Thursday, May 21, 2009


A lot of you have asked about my decision to go back to work or not. . . for now, I will not be returning. I had a good conversation with my boss and told him honestly that I did not HAVE to work, and wouldn't take a position unless it was part time, and a job that both helped out Block Imaging and was a job I wanted to do. Right now, there isn't anything that fits that description, so it made my choice easy. They are going to keep me informed of jobs as they come available and perhaps in a few months I'll go back part time, we'll see. I'm open to the idea, but for now I really feel at peace about staying home with B.

Dr. Browns bottles work wonderfully- thanks for your suggestions (SO much better than a baby crying from gas pains, I now highly recommend them)!!

My sister is home from DC this week so her and my mom came up to Lansing yesterday- it was soo good to see her! We hung outside at the eastwood townecenter most of the day, it is just gorgeous out this week.

Jon and I celebrate our FIFTH wedding anniversary tomorrow!

I'm glad Kris won American Idol last night, don't really care that Shawn Johnson won Dancing with the Stars, and am super excited for So You Think You Can Dance to start up again (right Erin!?)

I'm sloooowly losing my pregnancy weight, but it kind of sucks because the jeans I bought three weeks ago no longer fit! But I still don't fit all the way into my pre-preggo jeans. But then again I also don't want to go out and buy new jeans because hopefully those wont fit in a few weeks either. whatever. at least I have a cute baby boy! :)

Speaking of cute baby boy- we just are having the hardest time getting him to bed at night. He takes naps well, but when it comes to going down to sleep, he fights it hard core. Well, he's unpredictable, some nights he goes down without a fight, other nights, not so much. He sleeps well once he's down. . . so I'd like to utilize my blog again so you insightful girls can tell me what worked for you! We are still following babywise loosely- he eats about every 3 to 3.5 hours during the day. . . and does a sleep/wake/eat routine that works well for us.

I'm having internet problems right now, I hope this posts!!!


Erin Zubert said...

So glad the bottles are helping, well worth the pain they are to wash. Yes, I am so pumped about my opinion, it's better than Idol. I remember the annoyingness of losing baby weight. I had to go out and buy a new pair of jeans every month or two for a while because of my shrinking body. It was very frustrating, but so nice once it finally comes off. And yes you do have a cute boy to show for it!

Erin Morgan said...

One thing I just thought of since you said that some days he goes down no problem and other days its a fight... I wonder if the days he has problems going down its because he is over stimulated and needs help calming down before going to bed. Not necessarily beginning a routine of rocking him to sleep, but perhaps begin a routine (if you don't already have one) for him to calm down in a darker room, perhaps with music on or you reading him a book and rocking for a few moments. Just a thought.. Still praying for you and hoping things get a bit more steady for you. Congrats on the decision to stay home. Sometimes having the decision made for you is easier than making it yourself. :)

jayfersgirl said...

I hear ya on the jeans -- I made the mistake of going out to buy new ones when Brooklyn was about 2 weeks old...ha! Big mistake:) Those definitely don't fit anymore, and frankly, I still haven't found any that do...but that has more to do with the fact that I have no butt and no pants ever stay up on me:)
I agree with Erin M. -- I'd try a routine, but I may be the last person who should offer advice, since my baby girl took about an hour and a half to stay asleep tonight.
We did start a routine with Brooklyn when she was about 2 weeks old, and we don't do the exact same things as we did then, but we definitely follow a specific routine that lets her know it's time for sleeping...the only problem we've had is that Jay always puts her in her sleepsack, and when he was out of town for 2 nights in March, she cried and cried and cried when I put her in it like "This isn't right! Where is Daddy?!?!"

Anonymous said...

i remember the losing baby weight thing... i ended staying it adjustable waist pants instead of jeans just for the fact i didnt want to buy more jeans.

and happy late anniversary... mine and my husband had our 10th the 22nd also. kinda crazy, mustve been a popular date.
-tiana johnson carr(btw, jon know me)