Friday, September 25, 2009

Two things

1: I just updated The Daily - something we set out to do when Brennan was first born (a photo a day). We've definitely missed a few days here and there- but it's a pretty good compilation.

2: Just for my curiosity sake- would you mind leaving a comment? I would like to see who reads this blog.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

So the last week- Brennan has changed and grown so much- it's actually a bit ridiculous! He started off the week getting on his hands and feet a lot and ended the week by crawling (a lot) and speaking a ton (things like da da, though he has no idea what that means). Every day has been such an experience with him! We are both hoping that he is a little bit more content now that he can explore and move where he wants to go. So far, he either wants Jon's video camera, remotes, our cell phones or cords- even though he's surrounded by toys!! Here's some video of him crawling:

This weekend has been relaxing. Friday night we ate at Sonic and got a free video rental (Blockbuster express is giving away free rentals through September 30th, if you happen to be near one. . .) We went to Galleria Mall yesterday in Houston. We saw a fashion show, watched kids skating on the indoor skating rink, and drooled over hi end baby clothes (at least I did, ha!).

I also have to say a HUGE, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Mark and Erin! Lincoln Beckett Zubert was born on Thursday! Erin is a rockstar and once again had her baby without drugs and in a matter of hours. I was talking and texting with Erin and just giddy all day as I heard updates. We are so happy for them- for a healthy baby boy!

Courtney- Shipley's was every bit as wonderful as you said it was (you too Erin Morgan!). Next up on the food list- getting ourselves some authentic tex mex!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did you know Patrick Swayze was born and raised in Houston?

This photo cracks me up. We take Brennan to the pool quite a bit and the kid just leans back in his little floaty thingy and sucks him thumb. It is hilarious- he just floats around the pool!

So I just cried my eyes out watching Biggest Loser- there is a lady on there who lost her two kids and her husband in a car accident- how gut wrenching is that? Ugh. We're still getting used to primetime shows starting at 7:00 here- it's weird! Who sits down to relax for the evening at 7?? We need to get our tivo up and running, yes we do.

We tried to cut Brennan's prevacid meds from one tablet a day to a half tablet a day. Bad.idea. He slept maybe a total of an hour today for naps and was just so unhappy. Then Jon called to say the Africa trip was going to be four days longer than I thought. I might of had a minor meltdown. . . But Jon came home to help with B and had some flowers and a sonic diet coke with him- and I about cried again. It was a tough day and I was so glad to see him.

Soooo, we bought our tickets and both Jon and I are flying home October 3rd! TheMet was kind enough to fly Jon through Detroit so we could fly together- and this way he gets two days at home before he flys to Amsterdam/Nairobi and onto Uganda. I'll be home til the 13th and then I fly back with B (Jon comes into Houston the 16th). TheMet has been so generous and flexible with us and we are so very appreciative!

Lately when I go in to get Brennan after a nap he's got himself stuck around the bumper- always in attempt to eat the web cam.

He is so close to crawling- in fact he actually crawled a little bit the other night!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Sweet Southern Home:

Sooo, several people have asked for photos of our apartment here in Texas- so here's a few I snapped this afternoon. We really love the location- it's close to some restaurants and stores- so B and I have lots to look at on our walks. It was recommended to us from several Met staff members who also lived here when they first moved here. Thankfully it's close to a lot of Jon's coworkers and their families, so we love that! It's got a great pool and I find myself wondering, "is it warm enough to go swimming today?" I can't seem to break my midwest weather mindset yet. Ha! I LOVE that we can go swimming every day!

Our apartment door- we have a private entrance. Were the second story balcony.

I didn't take a photo of Brennan's room or bathroom because he was napping when I took these.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I really want a Mommy Necklace. But with two house payments a month, I'm not sure I HAVE to have one. But really, I think I should, they are awesome.

I also want a boat and a house on a lake so we can wakeboard every day- but that's another story.

But truly, I'm content. It's so fun to dream though, right? What do you want right now?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just sitting here drinking my diet coke with cherry from Sonic that my hubby brought home . . . :)

Yesterday was our first real Saturday here- last Saturday we are all still really sick, Jon especially, so we didn't do much but hang around the house (oh, apartment, sorry). So yesterday, we took advantage of a weekend off.

We ate lunch at Taco Cabana:

We came home and put B down for his nap. Afterwards, he was cranky:

But we cheered him up by telling him we would take him on a walk to Baskin Robbins:

Jon was asked by TheMet to go back to Africa (Kenya and Uganda) to be take footage of the orphanage, trade school and church theMet helps to fund and run. He'd be gone for 11 days in October- so we've been trying to decide if he should go or not. I want him to go- but were not sure if him travelling overseas for two weeks the month after we move across the country is a wise decision. I'd like to think B and I would be fine- but in all honesty- the child can WHINE himself up and there are many days I just watch the clock for 5:30 to roll around and Jon to get home. I might fly back home with B if we do decide for Jon to go- if so, I'd love to see everyone! Or, if there is anyone who'd like to visit the Lonestar state, let me know :)

By the way (Mark and Erin), we Red Boxed the movie "New in Town" -how funny is that portrayal of Minnesota???!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I finally unpacked my camera cord. . .

Packed up our entire house- with the help of Mr. Neil Peters- a wonderful friend of Jon's- he surprised us the day we scheduled to pack and drove in from Pennsylvania to help us! Neil has been a huge blessing to Jon in his life. But that's a story for another time.

The day after packing said house, we drove to Big Rapids, MI for my cousin Zach's wedding. It was an awesome ceremony and reception- here's the fam (minus Meg and Seth :(

Then the movers came. This is Jon and Brennan greeting the movers (we bought McDonald's coffee for all of them- trying to schmooze them into taking care of all our stuff!

Then Jon drove to Texas in the CRV and I went home to my parents for a week before my mom, Brennan and I flew out. I got to see Jonelle and her baby and Justin and Trisha! I also have great footage of my family singing Plankeye's "Goodbye" and I'm contemplating whether or not to post it on here- what do you think guys- too humiliating?

We made it!!! Jon had this sign for us when we arrived to our apartment late Monday night.

P.S. Courtney- I looked up Shipley's Do-nuts and they have a shop like 5 minutes from our house- I will have to go there on your behalf sometime!!! I'll letcha know how they are- any suggestions on which kind(s) to get?? I just got so hungry looking at their website, ha!!