Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So sorry for the picture-less updates lately. I've been updating from work and all of my photos are on iPhoto on our home computer. I have photos from my lunch with Meg and Mom, picnic with Jon and dinner out with the girls!

So, my mother in law bought me some Aveda products for my hair for my birthday- the pure abundance volume products I've been lusting over. Well, now, I'm addicted. Truly- my cut finally looks the way it's supposed to! So now, I'm going to forever have to buy these products- I'm hooked! They will be my one frivulous buy for myself I have to make. Do I need these products, are they a necessity? NOPE. But they are my splurge.
Jon's splurge are Express jeans. The man refuses to purchase any other ones.

What is the one thing you splurge on?

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josh and michele said...

i too splurge on my hair products...my shampoo & conditioner are RIdiculously expensive & I DONT CARE!!! :)
love michele