Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mannnn, last weekend should have been my birthday. It was great- I got to see the Zubert/Ackerman clan on Friday- and then on Saturday, got to see SOME of the O'Neill fam. I really loved seeing everyone! Kym and I headed to Jonelle's shower in GL and then came back to Lansing for the Saturday night service at Trinity and dinner on our patio afterwards with mom and dad, John and Katers. And Sunday, we went to Ukai with the Bishops- it was a great weekend! We ended it by watching the heart pounding US Open 18th hole with Tiger and Rocco. Craziness- not sure I've ever seen Jon that stressed out/excited over sports before.

Well, I've been tagged by my college roomie, Lacey (darn you Lacey). Though I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to do- I think you're to write five random things about yourself (Right??). So, here it goes (really, I had a tough time decided WHICH five to choose):

1) My junior (and senior) years of high school, I went to South Padre Island with my friend, Laine. I ended up bungee jumping from the second tallest man-made jump in North America. It was crazy. And, I bit my lip during the first free fall, so when I finally was on the ground and talking to the camera (yes, the whole thing is on tape), I had blood dripping from my lip. And I had no clue, and it's all on camera. classic. The first free fall was terrifying, but once I began to bounce up and down, it was super fun. I hate heights, but I've gone bungee jumping, there ya have it. My brother, John, out did me the next year, he actually went sky diving!

2) I.am.horrible.at.math. Honestly. Our math program at GL was pretty bad (for me, others did okay), we did a pilot program called Core Plus Math where you learn math in GROUPS. And it's all integrated math, so you don't learn algebra, then calc then trig. . . it's all integrated throughout the four years of high school. I really struggling with it and I didn't learn a whole lot. So in college, I took the most basic math class I could- and still needed a tutor (and I Think I still got a C, maybe, worst class in my college career). I was majoring in elementary education at CU the first two years (Lord help me) and you have to take this basic skills test to become certified (or something, I dont' really remember). I failed the math portion, TWICE. It was God's subtle way of telling me "your too stubborn to drop out of the program yourself, so I'm going to make you." Seriously, I hated everything to do with teaching- wanted to poke my eyes out during the classroom observation class- but I didn't know what else to do. I ended up switching my major to social work and it was AWEEEESSOME. God works in mysterious ways. Just don't ask me to help your kids with their math homework.

3) I have a hard time making decisions- I'm really fickle- just ask my hubby (poor man).

4) I'm a klutz, really. I should wear heels more, since I am so short, but I just dont' do well in them. Really.

5) I love sunshine and being warm. I have a really hard time in the winter when it's cold and dark. I'm trying to learn to not be such an extremist about it. . . since most of the family is in Michigan.

Ok, now, I tag. . . Michele, Wendy, and Mark.


Jim & Wendy said...

Oooh no! You tagged me... fine I'll do it soon. :-)

{lacey} said...

Hey - good job! I thought for sure you'd mention getting hit in the head by a truck. : - ) That really happened, right? I didn't make that up, did I?

Chaeli said...

Lace, that is tooooo funny! That little story was one of my other options to use- but I decided against it. It REALLY happened, I promise! :)

josh and michele said...

umm...maybe i'll do it? i'm not to good with updating these days. i'll try :)

LaineCusi said...

I had forgotten about the bungee jumping! I would love to see that video! Good times. You know one of my favorite things about South Padre were the sand dunes, I havent found anything like that here in Florida. Oh and remember our trip to Mexico? How about our Dolphin watching tour, I have a pic of us from that, we look like dorks! lol
Oh and I can confirm the truck incident, I was there. That was crazy! Hey remember when I fell out of the back of the truck in Panama, that was pretty embarassing... not like getting hit in the head by a truck but close. :) You have the best stories and I'm glad you're not afraid to share them with us!