Friday, August 28, 2009


So we've been a mite preoccupied with moving cross country and all... But I wanted to stop in and say HIIII and let you all know were doing well! Brennan was WONDERFUL on the plane ride (complete 180 difference from our last plane ride to Houston which I would actually like to forget about if I could. . . ).
My mom has been with us this past week and she's been a God send. Both Brennan and I are sick and on antibiotics (me with some toncillitis thingy and B with an ear infection). It's the first time he's been sick and it was so comforting to have my mom here. In fact, I probably wouldn't of even known to take him to the dr if it wasn't for her (I'm a first time mom, give me a break). She helped watch B while I told the movers where to put stuff and marked off our inventory list. She unpacked most of the kitchen (the kitchen takes the LONGEST in my mind) and she watched B last night so Jon and I could go on a date- which was MUCH needed- we had a lot to catch each other up on. Mom flew back this morning and I'm sad, but I'm grateful she was able to come!
Jon's job is going well but BUSY (for some reason I thought the first week would be slow?? HA!). We both LOVE our apartment- it's a two bedroom/two bath apartment with a garage. One day, when I actually get this placed unpacked and looking the way I want it to, I will take pictures.
Well, I'm off for the day. I just got B down for his morning nap- so I need to do my devos and start unpacking our master closet. I also need to change out of my snotty clothes (from both Brennan and myself, were a mess).

By the way- I would like to mention that I have successfully used our new GPS and found my way to not only the grocery store, but TheMet, my doctors, Brennan's pediatrician AND Sonic (nevermind the fact Sonic is across the street from our apartment). . . Did you guys know how AMAZING Sonic is???

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Quick update: Family came and helped us pack up on Friday-Went to Zach and Sarah's wedding in Big Rapids on Saturday- Had an open house on Sunday and hung out with family- packed up the rest of the house on Monday- movers came on Tuesday- cleaned the house from top to bottom and ran last minute errands on Wednesday- Thursday morning- Jon left for his two day drive to Houston!!

Sorry- no photos or other ramblings... I'm using my dad's jankity laptop and the spacebar hardly works- I have GOT to get off this thing... itsDRIVINGmenuts!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mom Question

I think this is totally a new mom question- but I don't care!!! Comment back on whatcha think!
When Brennan wakes up in the morning- he doesn't cry- he just lays in his crib and talks or motorboats. The problem is- he'll do this for a LONG time if I let him go- at least an hour or so. He wakes up usually around 7:30. Should I wait for him to start crying before I go get him and let him just chill out in his crib? Or should I go in once I hear him and know he's awake? See- he takes a morning nap about two hours after he wakes up and if I let him chill in his crib- I'm not sure what to count as his awake time- when I went in to get him- or when I first heard him make noises. Whaddya think??

Ok, well, we finalllly began packing the basement up last night- so were on the right track, ha! I have a pretty bad head cold and I'm worried B is getting it too. We THINK we've got the insurance stuff figured out, but then again we've thought that before and what do you know? ha!!!
Ok, he's motorboating away in his crib and it's 7:45 and I'm gonna go get him!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Ahhh! So much to do!! I really shouldn't be updating my blog right now, ha! I need to cancel utilties, sell miscellaneous items on craiglist, clean for yet another showing, you know, little things like that. However, I just uploaded some photos of our past two weeks and just had to post this one of Brennan- melt my heart!!

We have a park maybe a half mile away from our house that has bucket swings and B just loves them!

Ok, Ok, I need to be responsible now. Pray for us- we have A LOT to do before the movers come on Monday (i.e. we haven't started packing yet. . . ). Also, a specific prayer request, we need to get some health insurance issues figured out before we move that is stressing us both out- I hate insurance!!!!


P.S. THANK YOU to my Mom and Dad who watched B last weekend so Jon and I could go on a date and THANK YOU to Mom and Dad A who watched B last night so we could have a good-bye dinner with the worship arts department. What am I going to do without you guys???

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mannn, I write myself this big ol' long post with lots of pictures and get no comments- none, zilch, zero?!! Well (moms), not to blackmail you, but if you want to continue seeing photos of your cutie grandson down in Texas, you better start commenting!!!

just kidding. . . kind of. . .

Well, a quick update anyways- we've had 12 showings on our house! We feel confident it's in the right price range, we just need to find that one right buyer. Brennan is doing much better and had a GREAT day yesterday. He's eating about every four hours and takes two naps- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. He also takes a little cat nap in the evening, usually in the car while were out and about. He still spits up a lot because of his reflux, so I'm learning to wear a t-shirt every day. And today, we officially start packing, craziness! My mother in law is coming up to help me organize (she's done the big move thing before) and watch B so I can have lunch with some co-workers- here's to a good day, ya'll! :)