Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Things About Brennan

A. He swells up (notice the ear) when he gets a mosquitoe bite. The nurse said he has ultra sensitive skin. I'm already praying for his skin when he becomes a teenager. Seriously.

B. He has crazy hair.
Over at kellyskornerblog it's Show Us Your Life- Things That I LOVE!

*Fresh baked bread from my oven (this is from about 2 minutes ago- I'm baking zucchini bread!)

*My hubby. Cause I'm daily reminded how good of a guy he is.

*Losing weight

*Chocolate chip cookies. Or more specifically, BJ's chocolate chip pazookie's

*Playing with this little man (from yesterday while I was folding laundry)

* Hope. Knowing that true joy and contentment doesn't come from relationships or prestige or money or things but from knowing the One who made me.

* Friends. Like, friends who know you and love you regardless.

* Speaking of friends, girls nights out. Good for the heart, mind, body and soul. Ha!

*Fresh flowers on my dining room table

* When Brennan takes a long afternoon nap (can I hear an amen?)

* Not being cold.

*Our families (my mom and dad on their wedding day). I hate being so far away from our families, HATE.It. What were we thinking? Now we really cherish having visitors and visiting everyone! We're headed to Minnesota next week- can't wait!

*And this blog, because, as I mentioned before, I'm addicted.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent News

: We got a membership at the YMCA for summer and I am LOVING it. It's only May and it's already too gosh darn hot to be outside during the day- so the Y membership is a lifesaver for me. I drop Brennan off, get to workout, have some "me" time and watch cable tv. Yes! I'm still a little nervous dropping him off- there are a lo of babies in the baby room and I'm sure the workers are great- but it still makes me nervous. Plus, the first time I picked him up one of the workers was handing Brennan a sippy cup that wasn't his. Yuck. But I forge ahead people, I need to keep going!

: Brennan dropped his morning nap. And honestly? I am THANKFUL. Some moms hang onto that morning nap. But it's created a lot more freedom for me. We can go for a walk or to the Y or to storytime at the library and not have to worry about him melting because it's 10:00 and it's naptime. I actually didn't mean to drop that morning nap, it just kind of happened. Judy was here, and then Meg so for about two weeks we were out and about a lot and he missed it most days. We just continued that trend after everyone left. I'm sure if i wanted to I could try to work that nap back into his schedule but I'm definitely okay with him skipping it. Now we need to work on getting him to sleep a decent amount for his afternoon nap (any suggestions?). One hour is not enough baby boy, not enough at all. . .

B and Judy

: Jon hasn't done much work with the studios since we moved to Texas (and that's been just fine with me). Just this past weekend we decided to re-do his website and create some marketing pieces. I've been contacting old clients to get recommendations and have been helping Jon with the "look" of the website.

Stay cool y'all, I heard it's like 85 in michigan right now! Just don't complain to us. . .

Friday, May 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today (in three hours from now. . . )

When I think back on our 5 year vow renewal- I am STILL to this day blown away by it. I cannot believe the time and effort Jon (teamed up with my sister, my sis in law and dear friend, Katie) put into pulling the evening off. I am to this day overwhelmed at the thought of it and by the love of my husband. To this day. And let me tell you, these memories have gotten me through some tough times this last year. I was a broken woman during this time of my life and to say that this was God timed couldn't be more accurate.

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary and since I never got around to doing a blog on the renewal I thought now would be a good time. (who can blog when you have a screaming baby? but that's a post for another time. . . ).

Jon, I love you more now than I ever have. Your love and honesty and loyalty and commitment amazes me. I'm so happy to be married to you. You are the BEST. Thank you for loving God and for loving me. Thanks for standing by me through this crazy year- through a screaming baby and a wife who hated her life and a tough decision and a move cross country and a new job. Like we always say to each other when times are tough- at least we have each other. And we mean it. I love you.

And now I'm crying.

Ok, moving on, here are some of my favorite photos from that day (all photos courtesy of Ben Pancoast photography).

I love the photos of my mom dressing Brennan.

I could not believe how CUTE he looked- one of my favorite parts of the whole night! (and look at that face of his, classic)

Oh, and this was attached to his little tuxedo. 5 diamonds for 5 years. Please God don't let me lose this ring, ha!

This is where it all caught up to me. I busted out into crying right after the ceremony.

Our awesome pastor and friend, Josh Bishop. Who once again did an amazing job.

Another one of my favorites. SO so thankful Carlton could be there!

Can I hear an "amen"?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look Mom, I Can Sew!!

I've been wanting to learn how to sew for a while now- at least to learn the basics so I can hem pants and shorts that are made for woman 12 inches taller than moi. My mother in law was kind enough to show me the ropes of using a sewing machine while she was here a few weeks back and we even hemmed some shorts of mine. She walked me through how to make my own curtains because I was telling her how I love looking at fabric but just don't know how to do it.

So when my sis was in town last week, we both bought some fabric and made our own curtains! We used Judy's pattern but actually made them using a no-sew method (oh yes, heat and bond is a wonderful thing). I made these curtains for Brennan's room (and then found fabric I liked even better at hobby lobby the next day, bahh). Don't they look good, Judy??

Our house is a rental and I don't think were supposed to paint (and if we do I think we have to paint it back white). I just need color in my life. I really do. I cannot handle blah-ness. Even if were in this house for just a season, I want it to be cute. So I'm going try and whip up some curtains for our dining room and hopefully add a pop of color that way. And I'm also going to try and convince Jon to help me paint but that hasn't been going to successfully lately. Booo.

I can post a link to instructions on using heat and bond if you're interested!

*you can see the curtains a lot better if you double click the photos, sorry!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well, it's 10:00 pm on Tuesday night and what a day it has been! I dropped my sister off at the airport this afternoon (sniff sniff) and came home with an ultra whiney baby boy. He just is not happy- maybe he's teething? Or his stomach hurts? Who knows. I tried to give him generic motrin but he was thrashing about and didn't want any and it spilled all over me, him, the countertop and half our loaf of bread. Lovely. And I just sent Jon to the store because we are COMPLETELY out of wipes. Who is the mother of this household and where is her head?

But seriously, we had such a good time with my sister. She was so sweet to take time off of work and fly here to visit us- we love her!! Here she is, isn't she a cutie?

We did a lot and a lot of nothing- hung out, ate, went to the mall, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, JoAnn Fabrics, made new curtains for her and I (a no sew design, fabulous), went to the downtown aquarium, the Galleria mall, babysat a friend's baby, worked out at the Y. . . But I think the highlight for me was when we left B and Jon at home (no offense honey) and went to a movie and out for dessert/drinks afterwards.

We are in LOVE with Lush bath soap!

Thanks for visiting us Meg and making us your homemade guacamole!! Give Taylor a kiss for us!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Hanging out in the lounge

Monday night, Jon and I stayed at Hotel Zaza in downtown Houston to celebrate our anniversary (a little early, oh well!). It was our first overnight away from the B man. Jon knew we were going away for the night but he didn't know where. I researched quite a few hotels in the area and this one was really highly recommended. Pretty much it was amazing. Seriously. We didn't so much fit in because of the wealth the other patrons seem to have- as my hubby put it, we valeted our 1998 civic in front of a Lexus and behind a 90K BMW. We were standing in the lobby laughing so hard. But we had a blast! Honestly, it was so nice knowing Brennan was taken care of and loved and was in his own crib so we knew he'd sleep well. I didn't worry about him for one second (that's a win for me!).

I surprised Jon with dinner to the Backstreet Cafe and we ate out on the patio. It was a gorgeous night! We went back to the hotel and headed to the restaurant there for dessert and drinks. The next morning we got breakfast at the Breakfast Klub (which we found out is being featured on Saturday morning on GMA for their "best breakfast spots in the USA" segment) and walked around Rice Village til it was time to leave. I almost texted Judy and told her we were never coming back.

Happy Mother's Day!

This year Mother's Day was 1,000,0000,000,000 times better than last year and I so am not prone to exaggeration in case you were wondering. Not only did we get to dedicate the B man, and I got to eat REAL FOOD for the first time in three weeks, but my hubby surprised me with my dream gift- a stand mixer! She's red and shiny and lovely and I've decided to name her (to be decided, hahah).

Mothers- you are awesome. I didn't have the most respect for you until I had a bebe of my own and now I have the UTMOST respect for you. I hope you all had a relaxing, wonderful day in which you felt loved and cared for!


Brennan's Dedication

Jon's mom flew in on Friday night to be here for Brennan's dedication on Sunday. It was so sweet of her to come and we so appreciate it! We had a great time with her- we went to the Houston Art Car Parade, dedicated Brennan to the Lord at church (see photo below), went out to lunch for Mother's Day, and she watched Brennan for us so Jon and I could spend the night away for our anniversary. Thank you for coming, Judy!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, he's a talker!

Brennan is a talker. He tells me about EVERYTHING- the other day he even touched my arm as he was talking to me to make sure I was listening, hahah! I love his jibber jabber! Please excuse the clothes all over the bedroom. . .

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm blogging while watching the Kentucky Derby. Wouldn't it be so fun to go to the Kentucky Derby one day and wear a huge hat and drink a mint julep and pretend to know a thing about horse racing?? Anyways. . .

Two big things this week in our life: I've lost- 7-8 lbs so far on the Medifast program! I've only cheated from the program once, when I ate two animal crackers. Not too shabby, ey? I'm planning on doing the program one more week and then I am in the transition stage for three weeks. Cannot WAIT til it's done.

And I'm sure you all saw the FB updates- but Brennan had an allergic reaction to peanut butter on Wednesday. He was in childcare that morning at The Met and a lot of the mom's brought their 1 year old peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. I thought to myself, "Hmm, that'd be an easy on-the go lunch for him- I've waited until he's 12 months old, maybe I should try to give him some peanut butter". So for dinner, I gave him a few bites of peanut butter toast and was watching him really carefully because I know it's a common allergy and it's the first time he had it. Well, it was pretty scary, immediately he started crying, rubbing his eyes, his nose started running, eyes turned red and broke out into hives on his face. I called his pediatricians office (by the way, our ped is apart of the Texas Children's Hospital and they are AWESOME. They're office is open 7 days a week til 9:00 pm and a nurse called the next day just to check on him). They transferred me to a triage nurse who had me give him benadryl while she stayed on the phone. She said because it was such a quick reaction she was thinking I should call the ambulance but that I could just take him straight to the ER instead. So I asked her, "umm, we're new to this area, where's the closest ER?". Haha. I threw him in the car and as I was strapping him into his carseat when Jon pulled up. He jumped into the car and started backing out when I realized I didn't have any shoes on. Craziness.

But by the time we got to the ER, I could tell the benadryl was already working and he looked better. We walked into the ER and told them what happened and I thought we'd have to wait in the waiting room all night. Apparently, these allergies aren't anything to mess around with- within seconds, nurses came out and hooked up a machine to him to check his oxygen levels. He was doing fine by then and after a while we decided to leave.

I'm so thankful it wasn't a worse reaction. I'm hoping it's something he grows out of. And I'm hoping it doesn't develop into an allergy where he can't even be around peanuts. We're just not sure how much this is going to affect his life. I know every reaction can get worse, so we'll see. I take him to see an allergist next week to get him an epi pen. Life is nutso, isn't it?

Side note- I think pediatricians are now telling you to wait til children are 2 to give them peanut butter- FYI.