Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mother of all posts

So sorry for my lack of posting. Craziness!!! In order to appease my massive readership (hahah), here's a picture update of our lives.

Last Saturday my friends through me a wonderful shower. Here are the girls that drove in from GR- thank you girls!!!!!

Michele, Wendy, Suz, Chaeli, Lacey

No need to adjust your screens, this is really how massive I am right now!! And I was SO hot during this shower, my face is red in all the photos!

Michele- running the games (and no one could believe she just had a baby!)

The wonderful desserts.

The girls that threw the shower know me so well. I'm not a big "baby" person and I hate pastels. . so they did a hour dourves and mocktails theme with no pastel colors to be seen and it was great! Totally what I would have picked out!

On Thursday, I had the worst day of my life at work. It was horrible. Horrible. I came home for lunch and went to the bathroom (of course, I'm 9 months pregnant) and saw this on the mirror:

Jon had written out on about 20 post it notes all the things he loved about me. It must have been the Lord because He knows I needed it that day! I cried on his shoulder for a good 15 minutes after this. It was the good cry combined with the sad cry combined with the hormonal cry, hahah.

Friday night we babysat for our neighbors and watched "Happiest Baby on the Block" which came highly recommended to us. I'm glad they had a DVD because there was no way I was going to get Jon to read a book like that. :)

Saturday we celebrated Valentines Day. I kicked Jon out of the house for about two hours in the morning and surprised him with this:

A cheesecake!! My first ever! Jon loooves cheesecake and asks for it for his birthday every year. You can't really buy good ones at the grocery store and the bakeries around here don't carry them. So thank you to ERIN who totally walked me through the entire process (and this is her recipe)! I had a slight ordeal with the oreo crust, but I persevered. :)

Later, after the Saturday night service, we did our Valentine day tradition of getting Bravo to go and renting a movie. Here's our dinner (with FRE, alcohol free wine I recommend for those craving it!):

Another tradition of ours is to pull the mattress off the bed and watch the movie from there:

We watched Fireproof, which was actually really good. Neither of us had very high expectations for a low budget Christian film (about the worst combination you can get), but it was very moving and well done. I recommend it!

So, that's been our lives! I'm officially 38 weeks tomorrow!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Emotions Make a Woman Tired

I am tired. It has been a crazy week here at the Ackerman household. Besides working full time and being 9 months pregnant (difficult enough, right?!), it's been an emotional and busy week (and it's only Thursday!). Monday night we had small group. Tuesday night I finally cashed in the spa gift certificate Jon suruprised me with back in my kill-me-now-morning-sickness days. I got a 90 minute facial, a light massage (nothing too forceful on the preggos) and a pedi (I haven't touched those toes in ages). It was awesome. I almost fell asleep on the table! Unfortunately, as I was sitting in my chair for my peidcure, I decided to check my email. Bad idea. That night we received some pretty devastating and shocking news about some friends of ours that has us on our knees ever since then. I could hardly sleep that night.

But this week has also been amazing. Last night, after a prayer meeting with some friends of ours (and me balling my eyes out because I feel so bad for them), Jon told me to get dressed up. So I did my best to cover my puffy eyes and put on a maternity dress and in the car we went. I knew something was up because my friend Megan told me to set aside the evening. So he drove to Old Chicago, had me close my eyes, walked me through the restaurant and I opened them to see all my co-workers- it was a BII surprise baby shower for us!!! We had a back room all to ourselves with an all you can eat pizza buffet, it was awesome. And spouses were there as well, which I was happy about because Jon was able to experience a baby shower as well, instead of just me. We felt so blessed and supported. I was so emotionally exhausted last night when we got home I could barely keep my eyes open!
So that's been our week! I had a doctors appt this morning (already dialated a 1, which I know doesn't mean much, but hey, it's forward progress!) and now I'm going to concentrate on staying awake for the rest of the day. Can she do it? Or will she end up napping at her desk. . . we shall see. . . .

P.S. For you mama's out there- at the dr's this morning I saw an add for www.babysteals.com in a parenting magazine- check it out, it is awesome! It's like woot.com for baby stuff- every day they post one item at 50-80% off it's retail price. Check early because they have limited supplies and once they're sold out- they're gone.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is what pregnancy is doing to me- see that, no more wedding ring. The puffy fingers have begun. Now I look like an 18 year old knocked up high schooler. :) Will cankles be next? I could barely the ring off yesterday but thankfully it budged. I'm sure Ron Ackerman is loving this moment since the first time I met him he told me I had sausage fingers. :) (inside family joke).

In other baby news, we had our hospital tour last week. It actually was really cool to see the floor and the rooms and all that. Jon only felt queasy once (this is the tour, mind you. . . lord help us).

We had our neighbors over to watch the Superbowl Sunday night and it was a blast. I actually just wanted to watch it alone with Jon and wasn't really feeling having company come over. . . but it really worked out amazingly. She just had a baby last fall and was able to give me all sorts of pointers and tips. We ended up having such a good time- too bad the awesome Kurt Warner didn't win.

Ohh, I really have so much more to say but I need to get back to work. Hope your fingers aren't swollen for you today.