Tuesday, October 20, 2009


-We are so thankful- Brennan was approved for health insurance! See, we decided to buy our own insurance for Brennan and I to save money- Jon gets insurance through his job. We applied for a particular insurance company and shockingly to us, they denied Brennan because of his GERD. So for the last month or so, both Brennan and I have been without health insurance. I've tried not to think about or to worry, but it was strange. I'd never been without insurance, and not knowing when we'd get again or if he'd keep getting rejected definitely had us worried a bit. SO glad that's over. We do have to pay more per month because of his GERD, but as soon as he grows out of it and no longer needs the prevacid, were calling the company to ask for a discount!!

-We spent this morning at the Texas department of public health (DMV for all your Michiganders) to get our new Texas licensce plates. Get this- we woke up early, got out there right at 8 only to realize we needed our passports or birth certificates and didn't have either. ERRR. So we drove home and got them and thankfully, the lines were still low and we got right in and out. It was awesome. We'd heard horror stories of waiting in line around 3 hours average.

-Tonight is a ladies night out at MOPS and I'm excited. I used to think MOPS was corny and stupid and crafty (well, it is kind of crafty. . ), but I actually really love it.

-Jon got to ride a helicopter over theMet's two locations to shoot some footage. Check it out:

-Also, check out my Grandpa below. The man is well into his 80's and still gets on the floor to play with the kiddos. It's awesome:

-There's more but my contact is killing me. Got to run!


Meaghan said...

love the pictures! why does Texas group motor vehicles with public health? i'm confused there. but so glad B has health insurance!

jayfersgirl said...

Okay, that is awesome that you got in and out with your licenses so fast! We went 30 minutes before it opened in Dallas, waited in the line outside and then waited hours and hours once it was open. Insanity!
Brooklyn gets her health insurance thru the state of California and due to a glitch on their end, she was without insurance for all of September and half of October. Not fun...I knew it would all work out, and it didn't keep me from taking her in when she was sick, but it's such a hassle to deal with. And it really made me feel for those people who wouldn't take their kids in during that situation.

Chaeli said...

Cara, yes, you definitely feel for those without health insurance- what a scary feeling!!