Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bath Time!!

Ok, so I always used to be so annoyed at those moms who seemed to only talk about their children- and now I AM ONE! ahhhhhh. Wendy, we need to start that cool mom club, soon!!! :) But c'mon, is he not a little cutie pie in his robe after bath time? You can't see it in this photos, but especially after his baths, he has this peach fuzz hair that sticks straight up on the top of his head, it's awesome.

Yesterday, the boy would NOT nap for me. At.All. It was horrible. I was totally burnt out by the end of the day. Today, it's 2:00 and he's already had two full naps and its amazing how my outlook on life changes! Jon prayed last night we wouldn't be so up and down and would start to even out a little bit- were both looking forward to some steadiness (as much as you can get with an infant).

Annnddd we are still two episodes behind on LOST so no one spill the beans on last night!!!



Jim & Wendy said...

You totally can talk about him all the time and still be cool. :-)

Meaghan said...

he is cute! but if you can even out so you can be my normal sister when I come visit next week, that'd be awesome :) ah you know I love you regardless!

LaineCusi said...

Chaeli, He's HUGE! Oh my goodness with you holding him, he just looks so big! So cute too!

Chaeli said...

Meg- don't count on it- I'm a crazy mom now!!
Laine- I know it- he's LONG, but he's perfect!!!