Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I watch the Today Show every morning while feeding Brennan. I love it, it's part of my morning routine. Yesterday I was watching and they were doing a story on Stephanie Nielson (read her blog here: She is a woman who blogged about being a mom to four kids. She and her husband were involved in a plane crash last year and both were severely burned. I was intrigued by her story and found a couple videos of her online. One particular video totally struck me. She was going over her daily routine to ge herself ready- which takes about two hours of cleaning her wounds and stretching her skin out. Every day she wakes up to her painful burns. And every day she not only does all this, she also takes care of her kids and her hubby. Crazy. So today as I was showering, I was trying to remind myself how good I actually have it. It doesn't hurt to move or to shower or to pick Brennan up. I am blessed and I am THANKFUL.

Now, I'm off to look at some Black Friday ads. I'm seriously considering just shopping online tonight at midnight, we'll see! Whose going shopping Friday and whose not?? If you're going, what stores are you hitting?


jayfersgirl said...

I had forgotten about her blog...I read it for a while:)
We'll be lined up at Fry's (an electronics store) at 4 am, like we are every single year...Jay's parents come visit us every year, since we have Fry's and they don't:) Fun times!

Erin Morgan said...

I saw that story too, but hadn't visited the blog yet.

I'm pretty sure that I'm gonna go shopping, as I have a friend who goes with me before our husbands go on an annual paintball outing. We normally go to Target and Toys R Us. We might go to Toys R Us at Midnight tomorrow and then wait to go to Target in the am. But aren't sure yet. But I do think I want to hit both stores. :) Where do you plan to go?