Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Hey world!!! Leave us some lovin'- this is my (Chaeli's) first attempt at a new blog! Let me know what you think.  
Here's a brief synopsis of our world.  Saturday, I was in Katie and Cliff's wedding on Saturday. It was AWESOME. They were super sweet to the wedding party, very laid back and very fun.  Katie has been such a loyal friend to me- we've known each other system junior high and shared a locker every year in high school (you girls out there no that is no small feat!).  I could not be happier for her. 

Sunday, I threw a bridal shower for my sister, Meaghan, who was home for a week from D.C. It was fun to see her get presents and prepare for wife-hood.  I have some great photos- but I'm struggling with posting photos on blogspot (email me with suggestions if you have them!).

And Monday and Tuesday was spent mad wedding planning with Meg, Kym and my mom.  Meg is getting married on August 9th and there is a lot to do when you are planning a wedding long distance in a short amount of time.  We got bridesmaid dresses, Kaitlin's dress (see below, she was NOT happy that we made her try her dress on), guest book, flower girl basket, ring bearers pillow, decorating items, a church booked, food figured out, etc. etc.  It was a blessing to me- to spend a chunk of time with my mom and sisters.  It was fun to plan and put our heads together and problem solve.  Let me tell you, she's going to be a gorgeous bride!

Well, I think I've spent ENOUGH time today trying to figure this thing out.  Anniversary post coming tomorrow!!!!


Erin Morgan said...

Welcome Chaeli!! I think you'll find that you like blogspot, as it is much nicer than the former blog location :) Keep postin'! hugs - erin

Heap said...

well it's about time! haha...

and this blog looks great! i look forward to sharing in your "views" ;]

we miss you guys for real! we need us a jon & chaeli fix.


Zoobey said...

I am subscribed! I think the link to your new blog listed in your xanga is wrong though: should say "blogspot," not "blogpost." Anyway, I've started blogging again as well at Miss you guys!

Chaeli said...

Thanks Guys!! I seriously need some photo posting help though. . . errrr

Jim & Wendy said...

Welcome to blogspot! What a great way to start out your next year of marriage (totally kidding!) :-)