Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just sitting here drinking my diet coke with cherry from Sonic that my hubby brought home . . . :)

Yesterday was our first real Saturday here- last Saturday we are all still really sick, Jon especially, so we didn't do much but hang around the house (oh, apartment, sorry). So yesterday, we took advantage of a weekend off.

We ate lunch at Taco Cabana:

We came home and put B down for his nap. Afterwards, he was cranky:

But we cheered him up by telling him we would take him on a walk to Baskin Robbins:

Jon was asked by TheMet to go back to Africa (Kenya and Uganda) to be take footage of the orphanage, trade school and church theMet helps to fund and run. He'd be gone for 11 days in October- so we've been trying to decide if he should go or not. I want him to go- but were not sure if him travelling overseas for two weeks the month after we move across the country is a wise decision. I'd like to think B and I would be fine- but in all honesty- the child can WHINE himself up and there are many days I just watch the clock for 5:30 to roll around and Jon to get home. I might fly back home with B if we do decide for Jon to go- if so, I'd love to see everyone! Or, if there is anyone who'd like to visit the Lonestar state, let me know :)

By the way (Mark and Erin), we Red Boxed the movie "New in Town" -how funny is that portrayal of Minnesota???!


Mark said...

That is a funny MN movie! Though most of it is filmed in my hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba. Miss ya'll!

jayfersgirl said...

I watched "New in Town" with Holly Glerum when we visited her in Philly in June -- I loved the accents:)
2 weeks would be a LONG time to be on your own with a baby...Jay's going to a conference for 3 days in November, and I'm having my mom fly out to spend the time with me:) Then in March he has another conference, so Holly's flying out for that time...I did a 3 day stretch alone in March, and it was actually totally fine, but it sure is nice to have company too. And 2 weeks? I'd fly "home" to Wisconsin if Jay ever had to be gone that long:)

T Heap said...

My aunt lives in Traverse city, and she sounds just like the people in the movie. We laughed all the way through it!

If you want, Nashville would be a nice break for you! :) I agree with Cara...if Justin were gone for 2 weeks, I'd go home for at least a week!

Chaeli said...

Yeah, I think you girls are right. Now, anybody want to buy my ticket home for me? :)
Trish- I'll look up flights to Nashville to see if they're cheaper! I'm also going to look at DC to visit Meg.