Friday, October 17, 2008

Were packing up to leave our NYC upper east side apartment. . . Tomorrow we fly out of DC and back home- so sad. It was really nice to be able to have one last trip just the two of us before la bebe.  I know we wont regret taking the time to make memories like this.  
Things I've learned this trip:
-Robert E. Lee was first asked to lead the Union army.  He was torn, holed himself up in his room for a night, and finally decided that he couldn't fight against his home state or family members and went on to lead the Confederate army. After the war, he help lead the restoration effort.
-I think that in our darkest times, we see the best in people.  The heroic stories that were told during our tour of the world trade center were so touching. Here's one of the stories we heard- a fireman heard about the attacks and was in Manhattan. He couldn't drive his truck to the site since every road/bridge was closed down. So he took 50 lbs of oxygen tanks and equipment and ran through the brooklyn bridge 3 miles to the site carrying this equipment on his back.  He died that day trying to save others.
-Make sure you truly know where your going in NYC (instead of listening to the hotel concierge). You may end up walking 15,000 extra blocks. 
-Jamba Juice is AWESOME.  
-The three story Motherhood Maternity store in NYC is amazing!  We hit up the sales rack!
-Jon does indeed have self control went confronted with Apple frenzy. :)
-Meg and Seth are hilarious on tandem bikes.
- I really want a bugaboo stroller!!!!  They are everywhere here and so cute! Too bad you have to mortgage your house to buy one!  Hmmmm. . .

Ok, I have much more to write, but we need to check out.  Jon is still daily adding photos to facebook, so check there.  

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Heap said...

have a safe flight! loving the photos & stuff, too ;]