Friday, May 28, 2010

Over at kellyskornerblog it's Show Us Your Life- Things That I LOVE!

*Fresh baked bread from my oven (this is from about 2 minutes ago- I'm baking zucchini bread!)

*My hubby. Cause I'm daily reminded how good of a guy he is.

*Losing weight

*Chocolate chip cookies. Or more specifically, BJ's chocolate chip pazookie's

*Playing with this little man (from yesterday while I was folding laundry)

* Hope. Knowing that true joy and contentment doesn't come from relationships or prestige or money or things but from knowing the One who made me.

* Friends. Like, friends who know you and love you regardless.

* Speaking of friends, girls nights out. Good for the heart, mind, body and soul. Ha!

*Fresh flowers on my dining room table

* When Brennan takes a long afternoon nap (can I hear an amen?)

* Not being cold.

*Our families (my mom and dad on their wedding day). I hate being so far away from our families, HATE.It. What were we thinking? Now we really cherish having visitors and visiting everyone! We're headed to Minnesota next week- can't wait!

*And this blog, because, as I mentioned before, I'm addicted.


Marla said...

This is a great list. :) Don't you love posting these kinds of post. They just make me smile.

Marla @

Shoshanah said...

Those BJ's pazookie's are pretty addictive!

And I don't think anything can beat the smell of bread baking

Jennifer said...

What about chocolate chip cookie dough?

That's a cute picture of your parents! When did they get married?

Chaeli said...

Jen, my parents were married in 1980, I think. And GOOD POINT about the cookie dough!!