Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi ya'll :)
It's a balmy 75 degrees here today. Not to brag, just sayin. Okay, okay, I am bragging. ahhh ahahahah!!!

We're busy at home this morning, buying Christmas tickets home (ouch on the pocket book), taking care of foot/toe issues (I hurt mine, big ouch), fixing our printer (Jon), making lazy granola, buying trees for our house in Michigan (long story and another ouch on the pocket book), etc. But I'm not too busy to post about something that's important to us.

See, when Jon went to Uganda last week, he met a boy named Samuel that touched his heart. Samuel is an orphan who lives with his two brothers. He doesn't know how old he is, isn't able to go to school, has one pair of pants and one shirt which he washes at night so no one can see him naked, and is barely surviving every day. And WE have the ability to help this guy. Jon is trying to raise enough money for Samuel to go to school and improve his life forever. It is $50.00 a semester and there are three semesters a year. Please go to Jon's blog, click on the link to Call to Africa, and click "Who We Are" and then "Give". Make sure you comment here or on Jon's blog so we can make sure that money goes towards Samuel's schooling and so we can make sure you get a tax deduction. Please tell others that you know and spread the word- there have GOT to be enough people that we all know to give enough to support this young man.

Thanks for reading- ya'll are the best. :)

And noooo, I wouldn't think of ending this post without a photo of the boy. Here's one from yesterday- we went to a pumpkin patch with theMet MOPS. He was a cutie patooti but I couldn't get him to smile, he was too busy squinting in the sun!


jayfersgirl said...

First, thank you for the Wikipedia link on y'all -- we've been having a discussion in our household on the proper spelling of that word:) I use it all the time in speaking and writing and always write it ya'll, but we just recently went "Wait! It's short for you all, so it should be y'all." Oh boy, it's going to take some practice to make that switch:)
It was beautiful here today too...nothing like escaping the Midwest:) I loved Texas weather!:)
I'm going to share Jon's blog link on my Facebook to get the word out about Samuel...

Chaeli said...

Cara- thank you for helping us spread the word!!