Friday, September 5, 2008

Update from the Ackermans:
-We are going to be having another NIECE!!! John and Kym had their ultrasound yesterday- yay!!!!
-We spent an awesome labor day weekend at the Ackermans beach bungalow Friday-Monday. We went to Hestons, ate at Rememak's (YUM), watched a concert on the beach, hung out with family, played lawn games, walked the pier in St. Joe with my family and swam in Lake Michigan. It was relaxing and great! My family was able to come up on Monday and it was cool to see everyone all together!
-We've been watching both the DNC and RNC speeches- Jon has his mind made up and I am still deciding. Always good to be informed though.
-For the first time ever (Truly), I am really looking forward to the fall. Being hot makes me feel pukey, and I just can't wait for the crisper weather. Not to mention, the leaves, Uncle John's Cider Mill, donuts, and fall decorations!
-On the preggo front- things are looking up (hip hip hooray!). I still am getting nauseous (puked up the breakfast the other day), but it is much more do-able for me. I came home from work after my puking episode the other day and had TWO packages in the mail. I mean, one, one is awesome, but two!! My sister had sent me some maternity clothes from motherhood maternity and some cocoa butter!! And my dearest friends the Heaps sent us a little baby package. THANK YOU GUYS, your timing just really made my day.

Well, that's whats new from our front. Were heading to a bonfire tonight with some couples in our small group and heading home tomorrow night to see Meg and Seth who are home for a family wedding. Happy happy Friday!


LaineCusi said...

You need to put a pregnancy ticker on your blog so I can keep up on how far along you are! What is your actual due date? I hope the morning sickness goes away soon! I cant believe you're brother is having another girl! Thats so awesome.

Erin Morgan said...

I am so glad that the morning sickness is tapering off. Only a few more weeks and you should feel well all day long!!

You're on my prayer wall and I keep you in my prayers. xoxo - erin

Chaeli said...

Hey guys!
Laine- I don't know how to put a ticker on here- I'll have to ask Jon. There is one on facebook though. I'm due March 4th!