Friday, May 21, 2010

One Year Ago Today (in three hours from now. . . )

When I think back on our 5 year vow renewal- I am STILL to this day blown away by it. I cannot believe the time and effort Jon (teamed up with my sister, my sis in law and dear friend, Katie) put into pulling the evening off. I am to this day overwhelmed at the thought of it and by the love of my husband. To this day. And let me tell you, these memories have gotten me through some tough times this last year. I was a broken woman during this time of my life and to say that this was God timed couldn't be more accurate.

Tomorrow is our actual anniversary and since I never got around to doing a blog on the renewal I thought now would be a good time. (who can blog when you have a screaming baby? but that's a post for another time. . . ).

Jon, I love you more now than I ever have. Your love and honesty and loyalty and commitment amazes me. I'm so happy to be married to you. You are the BEST. Thank you for loving God and for loving me. Thanks for standing by me through this crazy year- through a screaming baby and a wife who hated her life and a tough decision and a move cross country and a new job. Like we always say to each other when times are tough- at least we have each other. And we mean it. I love you.

And now I'm crying.

Ok, moving on, here are some of my favorite photos from that day (all photos courtesy of Ben Pancoast photography).

I love the photos of my mom dressing Brennan.

I could not believe how CUTE he looked- one of my favorite parts of the whole night! (and look at that face of his, classic)

Oh, and this was attached to his little tuxedo. 5 diamonds for 5 years. Please God don't let me lose this ring, ha!

This is where it all caught up to me. I busted out into crying right after the ceremony.

Our awesome pastor and friend, Josh Bishop. Who once again did an amazing job.

Another one of my favorites. SO so thankful Carlton could be there!

Can I hear an "amen"?



Katie said...

Happy Anniversary Chae!! I can't wait until Jon sends us all to Hawaii for your 10 year! (Sorry Jon, didn't meant to give away your secret)

Chaeli said...

Haha! We always said at 15 years we want to renew our vows on the beach. Hawaii, anyone? :)

T Heap said...

Isn't it fun to remember great days??!! Praying many blessings for you today and the rest of your lives for Hawaii...count us in :) (or at least Mexico!)

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary! You should go to Hawaii for your 10th anniversary!