Monday, August 10, 2009

Ahhh! So much to do!! I really shouldn't be updating my blog right now, ha! I need to cancel utilties, sell miscellaneous items on craiglist, clean for yet another showing, you know, little things like that. However, I just uploaded some photos of our past two weeks and just had to post this one of Brennan- melt my heart!!

We have a park maybe a half mile away from our house that has bucket swings and B just loves them!

Ok, Ok, I need to be responsible now. Pray for us- we have A LOT to do before the movers come on Monday (i.e. we haven't started packing yet. . . ). Also, a specific prayer request, we need to get some health insurance issues figured out before we move that is stressing us both out- I hate insurance!!!!


P.S. THANK YOU to my Mom and Dad who watched B last weekend so Jon and I could go on a date and THANK YOU to Mom and Dad A who watched B last night so we could have a good-bye dinner with the worship arts department. What am I going to do without you guys???


Erin Morgan said...

Chaeli - I know Farmington Hills is a little far from you (about an hour drive), but my sister in law does house cleaning for special events. She might be able to help you out in a pinch with all of your showings. Let me know if you want her email/phone number. Keep up the good work!! You're doing great!!

Erin Zubert said...

I wish we were close enough to help! Deadline stress can be killer. Have a showing this morning and I'm hoping it's our last one. Anytime Westin sees a CRV he starts talking about ya'll (like that usage?).

jayfersgirl said...

Thinking about you tons as you get ready to move!!!

Meaghan said...

ditto what erin said, i know i'm no help far away! but i will pray for peace admist the chaos :) love you and miss you!

Chaeli said...

Thank you girls for the encouragment!