Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did you know Patrick Swayze was born and raised in Houston?

This photo cracks me up. We take Brennan to the pool quite a bit and the kid just leans back in his little floaty thingy and sucks him thumb. It is hilarious- he just floats around the pool!

So I just cried my eyes out watching Biggest Loser- there is a lady on there who lost her two kids and her husband in a car accident- how gut wrenching is that? Ugh. We're still getting used to primetime shows starting at 7:00 here- it's weird! Who sits down to relax for the evening at 7?? We need to get our tivo up and running, yes we do.

We tried to cut Brennan's prevacid meds from one tablet a day to a half tablet a day. Bad.idea. He slept maybe a total of an hour today for naps and was just so unhappy. Then Jon called to say the Africa trip was going to be four days longer than I thought. I might of had a minor meltdown. . . But Jon came home to help with B and had some flowers and a sonic diet coke with him- and I about cried again. It was a tough day and I was so glad to see him.

Soooo, we bought our tickets and both Jon and I are flying home October 3rd! TheMet was kind enough to fly Jon through Detroit so we could fly together- and this way he gets two days at home before he flys to Amsterdam/Nairobi and onto Uganda. I'll be home til the 13th and then I fly back with B (Jon comes into Houston the 16th). TheMet has been so generous and flexible with us and we are so very appreciative!

Lately when I go in to get Brennan after a nap he's got himself stuck around the bumper- always in attempt to eat the web cam.

He is so close to crawling- in fact he actually crawled a little bit the other night!


Erin Zubert said...

Sorry I didn't call you back, I was working on getting Westin to sleep. Love the pics of B, what a little ham (in more ways than one)! Glad to hear you are going to get a chance to fly to MI while Jon's in Africa. Too bad we won't be able to come, I better have my baby by then or I'm going to be one depressed fat lady!

LaineCusi said...

B is so cute! I'm happy that you get to go home while Jon is gone, I know how overwhelming it is to be in a new place all by yourself. We moved to florida and 2 weeks later Jed had to go to a wedding in Missouri. I had to stay here to take care of my dad. It sucked but at least it was only 5 days!
BTW,Did you know that Matt Chandler is in Houston right now? Do you know who he is? If not, http://theresurgence.com/profile_matt_chandler. I'd love to hear him speak! He's there for a church planter boot camp with Acts 29, http://www.acts29network.org/acts-29-blog/houston-boot-camp-update/. I wish they'd come to Orlando the closest anyone ever comes is Atlanta. :(

Chaeli said...

Erin- I know, I'm bummed out I can't see the new baby Zubert. Don't worry, he'll be here before you even know it.
Laine- I'm looking Matt Chandler up right now!

Katie said...

I'd love to get together when you're back in Michigan in October- we could have some girl time! Let me know!

jayfersgirl said...

That is so funny that you can't get used to primetime starting at 7 -- I grew up in Wisconsin (central time zone), and I NEVER got used to primetime starting at 8, the 4 years I was at CU. Now we're in a super weird situation where primetime starts at 8, but it's way after ya'll have seen everything. So I get texts from my mom and my friend Holly (who is in Eastern time zone) teasing me about shows and saying "You'll love it tonight!" because it's over there before it ever starts here. So very weird. I don't think I'll ever get used to that...or the fact that football starts at 10 am on Sundays:)