Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ok, this is going to be REAL quick because I need to take Brennan to yet another doctors appt. We think he has an ear infection because he's been grabbing his right ear and whining for the past 5 days.
Tonight we have a friend over for dinner and tomorrow I pack to go home! I'm sure we'll have last minute things to pack for Jon as well. I'm wondering what I should pack for Michigan weather- sweaters? Do I need a coat? Somebody clue us in- especially for B.
Ok, here's to hoping for a good appt and a clear diagnosis and a baby that stops whining before I chuck him out the window. Adios!

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Katie said...

Yes, you DEFINITELY need coats. It was 29 in Ann Arbor this morning!! Get ready for some major fall weather.

Are we still on for Thursday?

I hope B feels better soon- prefereably before your flight!