Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas and food and pumpking pancakes

I'm excited!! Tonight, we're celebrating Christmas as a family. I'm making breakfast for dinner (well, not really. I made pumpkin pancakes a little bit ago so all I have to do is defrost them and nuke them). But I am going to make cinnamon rolls and cook up some bacon and eggs, yum yum! Seriously, I have recently gotten a love for cooking. I have always tried to cook one new dish a week, lately I've been trying new dishes left and right (and thankfully, no bombers yet). Really, so far in our married life, I've only bombed two dishes. One was Rachael Ray's turkey burgers (I'm not a Rachael Ray fan) and a chicken dish I attempted in our crock pot (the chicken disinegrated and only black ashes were left by the time I got home from work, ha!).

But back to Christmas tonight. . . Jon and I are both excited to see what Brennan does with a wrapped present. He probably wont have any idea what to do with it, but maybe he'll get the hang of it! We decided to celebrate tonight because I have a feeling we're going to be busily packing tomorrow night (uhh, haven't started yet) and we leave early Saturday morning.

Two other food related items for you:
1) I have recently developed a LOVE for Chipotle, can I hear an amen?? For some reason, I always thought I didn't like that restaurant, but hello, yes I do!!!
2) I have tried MANY dishes from this woman's website: Pioneer Woman and ALL of them have been fantastic (in fact, for Thanksgiving, I brought all new dishes to dinner (not recommended) and they were from her site- so good!). And I love her blog and personality, so check her out! But don't start reading her love story because you will get sucked in and it will eat up an entire nap (but it really is great :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

B-Man at 9 months

I was thinking the other day that I want to write a list of quirky Brennan-ism's that he has at this age so I can remember them.

- When he's upset, he sucks him thumb and goes "ummgh ummggh umggh" trying to soothe himself. It makes us laugh every single time. I'll try to get footage of it sometime if I can- because it's really hard to explain.
-He has a nursery full of toys but always chooses to play with a box of diaper rash creams and other random things. Sorting through that bin and chewing on everything will keep him occupied for a long time!
-He HATES getting his diaper changed. We try to keep him occupied with a toy in his hands, but sometimes he rolls over and crawls away in the middle of it. I've likened it to wrestling a greased pig.
-He'll eat anything but peas. When I try to give him peas, he has a meltdown and I usually have to take him out of highchair just to soothe him! I don't give him peas much. :)
-I swear he knows when Jon's about to come home from work because he stands at the baby gate and says "dadadadaddadada" every day right about 5:00.
-He loves when we jump out and say "boo". Usually he laughs so hard he falls over.
-He also loves the computer and any cord, which is why I need to wrap this bad boy up. Why do I not post during his naps???

We're homeward bound in T- 3 days!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thoughts from my crazy head this morning:

Whether you have student loans, or you don't. Whether you live paycheck to paycheck or have lots in savings. Whether your home is worth half the amount it was when you bought it (welcome to our life) or it's worth more than you bought it for. Whether you think you are, or you don't. You are rich. Simply because you live in the United States of America. You get to eat three meals a day and have clean water and a roof over your head.

1 Tim 6:17-18: "Command those who are rich in this present age not to be haughty, nor to trust in uncertain riches but in the living God, who gives us richly all things to enjoy. Let them do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to give, willing to share"

It's the season of giving because Christ gave to us. If you think you'll be generous in xxx number of years or when xxx moves out of the house or when xxx money gets saved in your bank account or when you pay of xxx loan, or when you buy that house with xxx amount of cash, you wont. Be generous now. When it's hard (or maybe it's not). Because there will always be something to strive for financially, and there will always be excuses. Be generous. Be generous with your time, your talents, your money, your heart.

***My thoughts from this year's Big Give. This is me preaching to myself!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My mom gave me one of my little brothers (Steve) baby outfits. This was his 16 years ago- holy cow I can't believe he's 16!!
Mom- hope you enjoy the video. I had thee hardest time trying to get him to sit still for a photo so I figured video would be better.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A short and funny story

Yesterday, B and I were eating lunch. I was having quesadillas and salsa, he was eating some homemade sweet potato/pumpkin/squash puree. I was just eating away and spooning him his food. . . when I suddenly realized I had fed him a spoonful of salsa!! Whoops! He and I both realized it wasn't the normal baby food at the same time and he kind of gagged a bit and then swallowed, ha!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I believe $750.00 has been raised towards Samuel's education. THANK YOU to everyone who gave!! He is so far behind in school that they were worried he'd not do well in a class environment. Right now he's getting tutoring and we hope he'll be able to attend school soon. I'll try to keep you updated!

Check out Jon's blog for his and Andrew's latest videos for theMet's Big Give series. There were three awesome videos from yesterday that I think he's going to be posting later on today.

My child is currently attempting to eat computer cords, adios!!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Connor and Brennan
Well, our baby boy had his 9 month well child check up and he's a healthy little boy! He's 50% for height, weight and head circumference. yay!! (I was blessed, his head was only in the 13% percentile when born!!!) He feels incredibly heavy to me but apparently I'm just a wimp and need to start lifting weights. He's 20 lbs, and lugging him around gets me tired FAST!

We had our first visit from the great north last night- my cousin Connor! He was down visiting Dallas Theological Seminary and a friend of his that lives in Houston. He was great with Brennan and B loved him because he had technology (see above camera of Brennan eating his camera).

TheMet is going through a series called The Big Give right now. It's focus is on giving towards those in need (time, talent, treasures) during this holiday season- rather than focusing on presents and ourselves. The entire church went on a bean and rice diet for this week- the goal being to use the money that would have been spent on groceries towards the Big Give and so we as a church could relate to the diet many many people eat. Let me tell you- it was hard for me- I HATE beans! But we did- we did it all week long except Friday night when Con man was here.

Tonight were headed to an interesting excursion in our neighborhood, I'll definitely post photos of it! Got to run!

And P.S. A huge CONGRATS to my sister Meaghan who took the LSAT this morning and to my brother Andy who closed on his first house/mansion yesterday!

Sunday, November 29, 2009


(yeah, yeah, were a few days late, that's how we roll.)

That photo above is of B and Amy- Amy is the daughter of one of Jon's coworkers. They had us over for Thanksgiving day. We had a great time trying to figure out how to bake a turkey (neither of us wives had ever baked one), hanging out and eating.

(a photo in which none of us look good)

I was going to stay up Thursday night til midnight to do some shopping at Thankfully I was too lazy and tired and went to bed instead- everyone I talked to had a horrible time getting on their website. I went to around 11:00am on Friday and had no problems getting all the deals I wanted and checking out. It worked out great because I qualified for free shipping (were buying most of our gifts online this year and having them shipped to our parents house). I was happy with the deals I found!

I'm hoping to have some videos to show you next time I blog- videos Jon and his co-worker Andrew took while in Africa. They've shown four of them at theMet during the series were in right now and they have all been awesome.

OK, I think I need to wrap up. I'm a little stuffed from all the muddy buddies/puppy chow I ate today. Ugh.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I watch the Today Show every morning while feeding Brennan. I love it, it's part of my morning routine. Yesterday I was watching and they were doing a story on Stephanie Nielson (read her blog here: She is a woman who blogged about being a mom to four kids. She and her husband were involved in a plane crash last year and both were severely burned. I was intrigued by her story and found a couple videos of her online. One particular video totally struck me. She was going over her daily routine to ge herself ready- which takes about two hours of cleaning her wounds and stretching her skin out. Every day she wakes up to her painful burns. And every day she not only does all this, she also takes care of her kids and her hubby. Crazy. So today as I was showering, I was trying to remind myself how good I actually have it. It doesn't hurt to move or to shower or to pick Brennan up. I am blessed and I am THANKFUL.

Now, I'm off to look at some Black Friday ads. I'm seriously considering just shopping online tonight at midnight, we'll see! Whose going shopping Friday and whose not?? If you're going, what stores are you hitting?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Bugs, Texas, Football, Video

So far, so good. No bug spottings in the Ackerman household this week, yeah!!

There is honestly not much new with us. Jon worked some of the weekend, I got some Christmas shopping done and went out to dinner and the movies with some friends. We saw "The Blind Side" and it was awesome! I forgot we were in Texas, home of football craziness- we had to wait in a line just to enter our particular movie theater. I really recommend the movie and it's great because it is a true story.
Sunday, when I asked Jon what he wanted to do, he told me, "watch football and take a nap on the couch." So that's what we did Sunday, a whole lotta relaxing. It was nice.

Here's a video for the Grandparents- Brennan and I were hanging out in his nursery while he played yesterday afternoon so I took some footage of him just hanging out. It's pretty boring for the rest of you!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Brennan wanted to show you his two teefff!

Jon and B testing out our new backpack carrier

So I have a self control issue. Really. If there is dessert in the house, I will eat it. I try to buy ice cream because that's about the only thing I can stop myself from eating- probably because it takes effort to get a bowl and a spoon and blah blah. But cookies, or brownies, or candy. It's gone. So anyways, Jon and I have this thing where he tries to sneak in something into our cart while grocery shopping and see if he can get it all the way through checkout without me noticing. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Anyways, yesterday, as we were leaving Kroger he tells me that he's a stud. And I'm thinking, "oh crap, what'd he get this time". He grabbed Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough and got it past me! CRAP!!!

My all time hands down favorite dessert is cookie dough (is that even a dessert??). I stopped making my mom's peanut butter chocolate chip cookies only because I eat to much batter in the process and end up laying on our bed groaning because my stomach hurts. No joke. I love myself some cookie dough. Once, in college, I bought a tube of it and ate it in two days. Two days!!

This cookie dough has no chance.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

So I just got home for having lunch at Panera with a friend and realized I had left our garage door slightly open (the actual garage door was shut, but the door to our apartment was open). And I immediately freaked. Hello- Texas has like, MASSIVE bugs. And cockroaches. HUGGEEEEEEE cockroaches. We actually saw one the second week we were here and I'm not exagerating, I seriously have had nightmares about it. It was literally 3 inches long at LEAST. And I just left our door open a crack- nooooooooo! What is in our house now??? Sorry I posted that photo, now y'all are going to have nightmares too. You'd think it wouldn't bother me after I brought back cockroaches from Panama in high school for my advanced bio bug collection, huh?

So this is a weekend recap and back on track. . . it was a GREAT weekend! Friday night I went to theMet Women's Holiday Dinner. It was at the Berry Center and was gorgeous with super good food.

Saturday, we woke up early and went garage sale-ing in the neighborhood we live in (Coles Crossing). We got some great deals- lots of toys for Brennan (we've hardly bought him any), a backpack carrier, food processor, serving tray, clothes for Brennan, etc. For dinner, we met friends and went to the Woodlands which is the nations #1 master planned community (master planned communities are big down here). We walked through the Market Street and went to Target because I forgot a bottle from Brennan. Sweet. Sunday, after church, I went with a friend to the Nutracker Market in downtown Houston. It's at the Reliant Center and is booth and booth of Christmas decor, boutiques selling clothing, homemade salsa, furniture- basically everything you can think of. It was awesome! Too bad I couldn't figure out how to work the GPS and we drove 25 minutes out of our way. At least I got to see where George H. W. lives!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Readers!
And by readers, I mean the two of you who actually read this (Hi Mom!!)

There isn't much new happening this week in our lives. We've skyped a lot with family and that's been great- seriously, thank you Lord for Skype and technology!!

Jon and I both had a stomach flu thingy (Jon had it much worse), but were both feeling better and B never got it!

My cell phone is still broke but I realized I CAN take calls- just can't call out. Jon ordered a new LCD screen so hopefully it'll be fixed soon (okay, it is seriously lonely without a home phone or a cell phone- I hate it!).

Brennan is still being great and we are still so thankful! He learned yesterday that if he pulls my hair, I yell and then laugh. So he did it about 15 times in a row yesterday and it was hilarious. Probably wont be so hilarious in about four days, but oh well.

I'm doing a cookie exchange with my mops table so if you have any EASY and DELICIOUS cookie recipe, will you comment on this blog or email them to me?? Gracias! (Erin Zubert- can you send me the recipe for your super easy whipped cream/pudding cookies??)

Also, I need some toy ideas for Brennan for Christmas. I'm trying to be forward thinking here- so if you have any toys that your 12-24 month child loved- let me know!!

My mom helped me unpack our kitchen and she wisely told me to put a bunch of tupperware and non-breakable in a cupboard to let Brennan play with. He loves it and it lets me get dinner made!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Post For New Mommy's

I grabbed this paragraph from Shauna Niequists blog- loved it and wanted to share it!

"And now I’ve cried in my car, walking away from a perfect pregnant belly, afraid that that will never be me again. After a miscarriage that was deeply painful both physically and emotionally, after a long season of slightly-unnerving medical follow-up and testing and big words, and now in the midst a season of longing that extends to the present, I know something I didn’t know that first time.

This is what I know now: You, pregnant mama-to-be, are nothing short of a walking miracle--heartburn, varicose veins, swollen ankles and all.

You, newborn mama, are right smack dab in the middle of one of life’s most precious and strange seasons—leaking breasts, poochy tummy, sleepless nights and all.

This doesn’t help, really, when you can’t sleep because your belly is so big, when the baby can’t sleep, when the milk doesn’t come, when the jeans don’t fit.

But this is my prayer for you: that just every once in a while, you have moments when everything stops, and you realize that you are blessed beyond measure, and that this season is faster than the blink of an eye.

Put your hands on your belly, and say thank you.

Smell your newborn’s perfect tiny head, and breathe in that smell so deeply that you will remember it every day of your life.

Blessings on you, and on the new life in your belly or in your arms."

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Things

Lots of good things happening around here.

I just made brownies solely because I wanted to eat the batter. YUM!

Brennan has been off the Prevacid for about a month- Praise the Lord!! When we were without health insurance, we ran out of the Prevacid and instead of going out to get more (at $250.00 a pop), we thought we'd try a day without it and see how he did. He was fine. And then the next day- fine. And he's been great every since! He still has some silent reflux, but it doesn't seem to cause him pain like it did before.

Jon, B and I went to downtown Houston last night and had a blast. It was some much needed fun. We went to Hermann Park to walk around. It's a huuuge park with a band shell, fountains, several ponds, cafe, a train that runs through it, paddle boat rentals, etc. Then we drove to The Village hoping we would find a cute restaurant for dinner. We stumbled upon Mi Luna, a spanish and moroccan tapas restaurant. We did some shopping, walked around and finally left right around Brennan's bedtime. We had to pinch ourselves because it was kind of weird to say to one another, "we actually live here. Weird." We both like living in a big city and for right now, it really suits us well.

I dropped my phone while putting Brennan in his stroller and it died. Oh wait, this is a list of Good Things. . . moving on (but don't call me cause you wont get me! Try Jon, or email me instead!)

Brennan's been just a happy little camper lately and we are THANKFUL. It's one of those things, I think, where we truly appreciate him being a content and happy baby because he just wasn't for so long. We are just eating him up right now!! He crawls around, pulls himself up on EVERYTHING, says "mama and dada", has two bottom teeth, likes his bath, doesn't like to get his diaper changed or dressed for the day (it's like trying to wrestle a greased pig), and loves to be tickled! He's so fun!!

We had some new friends over for dinner this week and stayed up far too late laughing together.

We took our Christmas photo yesterday and the FIRST shot turned out great! Now that is a Good Thing!

What about you??

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This morning I was sad.

Sad and grieving for a very good friend of mine who lost her baby at 23 weeks to Anencephaly. I'm sad I couldn't be there for her and sit with her and attend her baby's burial. I'm so sad.
I'm sad and worried that our house hasn't sold in Michigan. And I don't want all our savings to go to a house we're no longer living in.
I'm sad I had to cancel lunch plans with a friend because I don't want her to get this stomach virus thingy.
I'm sad for my hubby who was up all night puking and still not feeling good.
I'm sad and concerned for a situation that Jon and I are facing and were not sure what to do.

But then I read through my Beth Moore bible study and it talked about how God wants what is best for us- so we don't need to worry about things. We need to trust Him.

And then I loaded up Brennan and we took a car ride and rolled the windows down and cranked up the music and it was sunny out and it was so refreshing!! It's about the mid 70's here in Texas and wonderfully sunny. It's amazing what a rejuvinating car ride (and a good bible study) can do for a girls spirit.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm currently listening to "This is All That I Can Give" by David Crowder and the darn song makes me cry every time. Especially tonight when I'm sick with some sort of virus and just not feeling good. Such a good song. My wonderful hubby took Brennan to Best Buy (supposedly to scope out or new tv, ha!) so I could relax and chill for a bit.

Lately, when Brennan gets up from a nap, we hear a crunching sound on the monitor and walk in to see this:
That resulted in this:

So funny!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

So Cara is right. It's totally y'all and not ya'll. Thanks for the heads up, Cara!!

We lost our power tonight for about three hours and it just turned on again, praise the Lord! We are supplementing Brennan with some formula and it was hard to make a bottle via candlelight.

I've been busy today planning my grocery shopping to Kroger (I got some killer deals, finally!) and baking/pureeing pumpkins and squash. The squash is baby food for Brennan but I'm using the pumpkin to make pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and pumpkin bread (and probably will use some for B's baby food). I love making my own baby food- it feels like I am actually accomplishing something in my day.

Speaking of Brennan, he's really seemed to have turned a corner the last week, week and a half. He's been playing more independently and seems more content. Granted, he's usually either trying to eat his plants, suck on the toilet rim, or play with the computer cords, but at least he's happy! I had a lot of people tell me that your life REALLY changes once the child becomes mobile. I've said it once, I'll say it again, I'll take a happy mobile baby over a whiney stationary baby ANY day.

Ok, I'm a needing to wrap this blog up. Y'all come back now, ya hear?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hi ya'll :)
It's a balmy 75 degrees here today. Not to brag, just sayin. Okay, okay, I am bragging. ahhh ahahahah!!!

We're busy at home this morning, buying Christmas tickets home (ouch on the pocket book), taking care of foot/toe issues (I hurt mine, big ouch), fixing our printer (Jon), making lazy granola, buying trees for our house in Michigan (long story and another ouch on the pocket book), etc. But I'm not too busy to post about something that's important to us.

See, when Jon went to Uganda last week, he met a boy named Samuel that touched his heart. Samuel is an orphan who lives with his two brothers. He doesn't know how old he is, isn't able to go to school, has one pair of pants and one shirt which he washes at night so no one can see him naked, and is barely surviving every day. And WE have the ability to help this guy. Jon is trying to raise enough money for Samuel to go to school and improve his life forever. It is $50.00 a semester and there are three semesters a year. Please go to Jon's blog, click on the link to Call to Africa, and click "Who We Are" and then "Give". Make sure you comment here or on Jon's blog so we can make sure that money goes towards Samuel's schooling and so we can make sure you get a tax deduction. Please tell others that you know and spread the word- there have GOT to be enough people that we all know to give enough to support this young man.

Thanks for reading- ya'll are the best. :)

And noooo, I wouldn't think of ending this post without a photo of the boy. Here's one from yesterday- we went to a pumpkin patch with theMet MOPS. He was a cutie patooti but I couldn't get him to smile, he was too busy squinting in the sun!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


-We are so thankful- Brennan was approved for health insurance! See, we decided to buy our own insurance for Brennan and I to save money- Jon gets insurance through his job. We applied for a particular insurance company and shockingly to us, they denied Brennan because of his GERD. So for the last month or so, both Brennan and I have been without health insurance. I've tried not to think about or to worry, but it was strange. I'd never been without insurance, and not knowing when we'd get again or if he'd keep getting rejected definitely had us worried a bit. SO glad that's over. We do have to pay more per month because of his GERD, but as soon as he grows out of it and no longer needs the prevacid, were calling the company to ask for a discount!!

-We spent this morning at the Texas department of public health (DMV for all your Michiganders) to get our new Texas licensce plates. Get this- we woke up early, got out there right at 8 only to realize we needed our passports or birth certificates and didn't have either. ERRR. So we drove home and got them and thankfully, the lines were still low and we got right in and out. It was awesome. We'd heard horror stories of waiting in line around 3 hours average.

-Tonight is a ladies night out at MOPS and I'm excited. I used to think MOPS was corny and stupid and crafty (well, it is kind of crafty. . ), but I actually really love it.

-Jon got to ride a helicopter over theMet's two locations to shoot some footage. Check it out:

-Also, check out my Grandpa below. The man is well into his 80's and still gets on the floor to play with the kiddos. It's awesome:

-There's more but my contact is killing me. Got to run!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall trip to Michigan

Were hoooommmee!!
We flew to Michigan October 3rd, spent a few days together as a family, and then Jon flew onto Uganda on October 5th. I flew back to Houston on Tuesday and Jon is currently on his way home AS WE SPEAK (type, whatever).
We were able to check in on our house, see our great neighbors Emma and Brandon, attend Trinity, attend Mt. Hope, and celebrate Jon's 30th!!
While Jon was gone, we went shopping with my mom, had a playdate in Lansing, saw some BII friends, traveled to Bridgman and back, saw my Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy, hung out with the family, saw my old piano teacher and friend, it was great. It was especially wonderful to have so much help with Brennan. He didn't sleep very well, I don't know if it was the hard pack and play mattress, or the new environment, or the fact that he probably knew I was in the same room as him or what. Besides THAT, it was a good trip. Sorry to mom, dad, Dave and Steve for Brennan's late night crying sprees!!

Dad and B

I was pretty scared to fly alone with Brennan (based on our past horrid plane rides), but really, he was a good boy (except a minor meltdown at the end, but it was doable).
I had just sat down on the plane when this steward came over and asked if he could take Brennan for a walk. I said, "for sure!" So he took B up and down the aisles and introduced him to the other babies on the plane. It was hilarious! Seriously, I had so much help from airport employees, it made it so much easier on me. They held B so I could use the bathroom, got my stroller for me, etc.

Brennan and his cousin, Mckenna had a great time crawling around and playing together. They are so cute!

(if you click on the photo above to enlarge, I swear they look like twins!)
The boys

Me and Gramps!

Catherine and Dave at the pumpkin patch

B at the petting zoo!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Must-have items for baby's!

Ok, so over at kellyskornerblog she's linking posts to blogs that have the baby items we just couldn't live without. Since we had/have such a rough go at it with Brennan, I was like, "I must include my list!!!".
Besides praying, my hubby and I passing Brennan back and forth, back and forth, and our moms, here are some THINGS what we LOVED!
1. SwaddleMe blankets by Kiddopotamus (or the miracle blanket if you get one!)
2. Bebe au lait hooter hiders (thanks to my friend, Michele!)
3. Boppy for breastfeeding and propping him up.

4. Soothing breast pads by lansinoh
5. Breast pump
6. Baby einstein dvd's
7. Bouncer seat

9. Prevacid
10. A car seat toy!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok, this is going to be REAL quick because I need to take Brennan to yet another doctors appt. We think he has an ear infection because he's been grabbing his right ear and whining for the past 5 days.
Tonight we have a friend over for dinner and tomorrow I pack to go home! I'm sure we'll have last minute things to pack for Jon as well. I'm wondering what I should pack for Michigan weather- sweaters? Do I need a coat? Somebody clue us in- especially for B.
Ok, here's to hoping for a good appt and a clear diagnosis and a baby that stops whining before I chuck him out the window. Adios!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Two things

1: I just updated The Daily - something we set out to do when Brennan was first born (a photo a day). We've definitely missed a few days here and there- but it's a pretty good compilation.

2: Just for my curiosity sake- would you mind leaving a comment? I would like to see who reads this blog.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

So the last week- Brennan has changed and grown so much- it's actually a bit ridiculous! He started off the week getting on his hands and feet a lot and ended the week by crawling (a lot) and speaking a ton (things like da da, though he has no idea what that means). Every day has been such an experience with him! We are both hoping that he is a little bit more content now that he can explore and move where he wants to go. So far, he either wants Jon's video camera, remotes, our cell phones or cords- even though he's surrounded by toys!! Here's some video of him crawling:

This weekend has been relaxing. Friday night we ate at Sonic and got a free video rental (Blockbuster express is giving away free rentals through September 30th, if you happen to be near one. . .) We went to Galleria Mall yesterday in Houston. We saw a fashion show, watched kids skating on the indoor skating rink, and drooled over hi end baby clothes (at least I did, ha!).

I also have to say a HUGE, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Mark and Erin! Lincoln Beckett Zubert was born on Thursday! Erin is a rockstar and once again had her baby without drugs and in a matter of hours. I was talking and texting with Erin and just giddy all day as I heard updates. We are so happy for them- for a healthy baby boy!

Courtney- Shipley's was every bit as wonderful as you said it was (you too Erin Morgan!). Next up on the food list- getting ourselves some authentic tex mex!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Did you know Patrick Swayze was born and raised in Houston?

This photo cracks me up. We take Brennan to the pool quite a bit and the kid just leans back in his little floaty thingy and sucks him thumb. It is hilarious- he just floats around the pool!

So I just cried my eyes out watching Biggest Loser- there is a lady on there who lost her two kids and her husband in a car accident- how gut wrenching is that? Ugh. We're still getting used to primetime shows starting at 7:00 here- it's weird! Who sits down to relax for the evening at 7?? We need to get our tivo up and running, yes we do.

We tried to cut Brennan's prevacid meds from one tablet a day to a half tablet a day. Bad.idea. He slept maybe a total of an hour today for naps and was just so unhappy. Then Jon called to say the Africa trip was going to be four days longer than I thought. I might of had a minor meltdown. . . But Jon came home to help with B and had some flowers and a sonic diet coke with him- and I about cried again. It was a tough day and I was so glad to see him.

Soooo, we bought our tickets and both Jon and I are flying home October 3rd! TheMet was kind enough to fly Jon through Detroit so we could fly together- and this way he gets two days at home before he flys to Amsterdam/Nairobi and onto Uganda. I'll be home til the 13th and then I fly back with B (Jon comes into Houston the 16th). TheMet has been so generous and flexible with us and we are so very appreciative!

Lately when I go in to get Brennan after a nap he's got himself stuck around the bumper- always in attempt to eat the web cam.

He is so close to crawling- in fact he actually crawled a little bit the other night!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our Sweet Southern Home:

Sooo, several people have asked for photos of our apartment here in Texas- so here's a few I snapped this afternoon. We really love the location- it's close to some restaurants and stores- so B and I have lots to look at on our walks. It was recommended to us from several Met staff members who also lived here when they first moved here. Thankfully it's close to a lot of Jon's coworkers and their families, so we love that! It's got a great pool and I find myself wondering, "is it warm enough to go swimming today?" I can't seem to break my midwest weather mindset yet. Ha! I LOVE that we can go swimming every day!

Our apartment door- we have a private entrance. Were the second story balcony.

I didn't take a photo of Brennan's room or bathroom because he was napping when I took these.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I really want a Mommy Necklace. But with two house payments a month, I'm not sure I HAVE to have one. But really, I think I should, they are awesome.

I also want a boat and a house on a lake so we can wakeboard every day- but that's another story.

But truly, I'm content. It's so fun to dream though, right? What do you want right now?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Just sitting here drinking my diet coke with cherry from Sonic that my hubby brought home . . . :)

Yesterday was our first real Saturday here- last Saturday we are all still really sick, Jon especially, so we didn't do much but hang around the house (oh, apartment, sorry). So yesterday, we took advantage of a weekend off.

We ate lunch at Taco Cabana:

We came home and put B down for his nap. Afterwards, he was cranky:

But we cheered him up by telling him we would take him on a walk to Baskin Robbins:

Jon was asked by TheMet to go back to Africa (Kenya and Uganda) to be take footage of the orphanage, trade school and church theMet helps to fund and run. He'd be gone for 11 days in October- so we've been trying to decide if he should go or not. I want him to go- but were not sure if him travelling overseas for two weeks the month after we move across the country is a wise decision. I'd like to think B and I would be fine- but in all honesty- the child can WHINE himself up and there are many days I just watch the clock for 5:30 to roll around and Jon to get home. I might fly back home with B if we do decide for Jon to go- if so, I'd love to see everyone! Or, if there is anyone who'd like to visit the Lonestar state, let me know :)

By the way (Mark and Erin), we Red Boxed the movie "New in Town" -how funny is that portrayal of Minnesota???!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I finally unpacked my camera cord. . .

Packed up our entire house- with the help of Mr. Neil Peters- a wonderful friend of Jon's- he surprised us the day we scheduled to pack and drove in from Pennsylvania to help us! Neil has been a huge blessing to Jon in his life. But that's a story for another time.

The day after packing said house, we drove to Big Rapids, MI for my cousin Zach's wedding. It was an awesome ceremony and reception- here's the fam (minus Meg and Seth :(

Then the movers came. This is Jon and Brennan greeting the movers (we bought McDonald's coffee for all of them- trying to schmooze them into taking care of all our stuff!

Then Jon drove to Texas in the CRV and I went home to my parents for a week before my mom, Brennan and I flew out. I got to see Jonelle and her baby and Justin and Trisha! I also have great footage of my family singing Plankeye's "Goodbye" and I'm contemplating whether or not to post it on here- what do you think guys- too humiliating?

We made it!!! Jon had this sign for us when we arrived to our apartment late Monday night.

P.S. Courtney- I looked up Shipley's Do-nuts and they have a shop like 5 minutes from our house- I will have to go there on your behalf sometime!!! I'll letcha know how they are- any suggestions on which kind(s) to get?? I just got so hungry looking at their website, ha!!