Monday, December 8, 2008

Well, we done buy ourselves a crib this weekend

Since were three months away and have yet to purchase one baby item or come remotely close to having a nursery, we decided it was finally time to purchase the nursery furniture. We both feel like this "isn't really happening" so maybe the arrival of the crib will cement it more in? Were also hoping the arrival of the crib will "encourage" Jon to finish up the hallway and nursery a little bit sooner :). A co-worker gave me a changing table and we already have a white dresser, so the only thing left for us to purchase is the glider. I really can't wait to see the nursery come together- to sit in the room and dream of our little boy.

We've been listening to a teaching from Harvest Bible Chapel in Illinois about "The Blessing". It's a teaching based off of the book by Gary Smalley and John Trent- about speaking towards of blessing into your children, the power of physical touch towards your children, giving and receiving the blessing, etc. We've enjoyed it a lot- I really recomend either the book or the audio podcast/cd.

I was a little pre-emptive in my last post about "not really feeling pregnant". As soon as those words left my keyboard, the crap hit the fan, I'm telling you. My rib is just killing me, and my family physician's office couldn't get ahold of my insurance to get a referral for the chiropractor last week- so I am hoping I can go in early this week. If I sit or stand, I'm fine- it's only sitting that hurts. Too bad I sit all day at my job!! Plus, something majorrrrr is going on with my glutteous maximus muscle on my left side- either I pulled it while bowling (pregnancy is such a humbling experience), or I have the sciatic nerve pain all those books speak of. But let me tell you, when I walk or twist a certain way- a shooting pain occurs! I went grocery shopping yesterday and made it down the first aisle and just rested on my cart, thinking I was NOT going to make it the rest of the trip. If it is the sciatic nerve thing, I don't think there's much the doctors can do about it. I am NEVER doing this again- I tell you what. ;) Ask Jon, I'm not kidding. . .


Katie said...

All I have to say is...yeah right, you'll definitely be doing this again! :)

josh and michele said...

i had the sciatic thing halfway through my was killer - i had to get it fixed by a chiropractor too! hope it goes away!!!