Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I finally unpacked my camera cord. . .

Packed up our entire house- with the help of Mr. Neil Peters- a wonderful friend of Jon's- he surprised us the day we scheduled to pack and drove in from Pennsylvania to help us! Neil has been a huge blessing to Jon in his life. But that's a story for another time.

The day after packing said house, we drove to Big Rapids, MI for my cousin Zach's wedding. It was an awesome ceremony and reception- here's the fam (minus Meg and Seth :(

Then the movers came. This is Jon and Brennan greeting the movers (we bought McDonald's coffee for all of them- trying to schmooze them into taking care of all our stuff!

Then Jon drove to Texas in the CRV and I went home to my parents for a week before my mom, Brennan and I flew out. I got to see Jonelle and her baby and Justin and Trisha! I also have great footage of my family singing Plankeye's "Goodbye" and I'm contemplating whether or not to post it on here- what do you think guys- too humiliating?

We made it!!! Jon had this sign for us when we arrived to our apartment late Monday night.

P.S. Courtney- I looked up Shipley's Do-nuts and they have a shop like 5 minutes from our house- I will have to go there on your behalf sometime!!! I'll letcha know how they are- any suggestions on which kind(s) to get?? I just got so hungry looking at their website, ha!!


Erin Morgan said...

Oh, Man!! YOU HAVE TO GO TO SHIPLEY'S!!! They have one in Nashville near where my sister used to live and they are SO good!! I almost like them better than Krispy Kreme!! I tell you, I was born to live in the south and eat the south's food!! :) Thanks for the photos!! What an adventure you're on!!

Meaghan said...

this cracks me up every time i read it. thought maybe you could check it out whenever you need some laughs :)
hope things are well,

Courtney said...

Let me know how it goes!!! My favorite was just a plain cream-filled, but they have something for everyone! Southern food is delicious- I'm not sure if I mentioned that before in my list of pro's for living in Texas! Aw man- I am hungry just thinking about it! Glad to hear the move went well!

Andy said...

Good pictures!

About the "Goodbye" song...at least give us another practice run...

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