Friday, May 15, 2009

Haircuts gone bad, 5K's, B, and Jon and Kate Plus 8

So, yes, where was I? :) I got my hair cut and highlighted this morning (Mothers Day gift), and although I loved getting pampered and enjoyed my time at the salon, the results are uhhh, horrible!!! I love the cut, but she cut my bangs super short!! I'll have to take a photo soon so you can see that I am NOT exaggerating! She said to me, "oh my gosh, I'm so sorry, I cut your bangs too short! At least they wont be in your eyes!" And I said, "uhhh, right. . . ". I'm sure I'll like the cut in a good four weeks, but for now, its slightly embarassing. Ah well.

So last Saturday we woke up at 5:00am for Jon to participate in the Fifth Third Riverbank 5K with my family. He trained twice and ran it in like 22 minutes. Sick. It was hilarious though, because everyone in my family wrote down what time they thought they could run it in (see photo below) and were claiming to be able to beat everyone else. My mom and dad actually ran it in LESS time than they thought!! I ended up walking 1500 miles to only catch a few of them running and then walked 1500 miles back to the car in the pouring rain and a stroller. At least my brother Andy was with me to keep me and Brennan company!
Everyone after the race at breakfast. . . (arent my parents studs?)

After waking up at the butt crack of dawn, Brennan decided to stay up the ENTIRE night on Saturday night- this is what he looked like all night:

Thankfully it was just a fluke and he's back to either sleeping through the night or waking up once around 5:00ish.

And lastly, can I just say how upset I am about these affair allegations with Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8? Man, I hope they aren't true! It is truly upsetting to me!!!
OK, gotta run,


Erin Zubert said...

A friend and I were just talking about Jon & Kate...and we both felt like, ummmm yeah kind of saw something like this coming. She treats him like crap and spends so much time away for her now "career" it almost seemed inevitable. She needs to start treating him like a a husband, not one of the kids.

T Heap said...

So sorry about your hair cut! I am sure it is still cute--and it will grow fast in the warmer weather.

It was so good to see you and Brennan! He is SO cute. When I got home I realized what a crazy man Owen was while we were there. He was so loud was all over the place. I think seeing Brennan threw him into a fit. :)

I am so sad about Jon and Kate too. I hope they stop this whole TV business and just work on their marriage.