Monday, May 18, 2009

Three Months

Brennan with Aunt Sue at Sarah's BRIDAL shower
Hi Aunt Sue!!! :)

Dear Brennan,
Tomorrow you are three months old. THREE months!! Holy cow. I gotta be honest, I am just loving this stage right now, loving it!! I keep telling your dad- if I could keep you this age I would. And for the first time since we got pregnant, I thought I just might want to give you a sibling (if I could just wink at your dad and get a three month old that is)!!!

Mommy had a hard time when you were a tiny little newborn but I think were both getting the hang of this new life together (with some bumps along the way). You've discovered your tongue this month and it is hilarious watching you stick it out ALL the time. But our favorite Brennan move is when you stick your lower lip out like your frowning and then look at us and bust into a huge smile- it's so playful and hilarious. You learned to like your swing this month- though it often puts you straight to sleep! You dont' fight naps at all anymore, which we are so thankful for! But you are starting to fight bedtime, so we are still working on that.

Everyone claims how big you are, you are a tall boy and you are chubby! But I always tell people I like my babies chubby! I think you have your dad's height though (good thing, right?!). You still hate tummy time, but when your mad, you can lift your head up all the way and keep it there.
You smile a lot at dad and I but not a ton when there are new people or places around. You haven't started to laugh yet and we wait everyday hoping to hear your sweet laugh!
Were praying for you baby boy, that you continue to grow up strong and healthy and have a heart that yearns for God.

Love you,
Momma and Dad


LaineCusi said...

Such a sweet post! Brennan is a blessed boy to have such a wonderful mom! I'm glad things are getting easier for you. I still have no idea who he looks like, I keep waiting to see if he reminds me of anyone in your family or Jon but nope, not at all yet. Do you think he looks like anyone?

Chaeli said...

you know Laine, I can't tell!!! My mom swears he's the spitting image of Jon but I think he has my eyes.

Jamie Bretveld said...

What a cutie! I can't believe how fast time is going. I'm so glad that things are going more smoothley for you. The next 3 months will be even better as he starts to roll over and finds his hands, etc. And, as far as who he looks like...Micah is two and we still flip flop on who she looks like. I think their appearances change so often you can't really call it until they're teenagers, huh?

Erin Zubert said...

I totally had a moment when I saw that picture of Jon and Brennan...I literally said to myself, "Holy Crap, my brother has a baby!" It's still blows my mind a little bit. But I'm sure he felt that way when W arrived:) Very cute post, makes me feel like I'm getting to know him, despite the distance.

LaineCusi said...

You should post some baby pictures of you and Jon so we can compare! You know in all your spare time. lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Chaeli!
You've got a farm boy on your hands. He can tractor drive any time for me. Hope you can retract the caption under the picture--it was Sarah's bridal shower, not baby shower. I'm sure she'll appreciate that!!
It was great seeing you and B. He reminds me a lot of Zach at that age. Pudgy is better!
Aunt Sue

Chaeli said...

OHhh, shucks, I will change "baby" to "bridal" RIGHT now! This aint no shot gun wedding!! Thanks for commenting Aunt Sue!!