Friday, June 6, 2008

Wanna hear a wedding story

I'm thinking about writing my wedding story on here:

Do you think they'd be interested in our story? Maybe I could even post photos of. . .
-the cake falling over
-Justin Heap with a chipped tooth and gash in his head. Oh, and then his allergic reaction after our rehearsal dinner to the shrimp cocktail (anybody say swollen lip and hives?). Justin- isn't that crazy that all that happened???
-Not knowing if we can get our hair done because we can't get ahold of the hair salon
-Getting to the hair salong just HOPING the lady was there because she wasn't answering her phone. realizing she had bought the LAST generator that was available in town and was able to do our hair.
-Spilling nail polish down my ENTIRE leg the night before
-Michele Bishop doing my nails in the lobby of the hotel, because, oh wait, the nail salon didn't have power either
-Crying to my mom when we realized there was. . . no power. . . anywhere.
-Packing for my honeymoon in my bedroom with a flashlight. classic.
-Panicking because we can't find my little brother, Steve (thankfully, Andy had put him to bed in a hotel room).
-Balling my little eyes out and Trisha Heap coming into my hotel room and writing down what I needed. She was awesome.
-Meaghan and Carl running to Meijers to get me make-up the night before.
-My Grandpa and Grandma (sob) unable to make it to the wedding because my Grandma fell and broke her arm on Wednesday (no photo of that, that's not funny)
-Me with cucumbers on my eyes at the hair salon because they were SWOLLEN from crying the night before.
-Meaghan almost dying trying to drive from school to the reception hall to help us decorate- it was like a mini tornado outside.
-I think that Friday was the craziest most emotional day of my life.

But you know what? Had you not known all this had happened on Friday night before the wedding, I dont' think you would have noticed a thing. Saturday was bright and beautiful and everything really turned out great. The church (amazingly) had power and our reception hall had generators and looked gorgeous. And it put everything into perspective for me, I remember thinking, "Just get me down this aisle to marry this man, I could care less about anything else". Because really, that's what it's about- nothing else. And thankfully, our honeymoon was awesome and was so smooth and perfect. We've heard horror stories of other people that were married that day- I think we fared pretty well comparatively.

So, that's my wedding story. Whats yours?


Kgwillia said...

I think your wedding story was pretty extreme because of the power going out, but I think EVERYONE has freaky stuff go wrong at their wedding- it's just not obvious to most of the guests.

I mean, at my wedding, the cake also fell (one of the layers was completely oblitered). A bridesmaid passed out while standing at the alter, chair covers weren't delivered, my veil was lost, etc. But it all turns out ok because in the end, you get married right? Plus, then you get a great story to tell!

We miss you, lets hang out soon!

Erin Morgan said...

Oh, I can't believe how much happened at your wedding! We had a few things that went wrong, but not too many... Ken's pants were delivered the wrong color and he didn't know it. Our cakes were splitting down the middle. Trina's dress wasn't ironed so she got an iron and ironed it on a table at the church and didn't notice that it had orange crayon all over it. Our girls shoes had been died the wrong color - supposed to a tan color and they were orange. (but that was weeks before)

But we had a beautiful day and you even caught the bouquet, with Ken's roommate catching the guarder! Fun times! :)

T Heap said...

I didn't even remember some of the things that happened! You did have a crazy day I remember sitting in our hotel room with Janelle and wondering if you were going to make it! But, Saturday was beautiful and you're right; the most important thing was you and Jon had a wonderful wedding and started a great marriage.

josh and michele said...

your wedding story is one for the books chaeli my dear. Definitely one of the more memorable ones I've ever been to - Saturday was beautiful though. :)

Meaghan said...

chae, i dont get your blog through email subscriptions anymore :( but im glad you keep this up. im suprised and awed you even REMEMBER this stuff with all the craziness!! how did you know me and carl went to get makeup for you? it was like midnight and we were debating lipstick shades!! anyways, i love you and knowing how good yours turned out makes my fears dissipate :)

Meaghan said...

also you forgot that aunt mary kay burnt her face up :) and that even the hotel was dark. annnd that i forgot to fix your veil... sorry! just some things to add to the list...