Wednesday, May 27, 2009

B can roll!

First of all, this past weekend was hands-down the best weekend EVER. But I'm still waiting from photos from it, so I'll post more on that later!

Gosh, lets see, what else? I'm thoroughly sad about Jon and Kate (Plus 8) and I seriously wish they would cancel the show and focus on their marriage. It's obviously tearing them apart since she wants to do the show and he doesn't. He is acting like a rebellious teenage- probably because of so many years of Kate disrespecting and demeaning him. I know it's not all Kate's fault by any means, but she sure seems to love speaking and travelling even when her home world seems to be falling away. Her priorities appear to have shifted and it's unfortunate. What do you think about all that? Any chance to save that marriage?

Thanks to @TeeLee who came over and watched B for a few hours this afternoon, I was able to get out and run some errands. One of my stops was my gym, which I havent stepped foot in for 3+ months. I was able to put my membership on hold after I had Brennan. I went in to make sure I was able to start up again and they signed me up for a free physical assessment. Let me tell you, THATS going to be embarassing. I don't think I can run a mile right now if you had a whip out, seriously!! ahh well, maybe it'll make for some funny stories, like the time I took Jon to the gym and we made a competition out of it . . . I digress. (he's working on a side business gig right now, can you tell I'm bored?)

So here's a video of Brennan rolling over, yeah!!!


Katie said...

Hey Chae, tell Brennan sweet job with the rolling over- he really got some momentum going there! :)

I just watched J and K plus 8 last night, and I agree, it's getting super sad and depressing. I feel like if you are on a reality TV show when you are always being taped, if one person wants out, you should both be out, no questions asked! It's so invasive! I think if they quit doing the show things would be a lot better for them, although I'm sure they'd still have Paparazzi following them for a few years.

Also, I totally think they're both at fault. Kate is a total B A LOT, but Jon is also "taking weekends off" and the whole partying/cheating thing= not cool. Plus, I feel like Kate must have always been like that, and he still married her, so he knew what he was getting in to...right??

Ok, there's my random 2 cents. How do you like them apples?? ;)

Chaeli said...

love them apples! I agree- Jon knew what he was getting into. . .

Anonymous said...

great job brennan. thanks for sharing. he is getting big.-
tiana johnson carr

Anonymous said...

That is SO Cute

T Heap said...

Go Brennan....I love his little bald head!

Jon and Kate is so sad. We can't watch anymore, b/c we don't have cable. I do hope that they stop the show after this season. I believe that they can save their marriage, but it has to be their number one focus.

When you let money and fame into your life, you have to somehow keep your focus on God and your family.

Meaghan said...

Brennen is a cutie! got an athlete on our hands ehhhh? ;) I have no idea about the show but it seems obvious that is has been a downward spiral lately, tabloids true or not. love you sis!

Cassandra said... the video..he is soooo big...I think he might be a wrestler or a cute. Miss you tons...hugs and kisses!