Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Cara is right. It's totally y'all and not ya'll. Thanks for the heads up, Cara!!

We lost our power tonight for about three hours and it just turned on again, praise the Lord! We are supplementing Brennan with some formula and it was hard to make a bottle via candlelight.

I've been busy today planning my grocery shopping to Kroger (I got some killer deals, finally!) and baking/pureeing pumpkins and squash. The squash is baby food for Brennan but I'm using the pumpkin to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin bread (and probably will use some for B's baby food). I love making my own baby food- it feels like I am actually accomplishing something in my day.

Speaking of Brennan, he's really seemed to have turned a corner the last week, week and a half. He's been playing more independently and seems more content. Granted, he's usually either trying to eat his plants, suck on the toilet rim, or play with the computer cords, but at least he's happy! I had a lot of people tell me that your life REALLY changes once the child becomes mobile. I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'll take a happy mobile baby over a whiney stationary baby ANY day.

Ok, I'm a needing to wrap this blog up. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi ya'll :)
It's a balmy 75 degrees here today. Not to brag, just sayin. Okay, okay, I am bragging. ahhh ahahahah!!!

We're busy at home this morning, buying Christmas tickets home (ouch on the pocket book), taking care of foot/toe issues (I hurt mine, big ouch), fixing our printer (Jon), making lazy granola, buying trees for our house in Michigan (long story and another ouch on the pocket book), etc. But I'm not too busy to post about something that's important to us.

See, when Jon went to Uganda last week, he met a boy named Samuel that touched his heart. Samuel is an orphan who lives with his two brothers. He doesn't know how old he is, isn't able to go to school, has one pair of pants and one shirt which he washes at night so no one can see him naked, and is barely surviving every day. And WE have the ability to help this guy. Jon is trying to raise enough money for Samuel to go to school and improve his life forever. It is $50.00 a semester and there are three semesters a year. Please go to Jon's blog, click on the link to Call to Africa, and click "Who We Are" and then "Give". Make sure you comment here or on Jon's blog so we can make sure that money goes towards Samuel's schooling and so we can make sure you get a tax deduction. Please tell others that you know and spread the word- there have GOT to be enough people that we all know to give enough to support this young man.

Thanks for reading- ya'll are the best. :)

And noooo, I wouldn't think of ending this post without a photo of the boy. Here's one from yesterday- we went to a pumpkin patch with theMet MOPS. He was a cutie patooti but I couldn't get him to smile, he was too busy squinting in the sun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


-We are so thankful- Brennan was approved for health insurance! See, we decided to buy our own insurance for Brennan and I to save money- Jon gets insurance through his job. We applied for a particular insurance company and shockingly to us, they denied Brennan because of his GERD. So for the last month or so, both Brennan and I have been without health insurance. I've tried not to think about or to worry, but it was strange. I'd never been without insurance, and not knowing when we'd get again or if he'd keep getting rejected definitely had us worried a bit. SO glad that's over. We do have to pay more per month because of his GERD, but as soon as he grows out of it and no longer needs the prevacid, were calling the company to ask for a discount!!

-We spent this morning at the Texas department of public health (DMV for all your Michiganders) to get our new Texas licensce plates. Get this- we woke up early, got out there right at 8 only to realize we needed our passports or birth certificates and didn't have either. ERRR. So we drove home and got them and thankfully, the lines were still low and we got right in and out. It was awesome. We'd heard horror stories of waiting in line around 3 hours average.

-Tonight is a ladies night out at MOPS and I'm excited. I used to think MOPS was corny and stupid and crafty (well, it is kind of crafty. . ), but I actually really love it.

-Jon got to ride a helicopter over theMet's two locations to shoot some footage. Check it out:

-Also, check out my Grandpa below. The man is well into his 80's and still gets on the floor to play with the kiddos. It's awesome:

-There's more but my contact is killing me. Got to run!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall trip to Michigan

Were hoooommmee!!
We flew to Michigan October 3rd, spent a few days together as a family, and then Jon flew onto Uganda on October 5th. I flew back to Houston on Tuesday and Jon is currently on his way home AS WE SPEAK (type, whatever).
We were able to check in on our house, see our great neighbors Emma and Brandon, attend Trinity, attend Mt. Hope, and celebrate Jon's 30th!!
While Jon was gone, we went shopping with my mom, had a playdate in Lansing, saw some BII friends, traveled to Bridgman and back, saw my Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy, hung out with the family, saw my old piano teacher and friend, it was great. It was especially wonderful to have so much help with Brennan. He didn't sleep very well, I don't know if it was the hard pack and play mattress, or the new environment, or the fact that he probably knew I was in the same room as him or what. Besides THAT, it was a good trip. Sorry to mom, dad, Dave and Steve for Brennan's late night crying sprees!!

Dad and B

I was pretty scared to fly alone with Brennan (based on our past horrid plane rides), but really, he was a good boy (except a minor meltdown at the end, but it was doable).
I had just sat down on the plane when this steward came over and asked if he could take Brennan for a walk. I said, "for sure!" So he took B up and down the aisles and introduced him to the other babies on the plane. It was hilarious! Seriously, I had so much help from airport employees, it made it so much easier on me. They held B so I could use the bathroom, got my stroller for me, etc.

Brennan and his cousin, Mckenna had a great time crawling around and playing together. They are so cute!

(if you click on the photo above to enlarge, I swear they look like twins!)
The boys

Me and Gramps!

Catherine and Dave at the pumpkin patch

B at the petting zoo!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Must-have items for baby's!

Ok, so over at kellyskornerblog she's linking posts to blogs that have the baby items we just couldn't live without. Since we had/have such a rough go at it with Brennan, I was like, "I must include my list!!!".
Besides praying, my hubby and I passing Brennan back and forth, back and forth, and our moms, here are some THINGS what we LOVED!
1. SwaddleMe blankets by Kiddopotamus (or the miracle blanket if you get one!)
2. Bebe au lait hooter hiders (thanks to my friend, Michele!)
3. Boppy for breastfeeding and propping him up.

4. Soothing breast pads by lansinoh
5. Breast pump
6. Baby einstein dvd's
7. Bouncer seat

9. Prevacid
10. A car seat toy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok, this is going to be REAL quick because I need to take Brennan to yet another doctors appt. We think he has an ear infection because he's been grabbing his right ear and whining for the past 5 days.
Tonight we have a friend over for dinner and tomorrow I pack to go home! I'm sure we'll have last minute things to pack for Jon as well. I'm wondering what I should pack for Michigan weather- sweaters? Do I need a coat? Somebody clue us in- especially for B.
Ok, here's to hoping for a good appt and a clear diagnosis and a baby that stops whining before I chuck him out the window. Adios!