Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First of all, I want to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to my friend, Sarah who got ENGAGED on Saturday!!!!!

All of my GR college friends met on Friday night for dinner and were talking about how Sarah was going to be getting engaged soon. I hop on my computer on Monday morning at work and see that she got ENGAGED over the weekend!! Holy cow!! So excited for her! And Jon and I actually have Sarah to thank for our relationship- honestly!! Right around our one year dating mark- I was starting to feel restless and blah blah blah. I met Jon in the stairwell of our apartment building and told him I needed a break. Later that night, I was sitting in my apartment with Sarah and Michele (and Wendy? I can't remember who was there. . . ) And Sarah basically verbally slapped me and said, "Chaeli, you are retarded, Jon is awesome and he loves you so much- you do NOT want to lose a guy like him". Seriously, she told me what was up and thankfully, I was smart enough to listen and not lose him. So Sarah, THANKS!! (I don't even think she reads this blog, ahhh well!).

Well, we spent the evening cleaning up our yard from the storm- there were a lot of branches and sticks down in our driveway. It was kind of cool though- as we were FINISHING- five department of transportation trucks roll up and say- hey, we'll take all those sticks for you (We had about three big piles). So that was awesome- God timing. Unfortunately, I had to throw out a lot of chicken and meat that was in our fridge and freezer from the power outage. . . boooo.

Trinity still does not have power so Jon's been editing from home. It sucked walking out the door to work this morning as he's sitting on our comfy couches with his laptop- I want to stay home toooooooooo!

Well, that's all for now folks, I need to get to work.

(EDIT). I am sore. From dodge ball. Yep. I'm such a loser.

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