Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm blogging while watching the Kentucky Derby. Wouldn't it be so fun to go to the Kentucky Derby one day and wear a huge hat and drink a mint julep and pretend to know a thing about horse racing?? Anyways. . .

Two big things this week in our life: I've lost- 7-8 lbs so far on the Medifast program! I've only cheated from the program once, when I ate two animal crackers. Not too shabby, ey? I'm planning on doing the program one more week and then I am in the transition stage for three weeks. Cannot WAIT til it's done.

And I'm sure you all saw the FB updates- but Brennan had an allergic reaction to peanut butter on Wednesday. He was in childcare that morning at The Met and a lot of the mom's brought their 1 year old peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. I thought to myself, "Hmm, that'd be an easy on-the go lunch for him- I've waited until he's 12 months old, maybe I should try to give him some peanut butter". So for dinner, I gave him a few bites of peanut butter toast and was watching him really carefully because I know it's a common allergy and it's the first time he had it. Well, it was pretty scary, immediately he started crying, rubbing his eyes, his nose started running, eyes turned red and broke out into hives on his face. I called his pediatricians office (by the way, our ped is apart of the Texas Children's Hospital and they are AWESOME. They're office is open 7 days a week til 9:00 pm and a nurse called the next day just to check on him). They transferred me to a triage nurse who had me give him benadryl while she stayed on the phone. She said because it was such a quick reaction she was thinking I should call the ambulance but that I could just take him straight to the ER instead. So I asked her, "umm, we're new to this area, where's the closest ER?". Haha. I threw him in the car and as I was strapping him into his carseat when Jon pulled up. He jumped into the car and started backing out when I realized I didn't have any shoes on. Craziness.

But by the time we got to the ER, I could tell the benadryl was already working and he looked better. We walked into the ER and told them what happened and I thought we'd have to wait in the waiting room all night. Apparently, these allergies aren't anything to mess around with- within seconds, nurses came out and hooked up a machine to him to check his oxygen levels. He was doing fine by then and after a while we decided to leave.

I'm so thankful it wasn't a worse reaction. I'm hoping it's something he grows out of. And I'm hoping it doesn't develop into an allergy where he can't even be around peanuts. We're just not sure how much this is going to affect his life. I know every reaction can get worse, so we'll see. I take him to see an allergist next week to get him an epi pen. Life is nutso, isn't it?

Side note- I think pediatricians are now telling you to wait til children are 2 to give them peanut butter- FYI.


Jim & Wendy said...

Way to go, girl! That's some good self control.

And glad to hear Brennan is OK. So scary. Allergies are a crazy thing.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on your diet!

I'm sure that was scary seeing Brennan have an allergic reaction! That's great that the benadryl helped and that it didn't get anymore serious.

{lacey} said...

Wow, Chae, that is crazy! That must've been scary for you and Jon! I have a friend whose 2-year-old has peanut allergies. If you'd like to chat with her about it sometime, I'm sure she'd have good, practical things to share with you!

And GREAT JOB on the Medifast diet! I'm impressed! I bet those two animal crackers tasted great, didn't they? :-)

jayfersgirl said...

Peanut allergies are so scary...they can grow out of them, so hopefully he does!
The old recommendation was to wait until age 2, but they just recently changed it saying it didn't appear to make much difference to wait that long. However, I'm still terrified of it, so B has had some peanut butter crackers, but I've never given her a peanut butter sandwich...though I'm sure it would be totally fine since she's had the crackers. Completely illogical of me:)

Erin Zubert said...

Chaeli you are a champ!

Beforethehunt said...

good job on the weight loss! sorry about the craziness with brennan!