Sunday, September 20, 2009

So the last week- Brennan has changed and grown so much- it's actually a bit ridiculous! He started off the week getting on his hands and feet a lot and ended the week by crawling (a lot) and speaking a ton (things like da da, though he has no idea what that means). Every day has been such an experience with him! We are both hoping that he is a little bit more content now that he can explore and move where he wants to go. So far, he either wants Jon's video camera, remotes, our cell phones or cords- even though he's surrounded by toys!! Here's some video of him crawling:

This weekend has been relaxing. Friday night we ate at Sonic and got a free video rental (Blockbuster express is giving away free rentals through September 30th, if you happen to be near one. . .) We went to Galleria Mall yesterday in Houston. We saw a fashion show, watched kids skating on the indoor skating rink, and drooled over hi end baby clothes (at least I did, ha!).

I also have to say a HUGE, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Mark and Erin! Lincoln Beckett Zubert was born on Thursday! Erin is a rockstar and once again had her baby without drugs and in a matter of hours. I was talking and texting with Erin and just giddy all day as I heard updates. We are so happy for them- for a healthy baby boy!

Courtney- Shipley's was every bit as wonderful as you said it was (you too Erin Morgan!). Next up on the food list- getting ourselves some authentic tex mex!


jayfersgirl said...

Woohoo, Brennan!!! He should be so much happier now...Brooklyn was so fussy right before she learned to crawl, because she wanted to so badly but couldn't. And she still loves all things electronic:)
Ooooohhhh, Tex-Mex...I miss it so! We actually have a wonderful Mexican restaurant just down the street here. Brooklyn and I walk there to get an order of super nachos at least once a week, and my friends and I will often e-mail each other saying "Headed to Picante! Anyone want to join?" and end up with an impromptu moms' group outing there:) But I still miss Tex-Mex:)

Mark said...

This is so great! Thanks for the video -- that's awesome that he's trucking for the remote! Miss you guys -- thanks for the shout-out!