Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall trip to Michigan

Were hoooommmee!!
We flew to Michigan October 3rd, spent a few days together as a family, and then Jon flew onto Uganda on October 5th. I flew back to Houston on Tuesday and Jon is currently on his way home AS WE SPEAK (type, whatever).
We were able to check in on our house, see our great neighbors Emma and Brandon, attend Trinity, attend Mt. Hope, and celebrate Jon's 30th!!
While Jon was gone, we went shopping with my mom, had a playdate in Lansing, saw some BII friends, traveled to Bridgman and back, saw my Grandpa, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy, hung out with the family, saw my old piano teacher and friend, it was great. It was especially wonderful to have so much help with Brennan. He didn't sleep very well, I don't know if it was the hard pack and play mattress, or the new environment, or the fact that he probably knew I was in the same room as him or what. Besides THAT, it was a good trip. Sorry to mom, dad, Dave and Steve for Brennan's late night crying sprees!!

Dad and B

I was pretty scared to fly alone with Brennan (based on our past horrid plane rides), but really, he was a good boy (except a minor meltdown at the end, but it was doable).
I had just sat down on the plane when this steward came over and asked if he could take Brennan for a walk. I said, "for sure!" So he took B up and down the aisles and introduced him to the other babies on the plane. It was hilarious! Seriously, I had so much help from airport employees, it made it so much easier on me. They held B so I could use the bathroom, got my stroller for me, etc.

Brennan and his cousin, Mckenna had a great time crawling around and playing together. They are so cute!

(if you click on the photo above to enlarge, I swear they look like twins!)
The boys

Me and Gramps!

Catherine and Dave at the pumpkin patch

B at the petting zoo!


Adminswife said...

When Luke & Lacey bring their children over, I put two blankets on the hard mattress of our pack 'n play and then put the sheet over that. It makes it much softer and the babies sleep fine. Just a hint! I am Luke's mom

Chaeli said...

Oh, thanks for that suggestion!! Those pack and plays have the hardest mattresses!

LaineCusi said...

Love all the pics! Brennan and Mckenna really do look a lot alike, so cute! I'm so glad you had a good trip and didnt have to stay in a new city all by yourself so soon.

Erin Zubert said...

Oh I miss you guys so much! Brennan looks like such a big boy, it's killing me:(

Kymberly said...

They do look a like, it will be great to see them grow together :)
That's great that he did so well on the trip home and yey for Jon being back! You'll have to update us on his trip.