Sunday, November 29, 2009


(yeah, yeah, were a few days late, that's how we roll.)

That photo above is of B and Amy- Amy is the daughter of one of Jon's coworkers. They had us over for Thanksgiving day. We had a great time trying to figure out how to bake a turkey (neither of us wives had ever baked one), hanging out and eating.

(a photo in which none of us look good)

I was going to stay up Thursday night til midnight to do some shopping at Thankfully I was too lazy and tired and went to bed instead- everyone I talked to had a horrible time getting on their website. I went to around 11:00am on Friday and had no problems getting all the deals I wanted and checking out. It worked out great because I qualified for free shipping (were buying most of our gifts online this year and having them shipped to our parents house). I was happy with the deals I found!

I'm hoping to have some videos to show you next time I blog- videos Jon and his co-worker Andrew took while in Africa. They've shown four of them at theMet during the series were in right now and they have all been awesome.

OK, I think I need to wrap up. I'm a little stuffed from all the muddy buddies/puppy chow I ate today. Ugh.

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jayfersgirl said...

Aw, I think it's a cute picture of you guys...all pictures of the 3 of us from this weekend were least of me:)
I didn't make a turkey this year, and I'm allergic to it, so I never eat it -- but Jay and my family (who have eaten it more than once when I've made it) assure me it's good...and all I do is season it with some Mrs. Dash and put it in one of those Reynolds turkey bags and just follow the instructions from that box. So easy! Just for future reference, in case you end up hosting next year or something:)