sent me some maternity clothes from motherhood maternity and some cocoa butter!! And my dearest friends the Heaps sent us a little baby package. THANK YOU GUYS, your timing just really made my day.

Well, that's whats new from our front. Were heading to a bonfire tonight with some couples in our small group and heading home tomorrow night to see Meg and Seth who are home for a family wedding. Happy happy Friday!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mushy Mushy Post

I really do, honestly think I have the best husband in the world. He takes care of me so well!! You know, this baby has been kicking my butt. I mean, were talking stomach flu from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. It's been pretty depressing, to be honest. I remember around week 7 thinking, "there is NO way I can do this for another six weeks". UGH. And we haven't even done much this summer because I sit on the couch snacking on cheez-its and chewy sprees (the two things I can eat) all day. We once attempted to go putt putting and got half way there and I told Jon he had to turn around (promptly went home and puked). So I come home from work on Friday and walk into the bedroom and there was a gift certificate to the Douglas J Salon for a spa treatment of my choice, a book I've been wanting to read, and pregnancy magazine from the hubs! I almost cried.

Welp, I should probably go- being that I am at work and all. Hope your day is puke free!


2 Samuel 22:33 It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.

Friday, August 15, 2008

We Have An Announcement. . . .

After six pregnancy tests, we can confirm, WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!

Yep, it's true! :) We finally are finishing up our first trimester and heard the baby's heartbeat this morning. We've been waiting to spill the beans and both told our co-workers this afternoon!

Here's the low-down. . . I have been so extremely fickle when it comes to having a child. I love my job- am very content with our lives right now and it was a really scary jump for me. I actually told Jon I was ready to start trying at Christmas, and then freaked out! After much prayer and anxiousness, we decided to jump off the cliff into the land of the unknown and stop- stopping it. We were pregnant three months later in June!! The story of how we found out we were pregnant is kind of crazy too, but we'll save that for another day.

We told Jon's parents at a restaurant in Kalamazoo. . . here's their reaction:

We told my parents the next weekend before my dad's 50th birthday party. We got him a book called "My Grandpa is Great" thinking he'd get the hint. . . but he didn't. (He's sitting in the new office chair my mom bought him). Watch on. . .

Untitled from Jon Ackerman on Vimeo.

We had the Bishop's and Braam's over for a BBQ one night and had a blast telling them:

Besides our family, we told our closest friends and small group. Our small group surprised us with a little celebratory party:

It's been a pretty crappy first trimester if I'm going to be honest. I've been sick from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to bed. I found out I actually lost weight this morning at the doctors! But we are happy to be past the first scary weeks and are looking forward to feeling better! My hubby is amazing and has been grocery shopping for us and cooking. He's the best.

Oh, we'll leave with a great video of the heartbeat this morning!!!!

Baby Ackerman's Heart beating strong from Jon Ackerman on Vimeo.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ohhh man.  So it's Monday at 3:33 pm (ironic, I  know) and I'm at home, glorious home.  I was planning on taking just this morning off because I was SO tired from the weekend and fighting a bad head cold. But 1 turned to 2 turned to 3 and I was still sitting on the couch sneezing my head off. So I decided to take the whole day off. And, I am SO glad I did!

Sooo, this weekend? Where to begin.  In summary, it was honestly, the funnest (yes, funnest), wedding I have ever been to.  I think the highlight was watching my dad dance to Usher's song "YEAH". Oh man, if you know my dad AT ALL, this was AWESOME.  

The wedding started with dad explaining that the bruise on Seth's neck was NOT a hickey, but in fact a mark made by a paint ball from his bachelor party.  It was hilarious.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the actual wedding because I was in it. . . I'll try to find some and post them later. Here's some photos of the reception:

Grandpa getting it down on the dance floor

O'Neill Family Tradition- the guys singing Enrique's "Hero"

Meaghan and Seth First Dance- I wish you could see how amazing her dress is

It was great because the ceremony was Christ-honoring and the reception a blast.  My brother Andy was the MC/DJ and did a stand up job interacting with everyone.  Were so glad it went smoothly!! Now, if I could just get over my jealousy about them being in Cozumel right now. . . . 

Congrats Meg and Seth!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Countdown to Meg's wedding!!!!!
Thursday- manis and pedis in Ann Arbor. Then Bachlorette party including dinner at Kana (Meg's favorite place).
Friday- Decorating and rehearsal dinner.
Saturday- wedding!!!

I can't believe my little sister is getting married! Here's to praying
a) there aren't any power outages (seeing that the last two O'Neill wedding's had power outages)
b) I don't pass out while standing up
c) They get the wedding (and the marriage most importantly) they always dreamed up.

I'm outtie for the week!


Friday, August 1, 2008

My healer, and why crying at work can be a good thing...

Just so we are all clear: this is Jon...
So it isn't often that I can sit in my office, listen to a song and cry at the drop of hat. If you know me at all, you know that I can sometimes be an emotional guy, not in a sappy way, but when I hear a story that moves my soul I often cry. At work we listen to more music than you can shake a stick at and often that means that most songs get lost in the shuffle between Coldplay and stock music as we are picking it out for a video we are producing. Very few songs get stuck in my head but this song has stuck and will stick with me for the rest of my life. If you haven't heard this song, get ready to be rocked. You first need to watch this video and post your comments here in this blog.

What hit me this morning was how often this song has come up in the past two weeks. On my morning blog checking excursion I found three different blogs that had listed this song and how it has moved them. Which was a surprise to me!

So it's a typical Friday morning with almost no-one here at the church (I counted a total of 4 cars in the parking lot this morning). I am waiting on a project to finish exporting so that I can finish the videos for this weekends service and decided to listen to "Healer". Then I found this website. In my line of work story is it, period. If there isn't a story to be told, don't bother talking about it. So as I listen to the song, and watched the video, it finally hit me: there are things from the superficial wounds to the ones that reach so far down into the depths of my soul where it can only be God that has healed me. I guess that's why this song was so moving this morning. I finally got it...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mini Adventure

So, Jon and I locked our keyes in our car this afternoon. Perrrfect! He was pumping gas (I was driving). I told him I was going inside to get a drink. I left the keys in the ignition because he was still there, pumping gas. Well, he locks the car because he assumes I have the keys with me. . . and comes inside the gas station to join me. As we both walk out to the car. . . "uhhh, honey, where are the keys?" So funny. As we were standing there wondering what to do (total God thing) someone we knew pulls up. Thankfully, he was able to drive us home to get our second set of car keys and drive us back to the gas station. There were only 24 cars lined up behind ours for the pump :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oh how the City of Lansing sometimes stumps me..

So in somewhat of sheer stupidity see this link.  It seems to be more than counter intuitive. I would say that a license would be more along the lines than banning them all together and then going back to see what sense they can make of it.  On another note, we at the Ackerman household have started to compost.  I am not sure what my neighbors will think but at least they finished up their fence and so now the kids next door won't have direct access to our back yard.  Now to figure out how to keep the noise from drifting over...

Ohhh man. My good friend Trisha is in labor RIGHT NOW! I'm thinking of her and Justin and praying for a good, smooth delivery! I can't wait to see pictures of the little guy (Owen Philip).

We've got a lot going on in our lives right now, but not a whole lot I can blog about! Our small group is going through a lot (LOT!) right now, including my friend Mariam pulling a muscle and getting pnemonia. While she was on pain medicine and muscle relaxers, her 3 month old had an allergic reaction to the formula. . . poor girl! Jon and I ended up watching Caleb into the wee hours of the night one night as Mariam was spending her SECOND night in the ER trying to get this figured out. The cute little boy fell asleep in my arms though, and I'm glad we could help out a friend. It's cool to see our little body of believers surround each other and be there during times like this. But man, when it rains, it pours.

Ok, time to get back to work. Jon and I went to Woody's Oasis for lunch and man, I could take the longest nap right now!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So sorry for the lack of posting. Really, truly.

Ok, moving on from (just did five hail mary's). Ok, here's a little weekend recap for ya: Friday night, our friends the Braams and the Bishops drove up from GR for a BBQ at our place. It was so good to see them and catch up.
Saturday was rainy and overcast and it was the perfect day to sleep in and laze around. I didn't shower until 3:30, it was awesome. I finished planning Meg's bachlorette shower (Ann Arbor, here we come!) and got a lot of reading done. After Church on Saturday night, we met up with the Luters for some Sushi at Sansu. I'm not a massive sushi fan (ok, not at all), but everyone else loves it so I did my best. I can handle the california rolls and salmon rolls, but that's about it, so I stuck with some teriyaki chicken :) Hopefully, I'll acquire the taste soon and can be a respectable cultured food chick.

Ok, well, there is LOTS more to write, but I need to go. My co-worker is currently complaining to me about how she's getting wrinkles on her face and I want to poke my eye out with a stick. adios.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another O'Neill On The Way!

No, no, not us- but John and Kym!!! Yep, I can finally share the news- they are expecting their second little one around the end of January!! Yayy!!! I am so beyond pumped for them, I really am! Congratulations you two!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

this might be an addiction....

Hey all, I'm back again with a short post. Just check out this link. I was blown away by the people that are in the room, as it reads like a who's who of the past 10 years of worship music. It seems like more than ever there is an outpouring of hope for those in need. Maybe we would have been able to solve a few issues if we (the church) hadn't passed over them, and just now getting back on track. No I'm not passing the buck or judging, I haven't been involved like I should have been. I don't know about you'll, but things are starting to get uncomfortable in life, I kinda like it...


Monday, July 7, 2008

a few short things...

Just so I am upfront about this: this is Jon, not Chaeli (so please excuse my lack of proper blogger etiquette if I do something wrong, or at least forgive me in advance! :)

In my pursuit of trying to keep myself on the creative edge, I try to keep my daily intake of creative and moving websites constantly flowing around my office. And every day I am running across more and more amazing websites with moving stories, amazingly creative art and incredible music. Today I read a CNN story about a family that is from urban Atlanta. This story is incredible and is so inspiring I had to get this up here.

The quick and dirty of it is this: the daughter of the Salwer family saw a homeless man sitting next to a Mercedes and commented to her dad: "If that guy (with the Mercedes) didn't have such a nice car, then that guy (homeless man sitting next to car) could have a nice meal". This led to a brainstorming session with the rest of the family, and finally ended with the mom effectively saying that they should sell their house and give 50% away to a charity that is helping the people in some of the poorest places on earth.

All I can say is that it amazes me when any 15 year old says that to her dad, when most others are more concerned with texting their friends. I would encourage you to read the article on, and post your thoughts here.

Personally it threw me for a loop and almost instantly I looked around our living room and though of 10 things that I could sell to make a little money to give to the LCRM. I don't think we are called to live in poverty so that other's can live in less poverty. The cycle of poverty, can always be lessend, but unfortunately will never end. As a Christ follower I know that I can always be doing more. This story really pushes me to rethink what we spend money on and what I use our money for.

I think it is our duty, through our love for others, to grasp everything that is in our possession, very loosly. If nothing more than to help our fellow man, maybe we should be filtering everything through a different lens. I am sure I will have more thoughts, but help me in this journey. Give me your thoughts and ideas, we want to know!


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sorry for the delay in posting- I'm really trying to post regularly on this blog! It's kind of been an insane week in more ways than one.  Mainly because I found out I have a bacterial skin infection (not on my face) that landed me on the couch with tylenol and an antibiotic.  Turns out, the doctor wants to CUT the infection open in order to relieve some of the pain today. It's been a PAINFUL week, to say the least but I think this should help. So, if you think of it today, you could throw up some prayers heavenward for me- I don't think it's going to be the best afternoon I've ever had.

But, were hanging in there! God is good- and His ways are best- I don't doubt that.  We've still been doing some house projects dispite the "issue"- mainly because it didn't really flare up until Sunday.  Here is Jon building our new fence:

And the new fence:

We truly have the shadiest neighbors on the whole block- they're backyard tends to be a mess- bikes, trampoline, pool, lawn mowers, basketball hoops and at one time THREE refrigerators (not if that isn't shady, I don't know what is).  Now we don't have to see it when we pull up in the driveway. SUHWEET! (Don't worry, we still love on them and hang out with their kids whenever were outside, it's just nice not to have to SEE their mess)

Were heading to my parents house tomorrow for the Fourth of July weekend and to celebrate my Dad's 50th Birthday!!  I think the weekend is going to include putt putting at Ella Sharp Park, ice cream at The parlour, fireworks and hanging with my old man :) HOPEFULLY I can still enjoy the weekend and I heal quickly. . . here's to hoping!
Meg and  Dave- we are going to MISSSS you guys!


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well . . .

I ran across this blog the other day:
Such an interesting article about the rising cost of gas and how it is affected third world countries. Kind of puts things in perspective when I'm complaining about the cost of gas and how it means we have to drive less.

Well, not much new to report- sorry to say. I'm currently super INTO So You Think You Can Dance right now. I've never taken dance or know much about it- but one dance last night moved me to tears it was so good. I love that show. Also, apparently there is a Chaeli twin in Lansing. There have been multiple spottings- and one by my hubby who even thought it was me!! One of my co-workers came up to me and asked if I was at Bravo the other night because he saw me. . . Ummm, nope. Soo, let me know if you see my twin anywhere- I very curious about this. I mean, how can there be two people THAT good looking running around in this town.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Today's update...

So Chaeli asked me to post a video that I recently completed at Trinity.  It is based on a song called "when the tears fall".  Very powerful song and I would highly recommend listening to the words along with soaking in the visuals.  I had a ton of fun shooting the video and got to use my camera and loved every second of it!  Enjoy...
So sorry for the picture-less updates lately. I've been updating from work and all of my photos are on iPhoto on our home computer. I have photos from my lunch with Meg and Mom, picnic with Jon and dinner out with the girls!

So, my mother in law bought me some Aveda products for my hair for my birthday- the pure abundance volume products I've been lusting over. Well, now, I'm addicted. Truly- my cut finally looks the way it's supposed to! So now, I'm going to forever have to buy these products- I'm hooked! They will be my one frivulous buy for myself I have to make. Do I need these products, are they a necessity? NOPE. But they are my splurge.
Jon's splurge are Express jeans. The man refuses to purchase any other ones.

What is the one thing you splurge on?

Friday, June 20, 2008

This business I work in- man, it's crazy, it hurts my brain!! Trying to decifer whose lying and whose being truthful. Whose going to follow through on their word and whose going to screw you. I mean, life is hard enough when you don't have to be on your toes all day long trying to figure out whose scamming you! As my boss said yesterday, people's true character comes out when times are bad- and right now, with the DRA passing- times are rough in this business- at least here in the US.

Anyways! Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY!! A big WOO HOO for that one! First day of summer- longest day of the year- and my birthday! Couldn't be better if ya asked me. I'm celebrating by having a picnic with Jon (and some ColdStone) and then heading out with some girls to see a movie and go to Troppos.

Alrighty- here's to hoping your Friday goes quick and the weekend is upon us. God bless-

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mannnn, last weekend should have been my birthday. It was great- I got to see the Zubert/Ackerman clan on Friday- and then on Saturday, got to see SOME of the O'Neill fam. I really loved seeing everyone! Kym and I headed to Jonelle's shower in GL and then came back to Lansing for the Saturday night service at Trinity and dinner on our patio afterwards with mom and dad, John and Katers. And Sunday, we went to Ukai with the Bishops- it was a great weekend! We ended it by watching the heart pounding US Open 18th hole with Tiger and Rocco. Craziness- not sure I've ever seen Jon that stressed out/excited over sports before.

Well, I've been tagged by my college roomie, Lacey (darn you Lacey). Though I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do- I think you're to write five random things about yourself (Right??). So, here it goes (really, I had a tough time decided WHICH five to choose):

1) My junior (and senior) years of high school, I went to South Padre Island with my friend, Laine. I ended up bungee jumping from the second tallest man-made jump in North America. It was crazy. And, I bit my lip during the first free fall, so when I finally was on the ground and talking to the camera (yes, the whole thing is on tape), I had blood dripping from my lip. And I had no clue, and it's all on camera. classic. The first free fall was terrifying, but once I began to bounce up and down, it was super fun. I hate heights, but I've gone bungee jumping, there ya have it. My brother, John, out did me the next year, he actually went sky diving!

2) Honestly. Our math program at GL was pretty bad (for me, others did okay), we did a pilot program called Core Plus Math where you learn math in GROUPS. And it's all integrated math, so you don't learn algebra, then calc then trig. . . it's all integrated throughout the four years of high school. I really struggling with it and I didn't learn a whole lot. So in college, I took the most basic math class I could- and still needed a tutor (and I Think I still got a C, maybe, worst class in my college career). I was majoring in elementary education at CU the first two years (Lord help me) and you have to take this basic skills test to become certified (or something, I dont' really remember). I failed the math portion, TWICE. It was God's subtle way of telling me "your too stubborn to drop out of the program yourself, so I'm going to make you." Seriously, I hated everything to do with teaching- wanted to poke my eyes out during the classroom observation class- but I didn't know what else to do. I ended up switching my major to social work and it was AWEEEESSOME. God works in mysterious ways. Just don't ask me to help your kids with their math homework.

3) I have a hard time making decisions- I'm really fickle- just ask my hubby (poor man).

4) I'm a klutz, really. I should wear heels more, since I am so short, but I just dont' do well in them. Really.

5) I love sunshine and being warm. I have a really hard time in the winter when it's cold and dark. I'm trying to learn to not be such an extremist about it. . . since most of the family is in Michigan.

Ok, now, I tag. . . Michele, Wendy, and Mark.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Picture Update

I'll tell ya, blogspot has been giving me a heck of a time uploading photos lately. But tonight, tonight, it was faster than anything.  Maybe it's my internet connection? I don't know- but look- we have photos- lots o photos!!!

So last weekend was spent at the Ackerman Beach Bungalow for a First Birthday celebration for my sweet nephew Westin:

Erin had such cute beach decorations for the party- including these cupcakes that were used as favors:

The cake makers and their sand castle cake:

The adorable centerpieces she made out of beach grass and photos of Westin:

The little man and his first taste of cake- I think he liked it. . . :
The ride there, Jon and I got a little bored, so we busted out the camera- below is a photo montage of our car ride:
Our constant traveling companions- coffee and iPod:

Jon- with his new obsession- Twittering:

Ahhhh, make a funny face for the camera:

My feet: :)

We just had a baby shower for one of my coworkers at Block- here are all the girls:
Today we headed up to Battle Creek to met the Zubeman's before they left back for Minnesota.  We had a great day at the zoo. It poured on us at the end and we had to make a mad dash for our cars- which happened the LAST time we went to the zoo and was kind of a weird coincidence.  We went to Don Pablos for dinner, which is my all time favorite mexican restaurant. We had heard it was out of business. . . but not that one.  They surprised me by celebrating my birthday- complete with a sombrero and sopapilla's.  I really felt loved by them- and I'm so thankful to be apart of that family- thanks guys!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First of all, I want to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my friend, Sarah who got ENGAGED on Saturday!!!!!

All of my GR college friends met on Friday night for dinner and were talking about how Sarah was going to be getting engaged soon. I hop on my computer on Monday morning at work and see that she got ENGAGED over the weekend!! Holy cow!! So excited for her! And Jon and I actually have Sarah to thank for our relationship- honestly!! Right around our one year dating mark- I was starting to feel restless and blah blah blah. I met Jon in the stairwell of our apartment building and told him I needed a break. Later that night, I was sitting in my apartment with Sarah and Michele (and Wendy? I can't remember who was there. . . ) And Sarah basically verbally slapped me and said, "Chaeli, you are retarded, Jon is awesome and he loves you so much- you do NOT want to lose a guy like him". Seriously, she told me what was up and thankfully, I was smart enough to listen and not lose him. So Sarah, THANKS!! (I don't even think she reads this blog, ahhh well!).

Well, we spent the evening cleaning up our yard from the storm- there were a lot of branches and sticks down in our driveway. It was kind of cool though- as we were FINISHING- five department of transportation trucks roll up and say- hey, we'll take all those sticks for you (We had about three big piles). So that was awesome- God timing. Unfortunately, I had to throw out a lot of chicken and meat that was in our fridge and freezer from the power outage. . . boooo.

Trinity still does not have power so Jon's been editing from home. It sucked walking out the door to work this morning as he's sitting on our comfy couches with his laptop- I want to stay home toooooooooo!

Well, that's all for now folks, I need to get to work.

(EDIT). I am sore. From dodge ball. Yep. I'm such a loser.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quick Update:
After a weekend away at the Ackerman's- definitely came home with a horrible cold and a house with no power. Isn't that IRONIC??

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wanna hear a wedding story

I'm thinking about writing my wedding story on here:

Do you think they'd be interested in our story? Maybe I could even post photos of. . .
-the cake falling over
-Justin Heap with a chipped tooth and gash in his head. Oh, and then his allergic reaction after our rehearsal dinner to the shrimp cocktail (anybody say swollen lip and hives?). Justin- isn't that crazy that all that happened???
-Not knowing if we can get our hair done because we can't get ahold of the hair salon
-Getting to the hair salong just HOPING the lady was there because she wasn't answering her phone. realizing she had bought the LAST generator that was available in town and was able to do our hair.
-Spilling nail polish down my ENTIRE leg the night before
-Michele Bishop doing my nails in the lobby of the hotel, because, oh wait, the nail salon didn't have power either
-Crying to my mom when we realized there was. . . no power. . . anywhere.
-Packing for my honeymoon in my bedroom with a flashlight. classic.
-Panicking because we can't find my little brother, Steve (thankfully, Andy had put him to bed in a hotel room).
-Balling my little eyes out and Trisha Heap coming into my hotel room and writing down what I needed. She was awesome.
-Meaghan and Carl running to Meijers to get me make-up the night before.
-My Grandpa and Grandma (sob) unable to make it to the wedding because my Grandma fell and broke her arm on Wednesday (no photo of that, that's not funny)
-Me with cucumbers on my eyes at the hair salon because they were SWOLLEN from crying the night before.
-Meaghan almost dying trying to drive from school to the reception hall to help us decorate- it was like a mini tornado outside.
-I think that Friday was the craziest most emotional day of my life.

But you know what? Had you not known all this had happened on Friday night before the wedding, I dont' think you would have noticed a thing. Saturday was bright and beautiful and everything really turned out great. The church (amazingly) had power and our reception hall had generators and looked gorgeous. And it put everything into perspective for me, I remember thinking, "Just get me down this aisle to marry this man, I could care less about anything else". Because really, that's what it's about- nothing else. And thankfully, our honeymoon was awesome and was so smooth and perfect. We've heard horror stories of other people that were married that day- I think we fared pretty well comparatively.

So, that's my wedding story. Whats yours?

Summer lovin

ahhh, I love this warm weather- love it!!! Some people may complain about the mugginess or warmth- but I'll take this over dark, and cold ANY DAY.

We have a baby shower at lunch for one of my co-workers- which is super fun. Tonight I'm heading to GR for dinner and coffee with some of my favortist people- Wendy, Michele, Sarah, Marissa and Suz. I can't wait to see Michele and her cute little belly! Then were continuing south to Bridgman because Mark, Erin and Westin are coming home!!!!! Were spending all weekend with them and closing it off with Westin's 1st birthday party on Sunday afternoon! Really, they are so great,I can't wait to see them! And I'm sure Westin is so much bigger than the last time we saw him.

Well, I should get some work done before this shower!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Just what I needed to read . . .

My job has me mostly sitting at a computer and on the phone. Throughout the day, I often browse blogs while on the phone or doing things on the computer. . . . or procrastinating. . .. ahem, anyways. . . Today I wanted to share a blog with you that has been such a blessing to me:

Last night, I was having a little pity party for myself- for a couple of reasons (pity party's are the worst, they just spiral you right on down). Work is beyond frustrating for me right now and I feel like I could tear up right now just thinking about it. I felt chubby. I'm sick of my skin raring up all the time- just frustrated. And I'm the type of woman (maybe it's all woman?) who just snowballs things. I start thinking or talking about an issue or a problem and it just fires me up. That's not so much a good thing when your having a pity party.

But once again, the Holy Spirit provided just the right words for me to hear through a woman I've never met. Isn't it cool how technology can be used for so much good (or so much evil?). And one thing I'm remembering- whatever happens with work (or anything), I know that all things work together for the good. And that's what I'm clinging to.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

One of my favorite songs of all time- Goo Goo Dolls- Better Days. Jon and I are brainstorming a video for Trinity during Christmastime using this song. . .

And you ask me what I want this year
And I try to make this kind and clear
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
Cause I don't need boxes wrapped in strings
And desire and love and empty things
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cuause everyone is forgiven now
Cause tonight's the night the world begins again

And it's someplace simple where we could live
And something only you can give
And thats faith and trust and peace while we're alive
And the one poor child that saved this world
And there's 10 million more who probably could
If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them

So take these words
And sing out loud
Cause everyone is forgiven now
Cause tonight's the night the world begins again
I wish everyone was loved tonight
And somehow stop this endless fight
Just a chance that maybe we'll find better days
So take these words
And sing out loud
Cause everyone is forgiven now
Cause tonight's the night the world begins again

Monday, June 2, 2008

Are you a yuppie?

I mean honestly, could today be at all nicer than it is outside? I mean, it is GORGEOUS out! And thankfully, Jon is having his pod (i.e. department) over to our house today for their monthly pod meeting. I'm hopping home for lunch to help him get the food and everything set up. They'll get to enjoy the new patio, yay!!

Our weekend consisted of Maggie Moo's and shopping (honestly, I am still dreaming about my Maggie Moo's ice cream. Seriously, it was amazing), yard work around the house, landscaping, lunch out at Tavern on the Square, church, working out, grocery shopping, more yard work, disappointment in the Pistons, etc. etc. I'm also thoroughly enjoying my new phone, check, check, check it out:

Jon and I were talking on the way home from Meijers yesterday- we were discussing whether or not we are YUPpies. Do we even know what a Yuppie is? Are YOU a yuppie? What a weird word. I dont' think are hearts are yuppie-ish, but we probably are yuppies- I mean, we drive an SUV, we love starbucks coffee, both have professional jobs, no kiddos and we definitely live in the city. Hahaha, well, regardless, I hate stereotypes but maybe cause I was a social worker before I sold my soul to the business world. :) just kiddin- have a good one!!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ohh, the long weekend has come and gone- sad day.  Although, I was ready to get back to work, weird, huh? I think it was the long weekend combined with three days off last week.  I was like, excited to go to work this morning, to feel a sense of accomplishment. Who knew?? 

We had a lovely memorial day- didn't do a whole lot of anything. We went to the Eaton Rapids parade after an awesome breakfast at the Inn.  Then we hung out at home and had some friends over for some lawn games and a BBQ (yes Mark, you guessed it, and a little KUBB).

Some photos of our anniversary getaway. . . weird to think, last year we were on a Safari in Africa- we had a huge dinner to celebrate with wine and some cake.  Most of the toasts in the room were for Jon and I to have children, lots of them, and soon, it was hilarious. This year was quiet and peaceful at the Inn.


OK, gotta go,  I started this post about two hours ago and got a little distracted.  Now, I'm still having trouble uploading photos, so the rest will have to wait.  ERRRR
Until tomorrow. . . . .