Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mckenna and Brennan- two peas in a pod

"eh, I'm a little bored. . . "

"are you kiddin me mom, get this show on the road!"

"ok, NOW I'm annoyed"

"I'm a child with many expressions, what can I say?"

So I spent last weekend at my parents house since Jon was out of town. It was a really good time- and so nice to have other people there to help me with B! Kym came as well since John was at a men's retreat, so we had lots of baby time. Kym and I went with my mom to a Mother/Daughter tea, I'm glad I could go to that with both of them! I got to see my good friends Katie and Jonelle and go to Mt. Hope for the first time in forever. We took some sweet photos of Brennan and Mckenna together- I just had to post this one because of the look on Brennan's face! And yes, he is a month younger than her but two pounds heavier and also cries MUCH louder (is that a boy thing?? :)

Last spring we built our patio and I planted some flowers- check them out this year! (I know, I know, we need to do some serious mulching still- but not bad, eh?).

And lastly, I leave you with more photos of our little man. My favorite days are Friday-Sunday when Jon has off and were able to hang out with Brennan in the mornings. Last Friday I went and got Beaners for both of us and came home to this smiling guy (craziest Beaners trip ever, road construction made me take a detour, I missed my turn twice, then my credit card wouldn't work, luckily I had cash, and I ended up spilling Jon's coffee getting out of the car, goshhhhh):


jayfersgirl said...

His expressions are so great!!! I love the last pic of him and McKenna where they're holding hands:)

Chaeli said...

it's possible (ahem) that I put their hands together for the photos!! :)

LaineCusi said...

So so so cute! I love Brennan's facial expressions, such personality already! I dont know if its a boy thing to cry louder but my kids seemed to cry louder and way more often than Jed's sister's kids do. I love seeing pictures of B and hearing about how everything is going! BTW Kane was 12lbs 13oz at 2 months so B is bigger! He's going to tower over Kane by the time he's 1, if not sooner. :)

Carrie Feitl said...

He is so expressive for a little (Young) guy! Too fun!

T Heap said...

I have studied the pictures, and I can't tell who he looks like. What do you think?

He certainly is very cute!! I love his big eyes. Hope to see him (and you) soon!

Chaeli said...

Trish- can you send me the dates your going to be home- this child is sucking the brains out of me!! I can't tell who he looks like either- maybe he'll be cuter than both of us (hopefully!) :)

Meaghan said...

love those pictures of the cousins, such personalities :) and you are mean to you and your hubby saying you hope he looks cuter! oh well :) see you SOON!

Meaghan said...

p.s. is that a UNC Sweatshirt? i'm impressed