Monday, July 7, 2008

a few short things...

Just so I am upfront about this: this is Jon, not Chaeli (so please excuse my lack of proper blogger etiquette if I do something wrong, or at least forgive me in advance! :)

In my pursuit of trying to keep myself on the creative edge, I try to keep my daily intake of creative and moving websites constantly flowing around my office. And every day I am running across more and more amazing websites with moving stories, amazingly creative art and incredible music. Today I read a CNN story about a family that is from urban Atlanta. This story is incredible and is so inspiring I had to get this up here.

The quick and dirty of it is this: the daughter of the Salwer family saw a homeless man sitting next to a Mercedes and commented to her dad: "If that guy (with the Mercedes) didn't have such a nice car, then that guy (homeless man sitting next to car) could have a nice meal". This led to a brainstorming session with the rest of the family, and finally ended with the mom effectively saying that they should sell their house and give 50% away to a charity that is helping the people in some of the poorest places on earth.

All I can say is that it amazes me when any 15 year old says that to her dad, when most others are more concerned with texting their friends. I would encourage you to read the article on, and post your thoughts here.

Personally it threw me for a loop and almost instantly I looked around our living room and though of 10 things that I could sell to make a little money to give to the LCRM. I don't think we are called to live in poverty so that other's can live in less poverty. The cycle of poverty, can always be lessend, but unfortunately will never end. As a Christ follower I know that I can always be doing more. This story really pushes me to rethink what we spend money on and what I use our money for.

I think it is our duty, through our love for others, to grasp everything that is in our possession, very loosly. If nothing more than to help our fellow man, maybe we should be filtering everything through a different lens. I am sure I will have more thoughts, but help me in this journey. Give me your thoughts and ideas, we want to know!


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Chaeli said...

How crazy is it that we both read this story and were inspired by it? We MUST be of one mind!! :) Thanks for writing this babe, I love reading your thoughts. Annnd, I think your becoming a social worker after all tehehe