Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little updatey date date date

Jon has been busy this weekend building a closet for the nursery (see above photo). The closet will open from the nursery, but it extends into our hallway/loft area.

I've been busy growing la bebe. I feel like this week I have considerably popped out, kind of crazy!
I've had crazy weight gain the past four-six weeks, were talking two plus pounds a week. I'm trying to watch what I eat more, and walk everyday, but I feel my self control has gone out the window!!! Ahh well.

Lastly, a huge congratulations to my friend Laine who just had her third baby, Kane on Saturday!! I can't wait to meet the little guy!

God bless-


LaineCusi said...

You look adorable! Are you in maternity clothes yet? I started wearing maternity clothes at about 20 weeks. I cant wait to see your nursery all finished!

LaineCusi said...

btw, dont worry too much about the weight gain, I would gain 10 lbs in one month and then only 2 lbs the next. It can be sporadic, plus your body is probably compensating for all the morning sickness you endured the last few months.

Jim & Wendy said...

Those glasses are cute and you look really good!

Meaghan said...

laine, congratulations!!! ahhh :) chae, the new glasses??? and nic shirt!