Sunday, November 8, 2009

Good Things

Lots of good things happening around here.

I just made brownies solely because I wanted to eat the batter. YUM!

Brennan has been off the Prevacid for about a month- Praise the Lord!! When we were without health insurance, we ran out of the Prevacid and instead of going out to get more (at $250.00 a pop), we thought we'd try a day without it and see how he did. He was fine. And then the next day- fine. And he's been great every since! He still has some silent reflux, but it doesn't seem to cause him pain like it did before.

Jon, B and I went to downtown Houston last night and had a blast. It was some much needed fun. We went to Hermann Park to walk around. It's a huuuge park with a band shell, fountains, several ponds, cafe, a train that runs through it, paddle boat rentals, etc. Then we drove to The Village hoping we would find a cute restaurant for dinner. We stumbled upon Mi Luna, a spanish and moroccan tapas restaurant. We did some shopping, walked around and finally left right around Brennan's bedtime. We had to pinch ourselves because it was kind of weird to say to one another, "we actually live here. Weird." We both like living in a big city and for right now, it really suits us well.

I dropped my phone while putting Brennan in his stroller and it died. Oh wait, this is a list of Good Things. . . moving on (but don't call me cause you wont get me! Try Jon, or email me instead!)

Brennan's been just a happy little camper lately and we are THANKFUL. It's one of those things, I think, where we truly appreciate him being a content and happy baby because he just wasn't for so long. We are just eating him up right now!! He crawls around, pulls himself up on EVERYTHING, says "mama and dada", has two bottom teeth, likes his bath, doesn't like to get his diaper changed or dressed for the day (it's like trying to wrestle a greased pig), and loves to be tickled! He's so fun!!

We had some new friends over for dinner this week and stayed up far too late laughing together.

We took our Christmas photo yesterday and the FIRST shot turned out great! Now that is a Good Thing!

What about you??


jayfersgirl said...

Fun, fun! Isn't it fun to explore a new place when you move there?:)
We've been in CA for over a year, and still, every single time I get on the freeway right down the road, look to my right and see the Golden Gate Bridge, I go "Oh my gosh, we live here!":)
I'm glad you're enjoying it there:)

The Feitl Family said...

So glad to hear the good things. Sometimes it is great to step back from the hustle of life and just look at the positives. Sounds like B is doing great. Glad you are in a stage of enjoying him. There will always be ups and downs and he grows and changes. I'm sure you two are awesome parents! Carrie