Monday, June 2, 2008

Are you a yuppie?

I mean honestly, could today be at all nicer than it is outside? I mean, it is GORGEOUS out! And thankfully, Jon is having his pod (i.e. department) over to our house today for their monthly pod meeting. I'm hopping home for lunch to help him get the food and everything set up. They'll get to enjoy the new patio, yay!!

Our weekend consisted of Maggie Moo's and shopping (honestly, I am still dreaming about my Maggie Moo's ice cream. Seriously, it was amazing), yard work around the house, landscaping, lunch out at Tavern on the Square, church, working out, grocery shopping, more yard work, disappointment in the Pistons, etc. etc. I'm also thoroughly enjoying my new phone, check, check, check it out:

Jon and I were talking on the way home from Meijers yesterday- we were discussing whether or not we are YUPpies. Do we even know what a Yuppie is? Are YOU a yuppie? What a weird word. I dont' think are hearts are yuppie-ish, but we probably are yuppies- I mean, we drive an SUV, we love starbucks coffee, both have professional jobs, no kiddos and we definitely live in the city. Hahaha, well, regardless, I hate stereotypes but maybe cause I was a social worker before I sold my soul to the business world. :) just kiddin- have a good one!!


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