Friday, May 29, 2009

Everything No One Tells You About Being a 1st Time Mom

How's that for a title?

Seriously though, I was lying in bed last night thinking about this post. Maybe this will comfort a first time mom in the thick of the first few weeks or maybe you had a WONDERFUL first few weeks with your child and you dont' relate at all (I'm happy for you, seriously), but here's what I learned about those first few weeks of being a new mom:

-You may want to give your child away to the first person that knocks at your door. I did. Maybe it was the combination of severe sleep deprivation (getting 1.5 hrs a sleep at a time), hormones and a crazy lifestyle change, but if you feel this way, don't feel bad. It's normal. A lot of new moms feel this way. It will pass, and you will come to to love that child like no other.

-Breastfeeding SUCKS. No pun intended. It hurts (it took a month before it stopped hurting for me). It takes work. It's not always natural. One would think breastfeeding would be natural, but sometimes it's not. If I wasnt 100% devoted to it, I would have given up on it the second day Brennan was born. Jon and I both shed many tears over this. Lactation consultants are PRICELESS. They are worth the extra money and time.

-You wont feel like yourself for awhile. Again, I think it's the combination of the sleep deprivation, crazy hormonal changes and a swift lifestyle change. This too will pass. I'm not a cryer, and I cried every day for a while there. I felt so CHAINED to Brennan since I was the only one that could feed him and I would just weep in bed with Jon (poor guy) lamenting on what I got myself into.

-You may get post partum depression. If it lasts a while, get help. I didn't, but have had several friends who have. Don't be ashamed.

-Keep telling yourself, "this too shall pass". Because it will. I was so thankful when my rough period ended, but at the same time I already miss the newborn stage. The time will go quickly- the good AND the bad- so enjoy the good and remember the bad (sleep deprivation, pain, soreness, etc) will be over with soon.

I know I have so much to learn and I'm such a rookie. Maybe I'll give another update in three months "what I wish someone would have told me age 3-6 months". We'll see. But honestly, if you had a very smooth and wonderful transition into motherhood, I think that's awesome. And I also want to shoot you because I'm jealous. :) just kiddin. . .

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B can roll!

First of all, this past weekend was hands-down the best weekend EVER. But I'm still waiting from photos from it, so I'll post more on that later!

Gosh, lets see, what else? I'm thoroughly sad about Jon and Kate (Plus 8) and I seriously wish they would cancel the show and focus on their marriage. It's obviously tearing them apart since she wants to do the show and he doesn't. He is acting like a rebellious teenage- probably because of so many years of Kate disrespecting and demeaning him. I know it's not all Kate's fault by any means, but she sure seems to love speaking and travelling even when her home world seems to be falling away. Her priorities appear to have shifted and it's unfortunate. What do you think about all that? Any chance to save that marriage?

Thanks to @TeeLee who came over and watched B for a few hours this afternoon, I was able to get out and run some errands. One of my stops was my gym, which I havent stepped foot in for 3+ months. I was able to put my membership on hold after I had Brennan. I went in to make sure I was able to start up again and they signed me up for a free physical assessment. Let me tell you, THATS going to be embarassing. I don't think I can run a mile right now if you had a whip out, seriously!! ahh well, maybe it'll make for some funny stories, like the time I took Jon to the gym and we made a competition out of it . . . I digress. (he's working on a side business gig right now, can you tell I'm bored?)

So here's a video of Brennan rolling over, yeah!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A lot of you have asked about my decision to go back to work or not. . . for now, I will not be returning. I had a good conversation with my boss and told him honestly that I did not HAVE to work, and wouldn't take a position unless it was part time, and a job that both helped out Block Imaging and was a job I wanted to do. Right now, there isn't anything that fits that description, so it made my choice easy. They are going to keep me informed of jobs as they come available and perhaps in a few months I'll go back part time, we'll see. I'm open to the idea, but for now I really feel at peace about staying home with B.

Dr. Browns bottles work wonderfully- thanks for your suggestions (SO much better than a baby crying from gas pains, I now highly recommend them)!!

My sister is home from DC this week so her and my mom came up to Lansing yesterday- it was soo good to see her! We hung outside at the eastwood townecenter most of the day, it is just gorgeous out this week.

Jon and I celebrate our FIFTH wedding anniversary tomorrow!

I'm glad Kris won American Idol last night, don't really care that Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars, and am super excited for So You Think You Can Dance to start up again (right Erin!?)

I'm sloooowly losing my pregnancy weight, but it kind of sucks because the jeans I bought three weeks ago no longer fit! But I still don't fit all the way into my pre-preggo jeans. But then again I also don't want to go out and buy new jeans because hopefully those wont fit in a few weeks either. whatever. at least I have a cute baby boy! :)

Speaking of cute baby boy- we just are having the hardest time getting him to bed at night. He takes naps well, but when it comes to going down to sleep, he fights it hard core. Well, he's unpredictable, some nights he goes down without a fight, other nights, not so much. He sleeps well once he's down. . . so I'd like to utilize my blog again so you insightful girls can tell me what worked for you! We are still following babywise loosely- he eats about every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. . . and does a sleep/wake/eat routine that works well for us.

I'm having internet problems right now, I hope this posts!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Months

Brennan with Aunt Sue at Sarah's BRIDAL shower
Hi Aunt Sue!!! :)

Dear Brennan,
Tomorrow you are three months old. THREE months!! Holy cow. I gotta be honest, I am just loving this stage right now, loving it!! I keep telling your dad- if I could keep you this age I would. And for the first time since we got pregnant, I thought I just might want to give you a sibling (if I could just wink at your dad and get a three month old that is)!!!

Mommy had a hard time when you were a tiny little newborn but I think were both getting the hang of this new life together (with some bumps along the way). You've discovered your tongue this month and it is hilarious watching you stick it out ALL the time. But our favorite Brennan move is when you stick your lower lip out like your frowning and then look at us and bust into a huge smile- it's so playful and hilarious. You learned to like your swing this month- though it often puts you straight to sleep! You dont' fight naps at all anymore, which we are so thankful for! But you are starting to fight bedtime, so we are still working on that.

Everyone claims how big you are, you are a tall boy and you are chubby! But I always tell people I like my babies chubby! I think you have your dad's height though (good thing, right?!). You still hate tummy time, but when your mad, you can lift your head up all the way and keep it there.
You smile a lot at dad and I but not a ton when there are new people or places around. You haven't started to laugh yet and we wait everyday hoping to hear your sweet laugh!
Were praying for you baby boy, that you continue to grow up strong and healthy and have a heart that yearns for God.

Love you,
Momma and Dad

Friday, May 15, 2009

Haircuts gone bad, 5K's, B, and Jon and Kate Plus 8

So, yes, where was I? :) I got my hair cut and highlighted this morning (Mothers Day gift), and although I loved getting pampered and enjoyed my time at the salon, the results are uhhh, horrible!!! I love the cut, but she cut my bangs super short!! I'll have to take a photo soon so you can see that I am NOT exaggerating! She said to me, "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I cut your bangs too short! At least they wont be in your eyes!" And I said, "uhhh, right. . . ". I'm sure I'll like the cut in a good four weeks, but for now, its slightly embarassing. Ah well.

So last Saturday we woke up at 5:00am for Jon to participate in the Fifth Third Riverbank 5K with my family. He trained twice and ran it in like 22 minutes. Sick. It was hilarious though, because everyone in my family wrote down what time they thought they could run it in (see photo below) and were claiming to be able to beat everyone else. My mom and dad actually ran it in LESS time than they thought!! I ended up walking 1500 miles to only catch a few of them running and then walked 1500 miles back to the car in the pouring rain and a stroller. At least my brother Andy was with me to keep me and Brennan company!
Everyone after the race at breakfast. . . (arent my parents studs?)

After waking up at the butt crack of dawn, Brennan decided to stay up the ENTIRE night on Saturday night- this is what he looked like all night:

Thankfully it was just a fluke and he's back to either sleeping through the night or waking up once around 5:00ish.

And lastly, can I just say how upset I am about these affair allegations with Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8? Man, I hope they aren't true! It is truly upsetting to me!!!
OK, gotta run,

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ok, I had high hopes of a great post today, but the babes is just now waking up from his nap so I gotta fly- enjoy the photos!!
My first mothers day! Brennan was CONKED all day! Here we are at Beaners with Mom and Dad Ackerman. . .

Brennan- trying out the swimsuit outfit I just bought him! I think he needs a larger size shirt seeing how quickly the child grows!

Chillin' in his bouncer!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bath Time!!

Ok, so I always used to be so annoyed at those moms who seemed to only talk about their children- and now I AM ONE! ahhhhhh. Wendy, we need to start that cool mom club, soon!!! :) But c'mon, is he not a little cutie pie in his robe after bath time? You can't see it in this photos, but especially after his baths, he has this peach fuzz hair that sticks straight up on the top of his head, it's awesome.

Yesterday, the boy would NOT nap for me. At.All. It was horrible. I was totally burnt out by the end of the day. Today, it's 2:00 and he's already had two full naps and its amazing how my outlook on life changes! Jon prayed last night we wouldn't be so up and down and would start to even out a little bit- were both looking forward to some steadiness (as much as you can get with an infant).

Annnddd we are still two episodes behind on LOST so no one spill the beans on last night!!!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mckenna and Brennan- two peas in a pod

"eh, I'm a little bored. . . "

"are you kiddin me mom, get this show on the road!"

"ok, NOW I'm annoyed"

"I'm a child with many expressions, what can I say?"

So I spent last weekend at my parents house since Jon was out of town. It was a really good time- and so nice to have other people there to help me with B! Kym came as well since John was at a men's retreat, so we had lots of baby time. Kym and I went with my mom to a Mother/Daughter tea, I'm glad I could go to that with both of them! I got to see my good friends Katie and Jonelle and go to Mt. Hope for the first time in forever. We took some sweet photos of Brennan and Mckenna together- I just had to post this one because of the look on Brennan's face! And yes, he is a month younger than her but two pounds heavier and also cries MUCH louder (is that a boy thing?? :)

Last spring we built our patio and I planted some flowers- check them out this year! (I know, I know, we need to do some serious mulching still- but not bad, eh?).

And lastly, I leave you with more photos of our little man. My favorite days are Friday-Sunday when Jon has off and were able to hang out with Brennan in the mornings. Last Friday I went and got Beaners for both of us and came home to this smiling guy (craziest Beaners trip ever, road construction made me take a detour, I missed my turn twice, then my credit card wouldn't work, luckily I had cash, and I ended up spilling Jon's coffee getting out of the car, goshhhhh):