Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have to say for the record, even though we were in Africa last year for our anniversary, Jon definitely bought the Mahogany card in the U.S., for anyone that was curious. . . 

So, after several recommendations for the movie, Bella, we finally rented it on Friday night (thank you Justin: It was a pretty slow moving start (to me) but we both really enjoyed the ending and the uplifting theme of the story. I recommend the movie, truly. After watching all the previews, it really seems like Lionsgate productions is a sweet company- ALL the previews looked awesome. So now, to get Jon a job there. . . . :)

Well, after working out, grocery shopping and packing, were heading to the English Inn to celebrate the anniversary today.  Ya'll have a wonderful, relaxing, memorable, Memorial Day.

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