Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I really want a Mommy Necklace. But with two house payments a month, I'm not sure I HAVE to have one. But really, I think I should, they are awesome.

I also want a boat and a house on a lake so we can wakeboard every day- but that's another story.

But truly, I'm content. It's so fun to dream though, right? What do you want right now?


Katie said...

1. Prius
2. Trip to France
3. New Living Room Furniture


Chaeli said...

Katie- I totally could have guessed that! I was watching Rick Steve's tour of the Czech Republic the other day and was totally thinking of you the entire time!!

LaineCusi said...

A new wardrobe! I invision myself looking classy, vintage with a bit of funkiness but then I end up buying whatever is on sale and then I look frumpy or like I dont care. Oh well, I keep telling myself it will get better as the kids get older.
Travel the world. I want so bad to take the boys to Africa one day for a longer period of time to study animals, culture, ect. Its all a part of my possible homeschooling plan! lol
I'd love to live in the mountains but where its warm. Chae I think Panama is the perfect climate to live in with the perfect scenery. What do you think?
And of course a maid. :)
Is that all a little over the top? lol
Katie, I dont see an iphone on your list does that mean you got one or that its just not something you really want anymore?

Katie said...

Chae- I would looooove to go to the Czech republic. Actually, I would love to go just about anywhere, to be honest!

Laine- Nope, I didn't get an iPhone, I still want one, but it would probably now fall at #4 on this list- I want the other things more! Cliff and I are taking a French class for fun this fall, and it's making me want to go to France afterward as a goal/reward. Plus, we still have my parents hand-me-down furniture, so that could use an upgrade, and Prius's make me drool whenever I see one!

Chaeli said...

I hear ya Laine, I buy whatever is on sale too! I have done a little bit of clothes shopping for myself lately because last year, I was pregnant, so I missed an entire year of regular clothes. I needed an update!

Jennifer said...

I want:
1. to not have any debt
2. a bigger house with everything organized
3. to travel to San Diego, Chicago, Boston, and Italy

Meaghan said...

I want to have a J.D. degree and a yorkie puppy! Ah, dreaming is so much fun!

Katie said...

OO, Meaghan, my sister could hook you up with a Yorkie puppy if you ever want one- her in-laws breed them!

Chaeli said...

Ohhh, little yorkies are so cute!!
I'd like to add to my list :) :

-Our house to sell in MI
-Gorgeous, clear, soft skin
-A child that is content

Jennifer said...

I thought of more things that I want to add too:

4. a chef
5. a stylist (clothing, hair, and makeup)

Chaeli said...

Haha Jennifer, that's hilarious! I'd like a chef too. One that cooks food that makes me skinny :)