Tuesday, December 15, 2009

B-Man at 9 months

I was thinking the other day that I want to write a list of quirky Brennan-ism's that he has at this age so I can remember them.

- When he's upset, he sucks him thumb and goes "ummgh ummggh umggh" trying to soothe himself. It makes us laugh every single time. I'll try to get footage of it sometime if I can- because it's really hard to explain.
-He has a nursery full of toys but always chooses to play with a box of diaper rash creams and other random things. Sorting through that bin and chewing on everything will keep him occupied for a long time!
-He HATES getting his diaper changed. We try to keep him occupied with a toy in his hands, but sometimes he rolls over and crawls away in the middle of it. I've likened it to wrestling a greased pig.
-He'll eat anything but peas. When I try to give him peas, he has a meltdown and I usually have to take him out of highchair just to soothe him! I don't give him peas much. :)
-I swear he knows when Jon's about to come home from work because he stands at the baby gate and says "dadadadaddadada" every day right about 5:00.
-He loves when we jump out and say "boo". Usually he laughs so hard he falls over.
-He also loves the computer and any cord, which is why I need to wrap this bad boy up. Why do I not post during his naps???

We're homeward bound in T- 3 days!


Jennifer said...

That's cute that he knows when Jon's coming home. I agree with the wrestling match. Noah crawls away most times I'm changing him. Getting him dressed is even more difficult!

Chaeli said...

Jennifer, you are so right- dressing him is even harder! It's kind of fun to see how different (or the same) him and Noah are. How's Noah doing??

T Heap said...

Some of this sounds just like Owen...trying to change the boy's diaper makes me lost weight because I have to wrestle him so much! Owen also loves anything with a cord! Wish we could see you all this Christmas :(

jayfersgirl said...

So fun to hear what he's up to!:)
You may already be doing this, but I strongly encourage you to make staying still for diaper changes a must -- when he gets bigger and starts walking, it'll get even harder if you haven't nipped it in the bud previously:)
I go to my friends' houses and watch some of them take 20 minutes to change a diaper, as they let their child just get up and walk away naked or whatever...not happening in our house:)

Kym said...

Too cute! M loves to play w/ any thing but her toys too. We should give them remotes and cell phones for Christmas :) Enjoy him they are all most 10 and 11 months, (which now everyone rounds up to a yr, which I respond w/ "she is still a baby"). Can't wait to see him and you guys!