Monday, May 24, 2010

Recent News

: We got a membership at the YMCA for summer and I am LOVING it. It's only May and it's already too gosh darn hot to be outside during the day- so the Y membership is a lifesaver for me. I drop Brennan off, get to workout, have some "me" time and watch cable tv. Yes! I'm still a little nervous dropping him off- there are a lo of babies in the baby room and I'm sure the workers are great- but it still makes me nervous. Plus, the first time I picked him up one of the workers was handing Brennan a sippy cup that wasn't his. Yuck. But I forge ahead people, I need to keep going!

: Brennan dropped his morning nap. And honestly? I am THANKFUL. Some moms hang onto that morning nap. But it's created a lot more freedom for me. We can go for a walk or to the Y or to storytime at the library and not have to worry about him melting because it's 10:00 and it's naptime. I actually didn't mean to drop that morning nap, it just kind of happened. Judy was here, and then Meg so for about two weeks we were out and about a lot and he missed it most days. We just continued that trend after everyone left. I'm sure if i wanted to I could try to work that nap back into his schedule but I'm definitely okay with him skipping it. Now we need to work on getting him to sleep a decent amount for his afternoon nap (any suggestions?). One hour is not enough baby boy, not enough at all. . .

B and Judy

: Jon hasn't done much work with the studios since we moved to Texas (and that's been just fine with me). Just this past weekend we decided to re-do his website and create some marketing pieces. I've been contacting old clients to get recommendations and have been helping Jon with the "look" of the website.

Stay cool y'all, I heard it's like 85 in michigan right now! Just don't complain to us. . .


T Heap said...

I really enjoyed our Y membership. It always was a little nerve wracking dropping O off...they fed him cake once, without asking me first, but overall it was great!

jayfersgirl said...

I, too, was a fan of dropping the morning nap. When I was a nanny, Ellis' grandma came into town, so I had off and when I came back, she had started skipping that morning nap -- at first, I thought "Oh no!" but it was awesome. So much more freedom to do things for longer stretches of time away from home:)
B still sometimes naps in the morning if she wakes up too early, but still one nap is better than 2 at this point...though I was a fan of the sleeping all the time in those early days too, I must say:)
It's all good!:)