Friday, June 6, 2008

Summer lovin

ahhh, I love this warm weather- love it!!! Some people may complain about the mugginess or warmth- but I'll take this over dark, and cold ANY DAY.

We have a baby shower at lunch for one of my co-workers- which is super fun. Tonight I'm heading to GR for dinner and coffee with some of my favortist people- Wendy, Michele, Sarah, Marissa and Suz. I can't wait to see Michele and her cute little belly! Then were continuing south to Bridgman because Mark, Erin and Westin are coming home!!!!! Were spending all weekend with them and closing it off with Westin's 1st birthday party on Sunday afternoon! Really, they are so great,I can't wait to see them! And I'm sure Westin is so much bigger than the last time we saw him.

Well, I should get some work done before this shower!

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