Thursday, May 20, 2010

Look Mom, I Can Sew!!

I've been wanting to learn how to sew for a while now- at least to learn the basics so I can hem pants and shorts that are made for woman 12 inches taller than moi. My mother in law was kind enough to show me the ropes of using a sewing machine while she was here a few weeks back and we even hemmed some shorts of mine. She walked me through how to make my own curtains because I was telling her how I love looking at fabric but just don't know how to do it.

So when my sis was in town last week, we both bought some fabric and made our own curtains! We used Judy's pattern but actually made them using a no-sew method (oh yes, heat and bond is a wonderful thing). I made these curtains for Brennan's room (and then found fabric I liked even better at hobby lobby the next day, bahh). Don't they look good, Judy??

Our house is a rental and I don't think were supposed to paint (and if we do I think we have to paint it back white). I just need color in my life. I really do. I cannot handle blah-ness. Even if were in this house for just a season, I want it to be cute. So I'm going try and whip up some curtains for our dining room and hopefully add a pop of color that way. And I'm also going to try and convince Jon to help me paint but that hasn't been going to successfully lately. Booo.

I can post a link to instructions on using heat and bond if you're interested!

*you can see the curtains a lot better if you double click the photos, sorry!


Jennifer said...

Cute! I love polka dots! I learned how to sew in college and then forgot. I've sewn some barrettes for Mia Joie which is now named Joyfolie. I've thought about getting a sewing machine to do little projects.

T Heap said...

Awesome!! I am jealous...send me the info about heat and bond. Maybe I'll try to make some curtains!

Erin Zubert said...

Way to go Chaeli! They look great.

jayfersgirl said...

Can you send me the pattern for your curtains? I have fabric that I love for B's room and another little room in our house, and I have heat and bond...just need to know how to do it:)