Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ohh, the long weekend has come and gone- sad day.  Although, I was ready to get back to work, weird, huh? I think it was the long weekend combined with three days off last week.  I was like, excited to go to work this morning, to feel a sense of accomplishment. Who knew?? 

We had a lovely memorial day- didn't do a whole lot of anything. We went to the Eaton Rapids parade after an awesome breakfast at the Inn.  Then we hung out at home and had some friends over for some lawn games and a BBQ (yes Mark, you guessed it, and a little KUBB).

Some photos of our anniversary getaway. . . weird to think, last year we were on a Safari in Africa- we had a huge dinner to celebrate with wine and some cake.  Most of the toasts in the room were for Jon and I to have children, lots of them, and soon, it was hilarious. This year was quiet and peaceful at the Inn.


OK, gotta go,  I started this post about two hours ago and got a little distracted.  Now, I'm still having trouble uploading photos, so the rest will have to wait.  ERRRR
Until tomorrow. . . . . 

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have to say for the record, even though we were in Africa last year for our anniversary, Jon definitely bought the Mahogany card in the U.S., for anyone that was curious. . . 

So, after several recommendations for the movie, Bella, we finally rented it on Friday night (thank you Justin: theheaps.blogspot.com/search/label/bella). It was a pretty slow moving start (to me) but we both really enjoyed the ending and the uplifting theme of the story. I recommend the movie, truly. After watching all the previews, it really seems like Lionsgate productions is a sweet company- ALL the previews looked awesome. So now, to get Jon a job there. . . . :)

Well, after working out, grocery shopping and packing, were heading to the English Inn to celebrate the anniversary today.  Ya'll have a wonderful, relaxing, memorable, Memorial Day.

Friday, May 23, 2008

So the hubby and I enjoyed a nice evening of BBQing, walking on the riverwalk trail and chilling out for our anniversary. We are going to the English Inn (www.englishinn.com) on Sunday night for dinner and a night over. We got a sweet deal, so I'm excited.

I did get a card from Jon last night- however, it was for a MAN. Yep, the card said, "For the Man I Love" on the front. Apparently, Jon didn't really notice (it did seem very girly, to his credit, flowers and hearts and stuff on the front). So he wrote in a little "wo" in front of the word "man". It was HILARIOUS. If you remember, last year he accidentally bought me a mahogany card for african americans. This year, it's for males. Ahhh well, it's hilarious.

Well, it's Friday afternoon on the verge of a holiday weekend- things are slow here at work. The business world seems to slow to a crawl on Friday afternoons, they are the worst. Leave some lovin' and have a good weekend!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

You have stolen my heart. . .

Well, four years ago today I woke up with puffy eyes. Can you imagine waking up on your wedding day with puffy eyes? I did- so much drama happened the night before, I balled my eyes out on my mom around 12:30pm Friday night. But today, Saturday, May 22nd, was a beautiful sunny gorgeous day and everything turned out really wonderful. Today, four years ago, I married Jon. And let me tell you, I could not be a more blessed woman.

Jon, I love your gentleness, your soft heart and kind spirit. I love how you know me more than I know myself. I love your servanthood. I love how you strive to lead us towards Christ. I love that you give homeless men socks, and encourage friends who have recent troubles. I love how you will wake up to get me a drink in the middle of the night and take care of me. I love how you love me. Thank you for marrying me.

Yesterday, I had to stop by work for a few minutes and had heard there was something waiting for me. This is what I found at my desk:

Jon wanted to surprise me by sending flowers the day before our anniversary. It definitely suprised me!! Then today, I'm on the phone with a customer, when our receptionist drops another flower box by my desk.

A second bouquet- this time calla lilies and red roses!! My jaw DROPPED. When I called Jon- he said the first bouquet was to tell me he loved me, the second for our anniversary. Holy cow- this sista is still in shock, I'm telling you. Oh, my co-worker wanted to get my photo, so here's me beaming from head to toe with my bouquets:

Oh, there was also Godiva chocolate inside as well! Man knows a way to this woman's heart.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hey world!!! Leave us some lovin'- this is my (Chaeli's) first attempt at a new blog! Let me know what you think.  
Here's a brief synopsis of our world.  Saturday, I was in Katie and Cliff's wedding on Saturday. It was AWESOME. They were super sweet to the wedding party, very laid back and very fun.  Katie has been such a loyal friend to me- we've known each other system junior high and shared a locker every year in high school (you girls out there no that is no small feat!).  I could not be happier for her. 

Sunday, I threw a bridal shower for my sister, Meaghan, who was home for a week from D.C. It was fun to see her get presents and prepare for wife-hood.  I have some great photos- but I'm struggling with posting photos on blogspot (email me with suggestions if you have them!).

And Monday and Tuesday was spent mad wedding planning with Meg, Kym and my mom.  Meg is getting married on August 9th and there is a lot to do when you are planning a wedding long distance in a short amount of time.  We got bridesmaid dresses, Kaitlin's dress (see below, she was NOT happy that we made her try her dress on), guest book, flower girl basket, ring bearers pillow, decorating items, a church booked, food figured out, etc. etc.  It was a blessing to me- to spend a chunk of time with my mom and sisters.  It was fun to plan and put our heads together and problem solve.  Let me tell you, she's going to be a gorgeous bride!

Well, I think I've spent ENOUGH time today trying to figure this thing out.  Anniversary post coming tomorrow!!!!