Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm currently listening to "This is All That I Can Give" by David Crowder and the darn song makes me cry every time. Especially tonight when I'm sick with some sort of virus and just not feeling good. Such a good song. My wonderful hubby took Brennan to Best Buy (supposedly to scope out or new tv, ha!) so I could relax and chill for a bit.

Lately, when Brennan gets up from a nap, we hear a crunching sound on the monitor and walk in to see this:
That resulted in this:

So funny!!


The Feitl Family said...

Aren't you glad they don't use lead paint anymore?!

T Heap said...

Owen's crib looks horrible from all of his teething. For Olivia, I hope to get some crib guards to stop it! Sorry you are feeling badly. Hope you feel better soon!