Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas and food and pumpking pancakes

I'm excited!! Tonight, we're celebrating Christmas as a family. I'm making breakfast for dinner (well, not really. I made pumpkin pancakes a little bit ago so all I have to do is defrost them and nuke them). But I am going to make cinnamon rolls and cook up some bacon and eggs, yum yum! Seriously, I have recently gotten a love for cooking. I have always tried to cook one new dish a week, lately I've been trying new dishes left and right (and thankfully, no bombers yet). Really, so far in our married life, I've only bombed two dishes. One was Rachael Ray's turkey burgers (I'm not a Rachael Ray fan) and a chicken dish I attempted in our crock pot (the chicken disinegrated and only black ashes were left by the time I got home from work, ha!).

But back to Christmas tonight. . . Jon and I are both excited to see what Brennan does with a wrapped present. He probably wont have any idea what to do with it, but maybe he'll get the hang of it! We decided to celebrate tonight because I have a feeling we're going to be busily packing tomorrow night (uhh, haven't started yet) and we leave early Saturday morning.

Two other food related items for you:
1) I have recently developed a LOVE for Chipotle, can I hear an amen?? For some reason, I always thought I didn't like that restaurant, but hello, yes I do!!!
2) I have tried MANY dishes from this woman's website: Pioneer Woman and ALL of them have been fantastic (in fact, for Thanksgiving, I brought all new dishes to dinner (not recommended) and they were from her site- so good!). And I love her blog and personality, so check her out! But don't start reading her love story because you will get sucked in and it will eat up an entire nap (but it really is great :)

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jayfersgirl said...

Love Pioneer Woman's recipes:) My mom gave me her new cookbook for Christmas, and I finally made Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich after seeing it on her blog many was GOOD!:)