Friday, August 28, 2009


So we've been a mite preoccupied with moving cross country and all... But I wanted to stop in and say HIIII and let you all know were doing well! Brennan was WONDERFUL on the plane ride (complete 180 difference from our last plane ride to Houston which I would actually like to forget about if I could. . . ).
My mom has been with us this past week and she's been a God send. Both Brennan and I are sick and on antibiotics (me with some toncillitis thingy and B with an ear infection). It's the first time he's been sick and it was so comforting to have my mom here. In fact, I probably wouldn't of even known to take him to the dr if it wasn't for her (I'm a first time mom, give me a break). She helped watch B while I told the movers where to put stuff and marked off our inventory list. She unpacked most of the kitchen (the kitchen takes the LONGEST in my mind) and she watched B last night so Jon and I could go on a date- which was MUCH needed- we had a lot to catch each other up on. Mom flew back this morning and I'm sad, but I'm grateful she was able to come!
Jon's job is going well but BUSY (for some reason I thought the first week would be slow?? HA!). We both LOVE our apartment- it's a two bedroom/two bath apartment with a garage. One day, when I actually get this placed unpacked and looking the way I want it to, I will take pictures.
Well, I'm off for the day. I just got B down for his morning nap- so I need to do my devos and start unpacking our master closet. I also need to change out of my snotty clothes (from both Brennan and myself, were a mess).

By the way- I would like to mention that I have successfully used our new GPS and found my way to not only the grocery store, but TheMet, my doctors, Brennan's pediatrician AND Sonic (nevermind the fact Sonic is across the street from our apartment). . . Did you guys know how AMAZING Sonic is???


Meaghan said...

i am SO jealous you live right by a sonic! and so happy that you have a GPS to find your way :) i STILL don't know how to find the most simple things sometimes. love you and i'll be there this fall sometime!

Jim & Wendy said...

HI Chaeli! Glad to hear you are starting to get settled. Love ya!

jayfersgirl said...

Glad you're there and getting settled and hope you all feel better soon!
We miss Sonic! I ate a Reese's peanut butter cup blast just about every day when I was pregnant:) Cherry limeade, blasts, coconut cream pie shakes, Cherry Coke...yeah, I miss it:)

Beforethehunt said...

Sorry you are sick! Our whole family got the bug too! Good to hear you're getting settled!
-John O